Cleveland Death Chamber @ W25th


Be Careful What You Breathe.

When you breathe something In it’s like eating it.

It goes through your whole system as is, even into your stomach as you swallow saliva that washes your tubes.

Even up into your delicate brain where all your functions are controlled. THE MAIN CONTROL ROOM has a lock on it for a reason – to keep unwanted pollutants out.

It doesn’t always work, though, especially when continually overwhelmed with foreign particulates and vapors not needed for survival.

I walked into an elevator yesterday at the RTA station at W. 25th in Cleveland, Ohio to get up to the WESTSIDE open-air MARKET.

I walked two steps in and quickly withdrew telling Steve “I can’t do that, I can’t breathe that air, I’m taking the stairs”. He used it. I walked up three flights.

He said, what did you do run up the stairs? No, but three flights after breathing that poison slowed me.

People must do things in that elevator that must require disinfecting, maybe they use it as a bathroom or a sex room, because they disinfect the entire elevator, every surface, then close it and that air filled with bathroom deodorizers, and who knows what else, rests stagnant until somebody opens the door. They immediately get walloped with massive stinks of disinfectant, and I’m not talking isopropyl alcohol type of clean, then the heat in the high summer temperatures adds to the poisonous mix. It’s like a death chamber.

When waiting for the train on the platform if you are of the white race you are not safe. People screaming, high on drugs, eyeballing white people, no security present. White people this, white people that, nigger every other word, jumping, darting, getting closer as if testing themselves, will they, can they do it.

Above ground city buses downtown overloaded, many standing, some sitting where there are no seats, bus drivers speeding between stop to stop, kids in the handicap and senior seats. I thought I was in some country in Africa

No thanks Cleveland.

That’s the last time I go to the WESTSIDE MARKET.

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