Human Animal Instinct At Risk Of Becoming Extinct

Human Animal Instinct At Risk Of Becoming Extinct

I WONDER if viruses are trying to wipe out human instinct.

Billions of animals around the planet die purposely by the hands of the human animal.

The human animal could be subconsciously signaling that they feel threatened by non-threatening animals in a world with abundant plants to eat.

Due to this anomaly, the universe adapted by killing off a swath of humans from all categories to startle or trigger the organism to stop the inappropriate response toward all other animals.

One may say that it targeted elderly, but that would be hard to prove given that seasonal flu results in more elder than youth death.

I have heard black Africans on television and on social media state that old people had to die for change to occur. Although they were speaking of old white people, having lived in black communities, it’s the old Blacks who resist any kind of change the longest.

The flu does not target any demographic based on physical characteristics. Age is a physical characteristic. The virus would have to be specifically and particularly designed to attack organs that are weak in elders and that’s all of them.

In the beginning the media reported attacks against elders more prevalent than other demographics, which meant it was attacking compromised, vulnerable areas of bodies. Yet the media stated over and over again that the virus only attacks healthy tissue, which would mean young organs or healthy old organs.

Experts focused on healthy vs non-healthy immune systems rather than healthy or non-healthy organs. Either way would have produced the same results, except for the healthy tissue theory.

A tsunami or earthquake or hurricane doesn’t target humans according to characteristics.

Natural disasters created by existing conditions – Something causes them.

Viruses are created by natural conditions.

We can slow or change climatic conditions which cause adverse climate changes.

We can also slow or change viral conditions which cause viruses to emerge and flourish. The key is to eliminate the conditions required, not to adapt to their toxic, lethal or debilitating reality.

How does one reverse the threat and ongoing reality of INSTINCT EXTINCTION (IE)?


Stop the cannibalism of non-human animals.

Wake up.

The universe sees that the billions of animals we kill every year for unnecessary purposes pose no physical threat in that they won’t attack us. We behave in GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET US preemptive strikes when they have no plans nor desire to attack us.

That military style strategy – that war against all species who pose no threat is the culprit and must end. The only ones who can end it are humans.

Ending it peacefully is the universe’s preferred strategy. However when humans fail to act, nature steps in using the victim as a tool to stop the inappropriate behavior of attacking en masse those who are not attacking you.

When you cannibalize any animal, you ultimately kill yourself by eating yourself. That’s how the universe interprets animals eating each other en masse.

All diseases are caused by injury and most injuries are caused by environmental factors, the largest being what humans consume, then spread to others via secretions from the animals’ bodies.

The universe understands animal-free when it sees the animals free. It matches.

The Africans may think that by mass producing cockroaches and beetles and worms for consumption, their God won’t notice. They’re God already did due to the mass procreation and production that ended in sudden death – another holocaust caused by humans.

Thou shalt not kill – except in self defense or extreme suffering or in utero?

Are animal-eaters claiming self-defense by killing and consuming animals who aren’t attacking them?

It appears so. All religions consume and/or use all or part of the animals they enslave, torture and ultimately slaughter.

As it turns out, it’s the healthy animals humans target for early death and consumption, not the sick ones – not unlike the behavior of the virus as reported in the media targeting healthy tissue. It makes one wonder if the virus didn’t first occur in a human, either naturally or implanted.

That’s the human instinct gone awry, when humans seek to destroy non-threatening species.

So the virus levels the playing field.

How else would you propose the universe handle humans out of control en masse?

Massive early, sudden deaths in several species, the longest ongoing pandemics ever in the universe.

And all the experts thought the universe wouldn’t respond.

So humans have been reduced to the virus category of existence by the universe.

Humans thought their God gave them permission to forcibly procreate and slaughter all creatures, large and small, as their universal dominion rights.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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