Trolls Are Hoarders And Hunters By Nature

Mentally ill people should not be allowed to beat people up for therapy on social media.

It happens all over social media. That’s where the abusers congregate under the auspices of TROLL to get their daily dose of treatment by abusing others.

Facebook allows it, since they’re told by government forces, better to let them get it all out for free, rather than governments having to pay for their treatment.



When a person has over fifty accounts under variations of the same name that should be a red flag.

They’re not only trolls, they’re hoarders and hunters. They multiply everything they do.

They don’t just leave one comment, they leave a multitude of comments on one person’s post.

They litter, then leave their stink in a laughing emoji, just in case you can delete their comments.

HOARDERS OF ANIMALS are a danger to those they claim to protect

A hoarder is a hoarder, but hoarders of people and other animals are the worst. It is not for the sake of the animals they claim to protect, but for their own sake, needing absolute control over all they encounter and touch.

A suggestion: WAIT. DON’T RESPOND. The minute you respond, they’ll slap you harder, get under your skin and into your psyche. Then you belong to them. They own you.

They’re predators laughing all the while they mess you up. FACEBOOK likes them, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to conduct themselves in predatory ways.

Most unsuspecting people who are attacked by trolls aren’t qualified to be therapists for the mentally ill occupying social media. The government has no idea the damage these people do to their victims, all just to get whatever evil is in their minds out of theirs and into yours, claiming they’re helping their victims, when in reality they’re satisfying their unnatural urges to destroy others.

Ban Trolls.

Placating people who burn cities, blow up buildings and terrorize individuals, neighborhoods and nations because they’re mentally ill needs to end. Feeding the mentally ill unsuspecting victims to settle them doesn’t cure their mental illness.

When Nancy Pelosi stated that cartel and gang killings were cartel and gang related, so it didn’t matter, because they were killing each other she showed her discriminatory colors.

In other words, it’s okay to rape someone in prison, because they’re all criminals anyway, and it’s okay to kill cartel and gang members because they’re criminals too – they keep it to themselves.

And it’s okay to destroy people on social media, because if you’re on social media you’re asking for it. It’s like the girl who gets raped and is claimed by both male and female genders of the world that she was looking to be raped. Or those who support prostitution to keep the rape rate down for non-prostitutes.

Feeding the mentally ill victims doesn’t stop the behavior. It facilitates the behavior. It’s a perversion that Facebook freely engages in and facilitates. You can’t cure these people, so feed them a few or a few thousand victims. When does it end?

If you don’t want to get beat up, then stay away from social media?

No. That’s blaming the victim. Stop saying and acting like it’s okay to abuse certain individuals or certain groups. Murder is murder, rape is rape. Assault is assault. Slander is slander. Bullying is bullying no matter who does it or who it hurts.

Stop using prisons as mental institutions that leave the patient untreated to fend for themselves in a caged, abusive environment.

Rehabilitate. Rehabilitate. Rehabilitate. More funds are needed.

If the USA would stop wanting and trying to rule the world their way, they’d be able to care for their own citizens.

It all starts with bullying. Making fun of people, taunting them, then it progresses to outright abuse, especially when they’re on social media and not in the physical world of face-to-face.

Nobody knows how social media abuse affects the family and work life of the abused. Eventually abused people will act out in socially unacceptable ways, while the bullying by trolls remains socially acceptable.

Look at the hypocrisy of how we treat people differently depending on their status.

“What does a troll symbolize?

Image result

In the plays of the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen, especially Peer Gynt (1867) and The Master Builder (1892), trolls are used as symbols of destructive instincts. Trolls in modern tales for children often live under bridges, menacing travelers and exacting tasks or tolls.
troll | legendary creature | Britannica


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