Science Says Breast Size Determines IQ

Back in the 1970s that was the science. Small breasted women were smarter than large breasted women. I don’t know if they factored in overall weight – most of us lose breast size when we diet – even men. Men have breasts in case nobody notices (and most of us are trained not to) thatContinue reading “Science Says Breast Size Determines IQ”



FORGIVE THE HOLOCAUST. No? Why not? Jews want the Palestinians to forgive Occupation as if it never existed and give Jews total control over their lives and their land. The audacity? Yeah, Barack Obama doesn’t own the word audacity. He remained disturbingly silent regarding the Occupation of Palestine and the Palestinian people. I wonder why?Continue reading “FORGIVE THE HOLOCAUST?”

A Modest Proposal: Let’s Change Earth’s Orbit – Scientific American

During a congressional hearing last week, Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas asked a U.S. Forest Service official if her organization or the Bureau of Land Management could change the orbit of the moon or Earth to reverse the effects of human-caused climate change. That seems like a perfectly reasonable idea, doesn’t it? Let’s doContinue reading “A Modest Proposal: Let’s Change Earth’s Orbit – Scientific American”

Maybe the Aliens Really Are Here – Scientific American

SETI, as a modern astronomical endeavor, dating to 1959 (first paper) and 1960 (first observation). Modern UFO sightings date to the late 1940s. Though superficially similar, the two fields in practice have had virtually nothing to do with one another. SETI usually requires a graduate degree in astronomy, and its scientists tend to disdain UFOersContinue reading “Maybe the Aliens Really Are Here – Scientific American”

Red Flag Vaccine

Why The Low Vaccinated Rate For COVID? Hesitancy isn’t a reason. Fear of the unknown is. Yet no one has addressed the ease of being vaccinated. Steve is on hold on the phone for the Cleveland Clinic. It’s on speaker phone. I can hear all their advertisements in the next room. The Cleveland Clinic turnsContinue reading “Red Flag Vaccine”

Whale Throws Human Back…

HWH ClipBoard: WHALES CAN BE ALTRUISTIC. JUST LIKE HUMANS. THE WHALE CHANGED MIND AND SPIT THE HUMAN OUT TO SAVE HUMAN LIFE. I wonder if the fisherperson will reciprocate and release the lobsters he trapped? The sign is there if you care enough to see it. STOP EATING FISH. Remaining true to predatory human behavior,Continue reading “Whale Throws Human Back…”

Save Lives Or Egos?

Experts say THE VIRUS only attaches itself to healthy tissue. That’s not true. Animals are said to be dead when the virus appears, latches on, festers and is then spread to whomever handles the carcass. Nobody said the animal got the virus while it was alive and healthy. So which is it? Get your factsContinue reading “Save Lives Or Egos?”

Is Your God A Serial Killer?

IS YOUR GOD A SERIAL KILLER? I think God is a serial killer. God creates life for the purpose of killing it. God in other words raises us for slaughter, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we, the grand copiers of all species, do the same with animals we deem inferiorContinue reading “Is Your God A Serial Killer?”


HWH: Personally I don’t think bribing a person with free lottery tickets and beer is a good idea. What if there is something fundamentally flawed with the vaccines? I think putting a label such as TAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK is more effective. It brings people to attention and it’s accurate. They’re more likely toContinue reading “ANTI-VAX VS VAX-HESITANCY”

Official says U.S. plans to lead effort to rebuild Gaza, restoring health and education services

So Benjamin Netanyahu bombs Gaza to stay relevant in Middle East Jewish Majority politics and to secure building contracts for Jews to rebuild Gaza at the USAs expense. The Jewish Majority is confident that those building contracts will go to them. The American Jews will make sure of it. Rewarding the bombers who destroyed GazaContinue reading “Official says U.S. plans to lead effort to rebuild Gaza, restoring health and education services”