Voting And Citizenship For Illegals

√ Regarding Voting by Illegals

I say, if one lives and works in the USA and is a resident with an address, even if it is a homeless shelter, or they’re living with somebody else, they should be able to vote at the local, state, county and federal level. Put a two year holding time on it, so people won’t jump the border just to vote, then return to their homeland country.

Make it simple.

√ Regarding Citizenship For Non-citizens of the USA

A path is not a solution. Like the stock market it is too fraught with volatility. Solution is easy if one leaves the money factor out. Make everyone legal who resides here seven years, whether they want to be legal or not. 

It takes seven years of residing in the USA to reach the age of reason, whereby an informed decision regarding the pros and cons of USA citizenship can be made. Let their country of origin figure out what to do with their citizenship in that country.

Automatic USA citizenship in seven years. Use employment records to validate and/or rental payments or other forms of residency proof. Do not make the process cumbersome with too much detail – multiple forms.


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