Bring Back Orientals Make Russia A Continent

Bring Back The Word Orientals Make Russia A Continent

Asians that I talked to said they never minded the Oriental designation. After all, they were different than Russians, Turks and Indians/Pakistanis. It was the activists who used it as a strategy to get Orientals attention and bring non-Orientals into their fold by making it look like the Orientals were removing their designation as different and joining forces with the rest of Asia. It could have been construed as a humble gesture. It was a scam.

Orientals are different than Asians from other Asian countries. Ever see them work, or put on a gala event with multitudes of dancers? Sure you have. They are precision and synchrony oriented. Everything they do is done with precision and synchrony. They should keep that name. It is a fine distinction.

Yes, but where do the Russians fit in? Russia spans two continents: Asia and Europe.

In fact, Russia homeland is so large that it should be called a continent. Russia. Not Asia. Not Europe. Russia.

How big is Australia? Who truly occupied that continent? The British. Do you see how they wrangled a continent out of an island, taking it away from the original aborigines? From 1788-1901? It is an independent country and continent. The Brits figured they already had islands, the British Isles. Australia comprises a bunch of smaller islands in its vicinity, so that’s nothing new. But a continent? Theirs (essentially), by their design, still called the Commonwealth of Australia. The British settled it. Six colonies came together to form a commonwealth of countries (sort of, more like states) then called it one country no longer an island, but something better! A continent.

I propose a toast to Orientals, the precision/synchrony-oriented people and to Russia, the continent.

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