Who’s On The Roof Where I Live?

9:05 AM 12 July 2021





1- The first time the guy appeared alone, bending over the side of the roof top on the black square, it looked like he was wondering if he could jump the distance.

2- By the time I got my camera and got it turned on and positioned he left.

3- A short while later he returned with another person.

4- I called the office at Kirby Manor to inquire if anyone was supposed to be on the roof and three times no answer. One of the times I was finally able to leave a detailed message. It is required of office and/or management personnel to return phone calls. They never did. They never do.

5- Evidently I didn’t have a right to know what these people were doing on the roof, one of them obviously looking straight at me.

1- 10:07 AM 23 July 2021 I hear a ruckus on the roof, Steve looking out trying to hear.

2- Two people with equipment appearing to attach or pound something in a few locations too small to see.

3- Argument broke out between one person on roof and people on ground. Loud voices fuck you, …fuck you…

4- People on ground were maintenance person in tan colors (Ron) and assistant leasing agent in black colors (Carol).

5- Guy on roof shouts, “I’m going to do what I was told to do, then get out of here”.

6- If they were making repairs it sure didn’t look like it.

7- It’s none of my business evidently.

8- Whenever I call the office for any reason, even when the notice says clearly, “call the office with any questions”, the response by a person called Carol is always the same, “Excu-u-use Me!!!”.

  • I clarify and the response is one to two words – a long pause followed by an angry sounding yes or no with no explanation.

9- When I continue the line of questioning her response is again the same with each question “Excu-u-use Me!!!”. She says it like she’s highly insulted that I would ask a question, any question. In other words Seniors have no right to ask questions about what’s going on in their environment.

10- I live here, this is my home; who are those people on the roof who aren’t doing any work. Do they belong there?

11- Who living on the seventh floor of an apartment building with no similar buildings nearby would expect to look out their window as they raised the blinds to a new day and see someone looking back? It was off-putting. There are many homeless roaming the streets. Maybe they decided to roam the roof. For what reason?They didn’t look professional – no company names on shirts or name tags. How did they get to the roof?

  • Just to be more clear, people on the roof without permission is more commonplace than one may think. People come in after hours and who knows what they’re doing up there. How do they get in after hours with no management on the premises to unlock the doors? We don’t have a right to ask. Previous maintenance personnel have shown up on the fourth of July to set off rockets from the roof on the main building where I live; how did they get access? If you ask the office, they won’t tell, because they don’t care.
  • This was the first time I’ve ever seen somebody on the roof of the annex – a two story attached building. Who would think, dressed as they were and doing what they were doing that they belonged there?

“Excu-u-use Me!!!”.

  • She treats me like an enemy combatant. All she had to do was call and say the roof was being repaired or send out a notice and say there will be people on the roof between such and such days.
  • Everybody blames the pandemic, but management was like this before the pandemic. In fact, I’ve been here twelve years and they still treat us like they own us.
  • SENIORS OF ALL RACES DON’T MATTER. Do what you’re told and shut up about everything else or you have three months to vacate.
  • I’ve lived in a lot of apartments over many decades. Black managers are the biggest offenders of tenants rights. No wonder black people complain. But when they do they have to put it on the white person or suffer the consequences by their own race.
  • I pictured that guy coming back at night, now that he knew the layout, and committing a crime against humanity. I pictured him being able to scale a building, not a far reach. He could kick open the screen and be in or shoot from the outside. My windows are open for the plants. I overheard someone say, “It’s like a forest in there”.
  • Sound rises. People can whisper seven floors down and if they’re outside or inside with windows open they can be heard.
  • You might want to tone the anti-white rhetoric of your inside operatives down.

Israel is in the building and I’m concerned, after definitive statements made by the new Prime Minister regarding boycotts of products made in occupied territories by Israel, about what he’s going to order in retaliation. When it’s Israel the response is always disproportionate to the perceived offense. Those thirty USA governors will be called upon and somebody had better be listening.

• Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office said he spoke with Alan Jope, chief executive of Ben & Jerry’s parent company Unilever, and raised concern about what he called a “clearly anti-Israel step.”

• He said the move would have “serious consequences, legal and otherwise,” and Israel “will act aggressively against all boycott actions directed against its citizens.”..


The United States of America means freedom to protest against the government policies and practices in order to prevent a dictatorship that supports enslavement. Slavery has been a big issue here for centuries.

That several states have outlawed the boycott of Israeli products made in occupied areas of Palestine is contrary to the American principle of freedom.

Those thirty-something states are violating the USA Constitution and the right to assemble and petition under the first amendment to that constitution.

Citizens of any country have the right to buy or not to buy a product. Countries boycott each other all the time in the name of sanctions, but still it’s a boycott.

Naftali Bennett, new Prime Minister of Israel, proved that the long Jewish history of ruining people’s businesses and making their lives living hells is not dead, by claiming in so many words that they would do the unspeakable to Ben & Jerry’s who announced that they would not be renewing their contract when the current one ends next year, in protest of the Jewish occupation of the Palestinians and Palestine.

“Legal and otherwise“, means watch out we’re coming for you and you know what that means.

The “otherwise” part means illegal. That’s the unspeakable part.

Aggressively against all boycott actions”. That means we’ll ruin your businesses, kill your dog, rape your sons, spread grotesque rumors about you and your family worldwide, we’ll even get to your family doctor who will misdiagnose you, operate and kill you on the table…

Since thirty-two USA states participated in denying USA companies the right to protest apartheid in Palestine via boycotts, those thirty-two states are guilty of violating the USA Constitution which amounts to treason.

In support of Israel, they became traitor to the USA. The majority of states jumped ship. So Jews aren’t just seeking a Jewish majority in Palestine and Israel but in the USA as well. Imagine the amount of time and effort it took by Israeli forces to enter the USA, contact all these governors and make them flip for Israel occupying Palestine and the Palestinian people.

It starts with Ben & Jerry’s and from there anyone else who supports boycotting products made in occupied territories, or anywhere Jewish products are made and sold, in protest of the illegal occupation.

They will hunt down every person who publicly or privately supports the use of boycott as a means of protest against the occupation.

Even now, Jewish groups within the USA are criticizing the legislators who banned the boycotts against Israel who still condemn the occupation of Palestine. Make the anti-boycott of Israeli products consistent with the occupation right of Israeli Jews in Palestine.

Believe that every one of them is on a list of being forcibly influenced to betray American values of freedom to boycott – or else suffer the consequences.

Jews worldwide who support the occupation are very familiar with the term “illegal”.

Just to be clear, Ben & Jerry’s was making Ice-cream for Jewish settlers living on occupied land in Palestine. So they weren’t making ice-cream for Palestinians. FOR JEWS ONLY.

Thirty-two USA governors voted in support of those slavery policies.

“The Israel Anti-Boycott Act (IABA) (H.R. 1697; S. … Lawmakers hope to curb the growth of BDS which they consider to be anti-Semitic by making it difficult to participate in anti-Israel boycotts. As of 2020, 32 state legislatures have already passed bills similar to IABA.”

Thirty-two USA governors committed treason against the USA in support of apartheid policies elsewhere in the world and allowed elsewhere in the world to determine American policy by a majority. Don’t they know the USA outlawed slavery centuries ago? They’ll say they were hoodwinked by a foreign government. The majority of states were hoodwinked? They knew what they were doing.

Jews denied American businesses the right to protest slavery by boycott wherever slavery exists. What did these governors get in return for such treasonous acts? One must wonder what other type of loyalty they’ll promise.

One might think the FBI would investigate such a move and the CIA should have been all over it, yet they weren’t. Why? Because Jews influence all American institutions by populating them. It’s called infiltration. But what do these institutions get in return? Nothing. Maybe they won’t be attacked by Israelis or American Jews, which amounts to terrorism by extortion. That doesn’t mean individuals within these institutions won’t be flipped by extortive methods.

How can the USA effectively combat terrorism elsewhere, when they’re being terrorized into submitting to Israeli will at home? If not so blatantly tragic it would be comical.

So treason by the FBI and the CIA by allowing governors to act independently of the interest of the USA and it’s citizens is how low the Jews and participating partners in apartheid operate. They’re all complicit.

They passed laws requiring complicity in Apartheid. Passed laws requiring slavery in other places, which amounts to slavery in the USA governmental sections condoning it by not allowing American businesses to protest it via a boycott.

Why doesn’t an American voice exist in America? Ever wonder about that? Because Jews pepper all strategic American institutions with their presence, becoming the american voice by proxy. Criticizing any of those institutions has become tantamount to criticizing Jews.

Criticizing Jews for what they do has become an institutionalized hate crime in the USA and the FBI is the first out of the gate to accuse any individual who protests against Israel, calling it anti-Semitic. It just goes to show you whose pocket the FBI is in.

WHO WAS ON THE ROOF ON 12 JULY 2021 at Kirby Manor at Villa Saint Rose of Lima, Cleveland, Ohio pretending to be someone they weren’t?


A BOYCOTT OF THE BOYCOTTERS – making it all legal in the USA



Every USA citizen and business needs to understand that the USA will protect Israeli interests before it protects it’s own USA citizens from Israeli retaliation.

Unilever said they were fully committed to Israel and against any boycotts, so how it that

Unilever rejects boycott movement, CEO tells U.S.-based Jewish groups

July 28 (Reuters) – Coming under fire for Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling ice cream in Israeli-occupied territories, parent company Unilever (ULVR.L) sought to assuage concerns of several American Jewish groups, repudiating anti-Semitism and saying Unilever “does not support” the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement…

…In the letter to the American Jewish groups, Jope echoed comments he made on a post-earnings Unilever call, saying the company was “fully committed” to Israel…



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