Autoimmune Hysteria

If our immune systems are in a perpetual state of fighting the CORONACOVID virus and its variants that something or someone is flooding the environment with, then masses of people should be developing autoimmune responses.

The media acts as if we can run but not hide from this lethal virus and its multitudinous variants, which means it’s everywhere and if it’s everywhere, then something or someone is mass producing it and dispersing it into the environment.

One of the first signs of the autoimmune response being triggered is hysteria. I see a lot of hysteria – on the media and around town.

What to do? I don’t know. If it’s everywhere, then no one can escape it.

Wind maybe.

I wonder if the virus has hysteria as a component, designed into it, rather than simply eliciting an hysteria response to battling it. War-weary organisms. That could be the long COVID with the long term inflammation.

Pharmaceuticals know how to do that. They do it all the time. They add anxiety properties into pain medication to keep people from not wanting it.

Why can’t they factor out the long term tendonitis associated with anti-viral and antibiotic medication? They could, so why don’t they? They’re like mechanics. Take your car into the shop to be fixed and you return with another mechanical problem.

Go to the doctor for one condition, and the pharmaceutical treatment causes another condition.

Why no new drugs to combat inflammation? Where’s all the money allocated to pharmaceuticals going? What no oversight?

Why isn’t anybody taking about the autoimmune response? Why try to hide it?

Desperate to mutate seems a little odd.

Yeah, different viruses for different folks.


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