Freedom Of Speech In Private

Freedom Of Speech In Private

During the racial riots I heard many black people state that when a white person criticizes a black person or black people in private to other white peoples, it is the duty of the white person to confront said person(s). If they don’t then they’re racist.

If that’s the expectation, then it is also the duty of the black person and black people to confront other black peoples who disparage white people to each other in private – even family. When they don’t it’s racist.

Frankly, one race controlling what another race says in private is an infringement on their privacy rights.

Contrary to current media thought, it is the black populace who speaks more often negatively about white people in private than white people talk negatively about black people.

Attempting to block speech freedoms in private, especially when applied to only one race is discriminatory.

Perhaps black peoples naturally assume that white peoples talk about them as much as black people talk about white peoples.

As it turns out there’s no comparison. Black people talking about white people never ends. It’s woven into all they think thus speak. White people this, white people that, on and on. No matter what befalls them in their day to day activities of living, white people are at the root of it.

It’s starting to get a little creepy – their obsession with white people.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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