Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate The Opponent


Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate the Opponent

Confidence measures are schemes.

When somebody announces confidence building measures, what they want is for the target-enemy to give them reassurances of trust and that trust means they have to concede on one of many points, one at a time until the one applying the measures gains total control over the target-enemy. That’s the result. The intention is a lie.

The USA in announcing confidence building measures to Russia is using the same strategy the Jews use on the Palestinians, making them submit to their will, one measure at a time, until the Jews are comfortable that they can get whatever they want from these babies who have a penchant for candy.

The USA however announced the measures to Russia, a giant presence on the world scene, long before the USA was artificially invented by the British via their…

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