Does The Majority Rule?

Does The Majority Rule?

Most people think a democracy means the majority rules. Only in elections though, and how often are those? Where are the issues listed on the ballots? Few and far between – and usually only local or state, like we have fifty different countries – that one can barely understand what they’re voting on, they’re written with such ambiguity.

Okay, it’s not the issues we vote on, it’s the people whom we elect who vote on the issues. What do we know about the people we elect? Not much other than a few bumper sticker phrases and their personalities as they appear in ads; not many of us ever get to one of their town halls, and then it’s about how well they perform, not the questions asked or answered. Same is so when candidates debate each other. How well do they debate? Debates aren’t about saying what’s really on your mind, it’s about outwitting your opponent.

The winner of debates doesn’t gain anything beyond a debate win. Most good debaters are not good problem solvers, they’re all about window dressing. In real life, the debating occurs behind the scenes, where it doesn’t matter; people say what’s on their minds. When meeting figureheads of various countries, everybody is scripted by the same type of ‘behind the scenes’ people; there is nothing of value debated out front.

All leaders sound essentially the same; it’s the party for which you vote that makes all the important decisions; they set the tone and they set the policy. The person under election is a figurehead representing the party, without a mind of their own is the ideal candidate from the viewpoint of party leaders. Malleable, a quick study, can think on their feet for the party, not for you. The party gets their person nominated and it’s the party that puts them in or out of office, by manipulating you the voter.

When an elected official starts veering from the party line, the party leaders get nervous and campaign to get them back in line, using positive and negative strategies. If not possible, then the party starts wargaming for fill-ins, should the elected official go totally rogue, or he met some unfortunate fate, like death.

That’s what happened with Donald Trump; he went roque. In the end he lost the second go around. If he was fixed to lose, his own party was responsible. Get him out before he damages the party beyond repair. If they got him out before the election, it would have spelled disgrace for the party, since the party got him in.

They all fell back on the identical line – I knew he was a democrat at heart; he just switched to get in, well we can get him out and be the heroes of that election. We took down one of our own, even if he was a turncoat.

Look who he went up against, would have been a shoe-in had he played the game by the rules – our rules. Well, he sure got us a hell of a lot of free publicity – 24/7 the republicans were front and center on the news. Yeah, he wasn’t a politician, he was an actor. Nah, he couldn’t lie like us; he was reality T.V. He was more real than the real reality T.V. players turned actors.

Politicians and actors are liars; it’s a matter of how good they are at lying. Smooth steals the day every way. You got that right. Reagan, he was an actor, smooth operator. With Trump it was like watching a wrestling match. He could be wearing a tuxedo and he still looked like he was wrestling. One of a kind. History will treat him better than we all did. Good luck with that. She done with this story yet?


Trump was spontaneous; you forgot that part.

…oh yeah, wan us ta cum back? no.

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