Gifting God With Corpses Not A Good Idea



Who would want such a gift? An all powerful God who could easily get it’s own corpses with not nearly the effort of the mere mortal?

You mean the corpse of one or more of the animals God created and mysteriously is known by humans to hate? Perhaps if you’re inclined to believe God is a hater of it’s own creations.

By offering up sacrificial corpses of little lambs and docile cows deer pigs goats horses … humans think it will convince God to show them favor? Here God, don’t take me; I’ll give you my best goat instead?

The more the better, till it reaches billions per day?

And how has God favored humans in exchange for that huge gruesome gift of corpses?

‘Thank you God for these gifts we are about to consume’, as you sit at the table and devour what you killed in God’s name? You thought you were eating the soul, when you were eating the flesh and blood, something you know not to do. That’s why you sing and dance and drink alcohol while you slaughter and eat?

You’ve been sold some rotten fish disguised by too much salt and hot chili peppers to numb the palate.

So God starts thinking, why so few humans and so many of the other animals dead before their time? On Earth?

God decides to take a closer look.

A few angels stand in the way of God’s view.

• They’re just doing what they need to survive, don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them.

God seethes and seethes and seethes as the souls of the corpses keep coming with a thank you for your service note attached to each.

• The angels say, don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them, they’re just doing what they need to survive.

God decides to make a correction. No favors will be granted, so humans don’t/won’t misconstrue a positive occurrence in their lives to be in response to the lives taken by humans for that purpose.

All so-called blessings attributed to God or asked of God are hereby revoked, until not one life is offered to God, your God or anybody else’s God in exchange for anything.


Non-human animals are not the slaves of humans.

Non-human animals are not the food, clothing, shelter, medicine…for humans.

Never mind what other animals do. It is the human who is the problem.

What’s The Percentage Of Humans Who Die Violent Deaths?

Chances are the percentage is low.

Now, what’s the percentage of cows who die violent deaths?

Follow that with chickens, pigs, lambs, deer and on and on.

Take an overview of the situation on Earth. Who said God gave humans all the other animals on Earth to exploit? To eat?

So God knew there was going to be an ice age and all the animals would die or be eaten till the plants could grow again? Nice fairy tale after the fact of the appearing of the ice.

What’s their name? The name of the person God told and then who wrote it as law of the Earth. It must be a law, because it’s the only directive that all the people on the Earth followed. Eat the animals I created for you they claim he said, till the ice thaws and the green grows.

  • Just wondering if it was all ice, then how did the animals eat? They all miraculously and simultaneously learned how to ice fish? How did they survive with no trees or plants for food and shelter?

Oh, God.

Were you there? Did you witness it? Who took a picture and tape recorded the order?

Was it notarized and scrutinized?

What or who gave this God who can’t be identified, but everybody knows it’s name, lives nowhere and everywhere, has no mother or father or brothers or sisters or family of any sort, who gave this somebody nobody ever actually saw, the authority to sentence without benefit of trial, lawyers, jury of their peers all the animals on Earth, except the human animal, to a violent death for the pleasure of human animals?

Slit the throats and drain the blood because you don’t like broccoli or carrots? And this same God told you directly that you couldn’t eat the apple?

Sounds like you’ve been talking to the devil disguised to look like God. What does the devil look like anyway? If you know that, then we’ll know what God looks like if the devil is being disguised as God.

But you said you don’t know what God looks like. What’s the sound of God’s voice?

Oh, God told somebody else and then somebody else wrote it down?

Money back guarantee?

It’s alarming how easy humans believe something without a shred of proof.

It’s our nature to know something is out there. Every animal senses it. It’s their nature too.

So God didn’t save the animals. None of them. Not the human animals either. Prolonged their lives a bit – some of them. Why if they’re all going to die eventually?

Just something to do while everybody waits.

It goes against the grain, against the design, defeats the purpose to die before your time.

Multitude upon multitude dying violent premature deaths all over Earth.

If God can’t stop it and none of the other Gods have the will, then humans will have to do it. God said take care of the animals. I doubt if God would have used the word ‘dominion’. God would have communicated so everybody understood, not just a few who had dictionaries.

  • So the bible was written after the world had access to books, namely dictionaries and after humans sophisticated their language skills and transferred them to the written version. That’s not that long ago.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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