Disturbing Trends In Slavery


BLACK LIVES TERRORISTS got the whole world fighting. One might have thought with all that preplanning, that they would have strategized violence and the threat of violence out of their plan to matter. They left devastation in their wake to make sure that those upon whom they afflicted pain would not soon forget it or them.

Black Lives Terrorists continued their ritualistic cycle of rage and violence imposed upon the white race, guaranteeing the continuation of that cycle. It was a strategy.

They held law enforcement at bay, while they publicly punished everybody with white skin for grievances long ago remedied by the change of laws regarding forced labor, servitude and slavery.

It’s easy for those who have resources to exploit those who don’t. All races, ethnicities, ages and genders have done and continue to do it. Black Africans led the pack on trading people for money or amenities.

It’s odd then, that Black Lives Terrorists didn’t go after the roots, instead destroying that which grew from them, however grotesque, which means they didn’t stop slavery. It still flourishes all over the planet and not a single proposal advanced to end it – not anywhere they protested/rioted/burned.

A lot of individuals got rich off of the movement to disrupt and destroy the businesses of white people for the color of their skin, even though most of these people’s families came to America well after slavery had become institutionalized and many came after it became outlawed, meaning they had nothing to do with any of it. Multitudes fled poverty. These weren’t wealthy white people.

Blacks argue that black families can’t be held responsible for what other family members do, but white families can. That’s exactly what Black Lives Terrorists did by targeting all white people in 2020/2021 on behalf of a segment of their ancestors being enslaved centuries ago.

Blacks took a shotgun approach and shot every white person alive and long dead to avenge slavery of some of their ancestors.

They didn’t go to the source, however, in Africa. 

Poverty doesn’t make parents sell their children. If that were true, then nearly everybody, the eighty-one percent of the world living in extreme poverty, would have been doing it in 1800.

• The number of people in extreme poverty. Indeed we see that a broadly comparable number of people are in extreme poverty today as in 1800. The difference is that in 1800 almost all the world’s 0.9 billion inhabitants were living in extreme poverty, whereas today this represents less than 10% of the world’s population. Feb 5, 2019

The Spanish South of the USA Border send their children into a wilderness without resources to support themselves, hoping someone will pick them up, care for them and give them a job. So nothing has changed. 

Instead of selling their children, they give them away and then benefit by the wages they send home with money that’s worth a lot more in impoverished places.

It’s still slavery – all of it. There’s culpability all around. Blaming all white people for extreme poverty that existed centuries ago is disingenuous. Black Lives Terrorists essentially said they didn’t care about slavery, even though that’s what they took the world back to during their riots to free black people from institutionalized racism, which to the public they were likening to that tortuous past when nearly the entire world was struggling in poverty.

The mission of Black Lives Terrorists failed. After exploiting a pandemic for the purpose of lifting black people into a more equitable financial reality, it appears not many wanted to work for it. Unemployment is still high and jobs are plentiful – at every level.

In addition to failing their mission to change the world, they made enemies of white people who were not enemies before the riots. They spit in the face of every white person, many of whom sacrificed to assist them at every level. It was never enough for black people, they kept screaming for more without making the contributions necessary to change their own lives for the better. They wanted white people to do it all for them.

Maybe that’s the real legacy of slavery, making the original enslavers, long dead, forever responsible for whatever happens in their lives long after the enslavement is over. That slave mentality that persists centuries later is the slave’s forever future.

Still expecting their masters to make everything right for them, they desperately turn to and cling to anybody White whom they can get to fix what’s broken in their lives, instead of doing it themselves. And when white people don’t understand that, black people riot.

When you’re a billionaire and still think like a slave wanting your master to like you, that’s a problem with the unification of an entire race of people. There’s not enough individuality, allowing for some to separate and find a more independent existence, to set the example for the others to follow.

It appears that black people don’t know how to think or to feel independent – and that reality was created by their own people, keeping them tied to them for the benefit of the group, never truly letting them go to grow.

Cut that string to white people if you want freedom. Only you can do it. It isn’t freedom you’re after, because with freedom comes responsibility, and you keep wanting white people to pave your way for you. You don’t like the uncertainty that comes with confidence. Standing alone is not comfortable.

Well, white people have a tough enough time paving their own way; they’re not going to do it for you too, just because you lack the independent mindset to navigate yourself.

There’s no fall back when you do it yourself. Every white person knows that. Independence means standing alone, making your way alone, accepting the good and the bad that goes with it.

Independence is not a comforter.

Burning somebody’s business because you’re not comfortable with independence is a childish way to get someone’s attention and terrorizing somebody into taking care of all your needs makes you a danger to the world and to yourselves – that’s how the universe sees it.

Better that you not be independent if you have to hurt people to let the world know you can’t handle it. Wanting to be a special class of people suggests that you can’t compete in life nor cope with life’s challenges.

I put forth that it’s a mental state of mind, a slave state of mind, that was passed from generation to generation by family members, not society at large, that perpetuates the cycle of psychological enslavement that your own group won’t acknowledge for fear of losing you to the independent world beyond them.

It’s lonely out there. But it’s necessary for the survival of each individual.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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