What George Tenet Really Meant

What George Tenet really meant when he said very publicly, “The CIA never lies”.

Eventually they tell the truth – maybe twenty years or fifty years later, when the memory of the world fades or fogs and nobody cares enough to protest something from the past. That’s what he really meant. But some secrets are too horrific to think about, much less speak or write about – and all intelligence agencies know that truth.

What kind of lies was George Tenet, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, talking about? And to whom does the CIA not lie?

Lies concerning when, where, what, how questions? Is a cover-up a lie? Does lying by omission count as a lie? Does threatening someone with harm when you know it won’t happen count as a lie? Does taking credit for killing someone’s dog count as a lie?

Was he referring to the CIA lying to the President of the United States or in all circumstances and instances?

Lying by persuasion, does that count as a lie?

Lying by implication using raised eyebrows, shoulder shrugs and eye rolls are they lies too?

Smoke and mirrors, cloaks and daggers? They don’t tell lies?

Frankly, it would serve a better purpose if the CIA told the world under what rare circumstances they do tell the truth

Does the CIA lie when they torture a person, physically or psychologically?

Do they lie when they conduct experiments on unsuspecting individuals?

Executing/conducting operations in secret, is that a lie?

Withholding information, is that a lie?

Making false promises is that a lie?

Lying to the FBI is a crime.

“Under Section 1001 of title 18 of the United States Code, it is a federal crime to knowingly and willfully make a materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the United States.”

MoloLamken LLP

Lying to the FBI is a crime. Unless they can threaten jail time for lying, they’ll never solve any crimes. They don’t know how to solve crimes without the use of stables of snitches to essentially do it for them. Confidential informants. Confidential implies lies. The confidentiality aspect is what is the lie.

The FBI and all law enforcement lie so much about everything and everyone, that they lost the ability to tell the truth in any area of contention or concern. Even in their private lives, there is no truth-telling to be found anywhere. Everything is slanted for their benefit.

Should lying be a crime? If so, then it must apply to everyone. But it doesn’t.

You can freely rape someone in prison and get away with that crime. Do it outside of prison and you’ll end up in prison for the same deed that is legal in prison.

Has anyone ever won a case against an individual who raped them in prison? Has a rape case ever been brought to trial? One or more prisoners, raping another prisoner.

When a person gets convicted of any crime and sentenced to prison, along with the sentence comes permission by the State to be raped. That should be a crime. Charge the State with rape. Preauthorized rape. State sanctioned rape. No prosecution for the crime, gives the permission.

Permission by the State to be raped for stealing a piece of pizza three times under the three strikes and you go to prison rule. I think that three strikes law is also unconstitutional. You get a prison sentence before you even go to trial. Who sets the number? Should any number be set? No. Life in prison for committing a crime three times? Minor crimes at that.

Everybody lies. Some more than others. There’s a continuum from less to more. Most people – way over the fifty-one percent required for a majority – lie in some form every time they open their mouths to speak. The second that mouth opens their mind is formulating a lie for the purpose of persuasion. Many people fill in the blanks with what they don’t know. No one remembers accurately all the time, especially when being interrogated.

Lying is a survival tool that all people use to keep from being harmed. It’s a natural reflexive action to lie when under duress of any kind for any reason. It is as natural as breathing.


For that reason, lying to the FBI about one’s self for protective purposes cannot legitimately be prosecuted as a crime. It goes against an animal’s nature not to lie. Telling the truth is more difficult than lying, because it’s more damning.

That’s why we have courts, to decide which side, plaintiff or defendant, is lying or smudging the truth.

When the FBI can’t garner enough evidence against an individual to build a prosecutable case, they trap the person under investigation in a lie and prosecute them for that.

How about when politicians lie, making promises to the populace to get voted into office, then reneging on those promises once the votes are tallied? Those lies harm people, lots of people. But there are never any legal consequences.

Making lying a crime to use as a weapon against anyone needs to be outlawed. There are a lot of FBI agents past and present who should be in prison right now for the lies they told that ruined families and individuals for the purpose of getting information that wasn’t there. It’s not enough to say, we make mistakes too. Yes, but you’re not sitting in prison because of it.

Lying is part of freedom of speech. Criminalizing lying to assure a conviction in lieu of prosecuting the person for the crime for which they are under investigation could and should be found unconstitutional and banned in all countries where it is exercised.

It is morally wrong, if nothing else.


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