It’s Consequence Time

I don’t cut anybody any slack to commit a holocaust against any group of people or other animals, because a holocaust was committed against some of them.

Not one inch, not one thought.

If you think you’re going to commit the same assaults against somebody else that were inflicted upon some of your ancestors, you will be blocked. There will be consequences as well there should.

You can’t put the whole world in a prison because you tortured all the people you love to hate and setting them free will prompt reprisals. You did it, you live with the consequences.

That’s the only real deal you’re being given.

Consequences. Yes, you’re at that stage.

Occupation is the same as Hitler’s forced labor camps.

The world is beginning to think you were in cahoots with HITLER’S GRAND PLAN to weed out the weak and raise the strong.

You pushed the world too far with your schemes to dominate and own people and their land.

The hammer is close. Pay attention. There is no room to err.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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