Copycats And Russia Ukraine Train Bound For Where?


The world looks down on copycats.

Frowns and groans and finger points, accuses, bares teeth, pounds fists thumps chests. You copycatted me. Such is life bro’

Flip it.

If it weren’t for copycats we, the Universe, would not exist.

I’m not talking copyright here. Putting your name on somebody else’s exclusive creation is not copycatting; it’s stealing.

Heck, some organisms are so hot-to-trot that they replicate, duplicate, copy themselves.

For anything/anyone to expand, then a copy-component or predisposition is present, which means it’s present in everything and everyone, because the Universe copies everything. It is in the nature of everything in the Universe to replicate.

Copycat exists in all forms Universal.

Divide to grow or divide and die.

Most unions end in separation.

The ones that stay together learn to live with differences in personalities and style.

Forced separation by outside instigators is a different matter. How both adjust to…

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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