Science Says Breast Size Determines IQ

Back in the 1970s that was the science.

Small breasted women were smarter than large breasted women.

I don’t know if they factored in overall weight – most of us lose breast size when we diet – even men.

Men have breasts in case nobody notices (and most of us are trained not to) that increase in size with overall weight gain.

Are those fat men less smart than thin men? Maybe overall weight should have been the focus, but it wasn’t sexy enough to get people’s attention, so they went with the dumb blonde big breasted women hypothesis and somehow made it fit.

Obviously they didn’t weigh their breasts, they used a tape measure.

That was the science back in the 70s – science men testing women based on their boob size to subjugate big breasted women into the sexual, child bearing category. The small breasted women were deemed fit to pursue work outside the home. Careers.

The science proved the science men right.

Years later it was debunked, yet at the time anyone who didn’t go with the flow of scientific proof was name-called into silence.

Not much has changed.

Science is still wracked with prejudices that produce prejudicial results.

Scientists can’t do that and get away with it when they’re shooting for the moon. Everything is about equations, mathematics, engineering, chemistry. They have to get it right the first time.

The scientists in the 1970s, and unfortunately today, regard a tape measure as a valid science tool when correlating intelligence with breast size, leaving out a myriad of other variables of course.

That’s the danger in behavioral sciences – the prejudice that influences how the behavior is studied and the expected outcome that can be too easily manipulated using statistics to prove the hypothesis within a statistically significant range.

It’s all science.

Murky turns to mucky when advertisers get involved with the dissemination of the so-called facts and interpretations to the public. Even the best of scientific studies have flaws before they even reach that stage.

One thing for sure is everybody wants to get published.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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One thought on “Science Says Breast Size Determines IQ

  1. It reminds me of Greek, Roman, and renaissance art where small penises were seen as a sign of refinement and intelligence whilst large penises were resigned to bathhouse walls and depictions of naughty gods like Priapus.
    By that reasoning I’d be a gentleman intellectual. 😆
    Sadly, I’ve been blessed with both an average intellect and an actual micropenis. Conversely, some of the people I went to school with were extremely well-endowed geniuses.
    So, in this respect science, like art, should be taken with a pinch of salt. 🙃


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