To Vegans On Facebook Who Condemn Those Who Get Vaccinated

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To Vegans On Facebook Who Condemn Those Who Get Vaccinated.

I’m animal-free. I eat no animal products. I don’t wear them. I don’t support the use and abuse of animals in any way. I contracted coronaCOVID virus before the vaccines were available. My husband got it at work, then he gave it to me. I got vaccinated when I was allowed to get vaccinated and because I didn’t want to get COVID again.

My lifelong work for the animals isn’t over yet. My survival was at risk. I’m 72 years old and I’m not nearly finished. That’s all I do is work for them. Some day humans won’t be allowed to enslave, torture and slaughter other beings. Until that day comes I do what I need to survive to work another day.

My husband and I are in long COVID. He is still in heart and kidney failure – will be out of work another year – but is on the mend.

I’m not advising one way or the other.

The two vaccines were no walk in the park. I’m just getting over the effects of the second vaccine and feeling somewhat normal – for me. I’m not looking forward to the third.

However, I’ll be taking it primarily to protect my husband. If I get some variant of the virus again, which is possible, I’ll give it to him and he might not survive another bout.

Every year I get a flu shot and if I get an infection I take antibiotics, both of which are the result of extreme animal suffering. Where possible I purchase supplements in animal-free capsules. Someday they will all be animal-free. If I need certain vaccinations to travel outside the USA I will take them.

No one person in the world has devoted as much time to the rights of all animals including humans throughout my life as I have without payment.

Instead of beating people up on THE STREET for being vaccinated, maybe wear a mask and keep your distance and when you start feeling sick stay home.

You may think because they’re vaccinated you don’t have to be, which means you think the vaccine works. But it doesn’t always work all the time.

You may think that having had coronaCOVID before being vaccinated, that I shouldn’t need it, since I developed antibodies. Did I develop enough of them and do they stay forever? Why then, every year do we need a new flu shot? What happens to those antibodies year to year, do they self-destruct or what? Did I get a ‘bad’ shot? Many did and didn’t know it.

Most deadly viruses come from the animals we enslave, torture and slaughter for our pleasure. Rather than shame people for being vaccinated, work toward developing vaccines that don’t involve the torture of animals. Instead of criticizing those who take the vaccines, work toward eliminating the exploitation of animals, which is the cause of most deadly viruses in the first place.

❤🍀 I got my dogs vaccinated when they required vaccinations by law. Lilly Belle’s going soon for her yearly.


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One thought on “To Vegans On Facebook Who Condemn Those Who Get Vaccinated

  1. Vaccination should always be a personal choice and if the vaccine works you don’t need to worry about whether anyone else has taken it. The same applies for any form of medical treatment. I’m 54 years of age and I choose not to take it. I shall not submit to any coercion to do so. Nor have I worn a mask to placate other people’s fear. The whole ‘Covid’ agenda that has been enacted since early last year has nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with totalitarianism.


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