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Why Is Russia Required By NATO To Verify Troop Withdrawal At Their Own Border?

Big Mistake.

Stop with the domination tactics. Nobody has to verify anything with you. Russia is not a member of NATO. Who are you, the enemy of everybody not in NATO? Why all this enemy junk?

Wow. You can count the number of troops on the ground in Russia from the USA, half way around the world. Yet you couldn’t locate any of the multitudinous arsonists for a year, setting fires in full view on city street buildings on T.V. during riots you called peaceful.

You didn’t even consider it a National Security threat.

Withdraw your own troops. Thought the deployment was just an exercise.

You lied. It wasn’t.

Stop lying, so they’ll correct you, thus verify. I don’t care if it works. It leaves resentments that fester long after the lie.

Tell truth or say nothing.

Why do you keep announcing blow by blow what Russia is doing all over T.V. ? Trying to justify a war? Nobody cares.

What are you going to do, call back all those Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans to fight yet another war?

Stop acting King dictator of the world.

What’s your name?

Adolph America?

NATO does not control Russia’s pullback. Russia controls Russia.

Stop provoking Russia and treating countries with disrespect.

The Olympics isn’t over. You pulled a fast one during the 2014 Olympics in Russia – Trojan Horse style.

Settle down.

Stop your public humiliation campaign. You’re the cause of all this, wanting military power over Crimea and now Ukraine for your own to exploit for nefarious purposes.

Who says you won’t point your missiles at Russia? You lie too easily.

Right, first it’s a missile defense shield, then you sneak in the missiles.

What’s the missile defense shield going to do in Crimea? Who’s going to be launching missiles at Crimea? Ukraine?

That the USA keeps Israeli nuclear missiles secret, as in a lie, is proof that the intentions of the USA cannot be trusted elsewhere. You took part in that lie, so stop agitating the entire world with your demands.

Learn to get along with people.

Disband NATO. They are global troublemakers, looking to bomb someone, and deploy there over-worked and fatigued military. How many tours of duty do you require?

You send troops too fast. No one is attacking America. You know the history of the Olympics 2014 in Russia. No one can trust you. You don’t care? You should on behalf of the American people, and all the other NATO member states that will send their sons and daughters to a fight that should not exist. Stop meddling in the affairs of other countries.

Other NATO countries don’t pay their share of the expenses/dues, which makes NATO a unilateral organization. One leader, USA, defends all member states that can’t or won’t pay for nothing, for free. Who pays? Why is no one asking? Two percent of their GDP (gross domestic product).

Call for public inspections of Israeli nuclear weapons. They need to be checked. Saying you have them when you don’t is an act of terrorism, an act of aggression toward the world.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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