Maybe Brits Get too Much Credit

Brits. Always, nearly always? No. Always trying to change the behaviors of others.

Change your own. Just do it without making a scientific study out of it and standardizing it to everybody else. It defeats the purpose, makes it look like you want to change everybody else to your liking, so you don’t have to change.

Not all minds think alike, except in general, rudimentary ways – mostly based on emotion and basic needs. Being right all the time is not a basic need. Getting more than anybody else not a basic need either.

Stop using emotionally charged strategies to get what you want. It falls apart in the end, and the end needs your focus now, devoid of emotion. Remember anger is emotion.

Be real – or is that the German mind at work – for a change of pace. The world will notice. Don’t tell them you’re being real. That defeats the purpose too.

Stop trying to cover yours and everybody’s bases. It’s impossible.

Stop stealing the work of others, which means the minds of others, when you fail to think their thoughts. They’re not your thoughts. Think your own thoughts.

Stop assigning duties to everyone. Do your own duties. People will notice. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that why you colonized ninety percent of the planet to get your way noticed?

Under my thumb, your thumbs, what’s up and down depends who’s on the ground. Do your thumbs hurt yet? Switched to the boot, didya? See, you didn’t even know you switched. Don’t mess with other people’s art; you never know where you’ll end up. It’s not yours with which to mess.

Quit while in stand down. False alarm.

Everybody has a right to protect their territory, their neighbors, from USA Big Brother. Ukraine had no right to reach across the ocean to put USA inhabitants in danger, to show off the largest military in Europe. Ukraine I’m talking your language now. Pot of Gold Ukrainians. Take it to your own bank. Leave USA families out of military spectacle, bragging to the world how big you are. Then run like little children to Big Daddy USA to protect you. Get your own Big Daddy.

Big Mommy answering this call. No more USA children’s mothers and fathers die for foreign mishaps orchestrated by child bragging with big military. Feed, clothe, educate, house, doctor and nurse your people before you run to Big Mommy for help. Largest military in Europe isn’t enough to keep you safe from what? Yourselves? Too much competition with Russia isn’t good for the family.

You called for a Big Daddy. That means you’re a child. You’re too old to be adopted, so stop this charade.

Make your own contribution to peaceful co-existence, not everybody else’s contribution in your name. Ante up.

Usually done this way, usually done that way.

Keep your British phobias and perversions to yourselves. That means private parts stay private. Haven’t you done enough damage? Your asses must hurt from sitting on everybody else’s forever fences. Who invented fences? Get to work. No more stalling. Okay. Time up. Lines in sand. The first animal who drew a line in the sand. What happened?

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