USA Symbolically Wages War Against Palestine

President Joseph Biden is allowing Israel to determine USA strategy in the Jewish war against Palestinians.

The USA is not at war with Palestine. Yet, that is exactly how they’re acting.

When is the USA going to make it’s own policy, instead of being the hitman for the Jews in the Middle East?

Stop using the Palestinians as human pawns against Iran.


Arming Israel and not Palestine in this war is the same as waging war against a country that cannot defend itself.

Palestine has no military, Joseph Biden.

Joseph Biden is allowing the Jews in the Middle East to conduct Adolph Hitler maneuvers in Palestine. Round them up, separate them, then make their lives living hells.

Joseph Biden is a Hitler Replica, teaching Palestinians a lesson on behalf of the Jews worldwide.

This is what we do to people who refuse to be contained in concentration camps.

Joseph Biden thinks he owes the Jews, because of their forced internment during WWII, so is allowing the Jews to get revenge by committing the same atrocities against the Palestinians.

There is no God who will support your action.

So why one must ask? Well, with his son being involved in questionably corrupt activities, one must wonder how much the world actually knows and how much Mossad knows, and what would be the cost to the family for not conforming to the demands of the Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere in all matters concerning Palestine and Iran.

Joseph Biden even said during the presidential campaign when questions of his son’s possible improprieties arose, “I don’t know my son”.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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