Time To Rethink Relocation


When the neighboring funeral home moves out of the neighborhood, you know it’s time to rethink relocation.

It’s too chaotic and violent even for them.

Darn, the one thing that held me back being as old as Steve and I are was the funeral home a block away. Nice people too!
Easy, we thought. You know the end of life stuff. We could walk a block to make all the arrangements.

It is too dangerous for white people in this part of town.

People too often use me as an opportunity to get something for free from a shop or restaurant. They see white; that’s all they see; they don’t see a person; they see an opportunity. Many of them are nicely dressed; they just don’t want to pay.

If I shop online, which I was doing, then they’re waiting for the delivery person and steal my stuff before I know it’s been delivered.

I didn’t sacrifice for others my entire life, so I could live like this at the end.

Just yesterday management shut down the laundry room @ KIRBY MANOR because of vandalism. Some people trying to get into the money machine that adds cash to your laundry card. Minimum amount is five dollars, so they thought they could get a payday. It’s like the ATMs being dragged out of stores by trucks. Now it’s laundromats they target.

For years management refused to put a security camera in the laundry room. So what good is security? Even when a crime is committed and the police want to see the videos, management won’t allow it, so the security system is useless. It can’t even function as a deterrent, since maintenance has told everyone they won’t look at the tapes when a package is stolen in full view of the camera.

Maintenance says the cameras can’t see the addresses on the package. And the thieves all know it. They could find a way to handle it, but because black people are involved, they turn that BIG BLACK BLIND EYE.

Steve and I went to a restaurant/tavern a few days ago for lunch. A white gay dude comes in wheeling a black male youth and sets up beside me.

Steve got up to go to the rest room and the white guy shouts to the black kid, “you have to pee now, let’s go see some white dick”. The kid said he didn’t have to go, the guy took him anyway.

I jumped up and got into it with the white gay guy while standing by the door waiting for Steve, knocking on the wall to alert him that something was wrong.

People get raped in restaurants/bars where gays frequent even when it’s not a designated gay bar; they’re looking for non-gay opportunities. The gay guy kept screaming at me full force to go to the women’s room – maybe he thought I was TRANS with my boobs and buzz cut combo. I didn’t budge even with his puffed up chest right in my face. He hollered, I hollered back.

I stood my ground.

When he brings the kid back, the kid says, I’m going to rape that old woman.

It’s time to clean up these establishments before there’s another massacre. They’re hiring all black people for night time and white people for day time – even in grocery and drug stores.

The staff tell white people to visit during the day and stay away at night when the black people descend on the bars – sounds like segregation to me.

Steve saw the owner of the funeral home while walking Lilly Belle and they chatted. It’s just too dangerous. Two out-of-control bars across the street, two blocks away another getting ready to reopen. Huge bars on Clifton Boulevard, when one closes the clientele swarm to the all-nighter restaurant up the street.

One on Clifton Blvd., now has a sign in the window, no one under thirty years old allowed after 10 PM.

Do we want to live in a place like this?

What does that even mean? They card everybody in the restaurant/bar to see if they’re over thirty once the clock strikes 10 PM? Or does that mean only those entering after 10 PM, not those already there?

Something tells me that cut off age point is not enforced. Give the bartender a tip and they’ll let anybody in. Even teenagers.

Why is it that everywhere blacks frequent, a police presence is required? Do you think it’s time for black people to control their own impulses, instead of making white people stay away? That’s segregation and discrimination.

Why every Friday does the local grocery store have a police presence and only black people as cashiers? Why am I in danger if I go to the grocery store on Friday evening? I should know enough to stay away?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you allow unruly behavior by black people in restaurants, bars and grocery and drug stores, and their proclivity of torching people and property when under the influence of drugs and alcohol, then it’s only a matter of time before that funeral parlor gets torched.

Yup. Time to move.

Yes, it’s past time for new leadership in Cleveland, Ohio, but where does one’s responsibility for one’s own behavior come in? A new mayor isn’t going to WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE to their personal responsibilities as citizens of the world.

All the money on the planet thrown their way won’t do that.

Money can’t control tempers, never has, never will.

LeBron James, basketball player who beats up his team after they lose, is a perfect example of tempers out of control. Every time I see him, he’s throwing physical threat gestures at the entire world. You can’t tell him to tone it down, that’s his right as a black man and black society’s expectations of him as a black man.

Therein lies the problem.

Cancel THAT Culture for the good of all.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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