Streets Of Social Media Where Nobody Knows Your Name

I’m not much of a ‘get you back’ type of person for something you said or did that offended me. I don’t like the fight. For those who say they don’t either, their eyes and actions tell a different story.

“I hate it when I do that, but I keep doing it”, I often hear and read.

“Somebody always triggers me”.

“I’m not the originator, I’m the reactor”, I often hear and read.

“They deserved it”, again I’ve often hear or read.

“They started it”.

“It’s not the person, it’s what they said or did”.

“I hate it, so I hate them”.

So you react by attacking the person, because you don’t know how to respond to what they said or did?

You just want them to shut up or stop doing what they’re doing?

“No, I want to destroy them”.

Many people on social media get paid for destroying people.

“That’s my job. This is Facebook. It isn’t real”.

It’s real for the people being attacked.

When the aggressors are attacked back, they hit even harder – they love the fight. They love givin’ it to someone, anyone. It makes them feel good.

For others, they get off on shutting people down. Tally them up, rack them up, another notch on their belt.

Should the world feel sorry for the aggressors, the destroyers?

Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and a certain type of White. Contrary to what you read in the tabloid media, which is all media these days, people do attack members of their own group. However, the only group that makes news is WHITE AGAINST WHITE.

Black people using a white face or white people using a black face or non-Jews pretending to be Jews or acting on their behalf complicate THE STREET.

Who likes somebody pretending to be somebody else?

Aggressors start wars; they don’t prevent or end them.

Should the world keep rewarding the ones who thrive on war for the sake of war?

Do we pity them, then turn that eye that claims not to see?

We blame the victim, the non-aggressor so we can say we responded in kind, but toward whom?

Humiliation is the calling card of the British. “Let us humiliate you, then we’ll help you”.

Why so big on humiliation? Because it feels good and it helps you to help those you hate? Rub their noses in it, then throw them a crumb followed by demands of submission?

It looks, sounds, feels like the STREETS OF SOCIAL MEDIA are controlled by governmental intelligence, surveillance and neutralizing agencies.

They instigate fights, then report you for responding to the insults. They can insult you, but you can’t insult them back. That’s called SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Their goal is to control everybody by pummeling them, then to make you feel better they put out the message that Facebook isn’t real.

These terror agencies aren’t good at policing the STREETS OF SOCIAL MEDIA or anywhere else – otherwise they wouldn’t pretend to be somebody else.

Such terror agencies want to control everybody; that’s why they take turns with groups, pitting one against the other. They want all groups thus individuals to think the same with a few minor differences that don’t muck up their domination plan. Of course they don’t call it domination.

They want everybody to think they’re in control as long as they’re doing the controlling. ‘Isn’t this so much better’ they make everybody believe ‘when everybody gets a long?’, while they keep most of the world at or below subsistence level wages and keep creating wars.

They are the sick ones, not the ones they control through fear and humiliation.

Why do you think there’s no Department of Peace in the federal government? It’s all about controlling THE STREET by turning one group against the other.

They control countries the same way.

“If you don’t like it, leave it” agencies.

Remember this:

Fifty percent of the people you meet won’t like you no matter where you meet them.

What that means is that fifty percent of the people they meet won’t like them either.

It also means that you won’t like fifty percent of the people whom you meet.

My educated guess is the number is actually higher than that. Assuming that those you meet, you haven’t met before, and assuming that most people at first meet or first glance are naturally suspicious, because to them you’re an outlier, I suspect the number is more like ninety percent or higher.

On social media you never really know with whom you interact, which means you’re always a stranger, no matter how many times you engage with the same person.

I’m not talking about family or close friends, but even then an account can be hacked or a friend of a friend can respond for somebody else unbeknownst to you.

The paradigm works against the terror agencies too, since most people don’t think Facebook is real, so spout off. I wonder how many blind alleyways these agencies pursued on a supposedly fake platform with people using fake names?

Who wins on the SOCIAL MEDIA STREET?

The oppressors.

Until one day…


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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