Black And White African

Black And White African

To be considered African you need to be Black. Even though you and your family were born and raised in Africa, if you are white, you don’t fit into their mind design of what is Africa. Black equals African – to black people. I say it’s discriminatory. They don’t. What’s theirs’ is theirs’. It’s still discriminatory.

Nobody that I know of refers to white peoples born and bred in Africa as Africans. I’ve never heard it. Even in America when someone uses the adjective African, black Africans think you’re talking about over there, not here. They’ve become so attached to the black label that Africa to them means people who live on continental Africa.

I’m Irish. I’m Lithuanian. I’m British and a whole lot of other ethnicities. Never once did I refer to myself with the word American attached. How would it sound if I introduced myself as an Irish, Lithuanian, British American. Who does that?

The African people living here now are not American by DNA. Neither am I; neither is anybody. The USA is too young to reflect DNA in its inhabitants blood. I suspect that ancestral Indians who were on this land prior to the arrival of the Europeans whose DNA reflects Indian blood as they call it, is really reflecting Asian blood. Indians didn’t drop down from the sky; they came from somewhere.

If you’re going to go back far enough to put us underwater as simple celled organisms that evolved into the original humans that walked from, not on, the waters planet-wide, aka aboriginal/indigenous, then we all came from the sea, but in different regions on the planet. We all have indigenous roots.

When you think about it, every person living in the USA is from another country – even the so-called natives originally coming from Asia and before that, from muddy, bacteria-laden waters.

I don’t usually refer to Indians as Native, since we’re all natives from some place, usually many places. In conversation, in order to differentiate them from the Indians in India I say ‘American Indians, not the ones from India. That’s a lot to say to describe Indians. Otherwise it’s Indians. I’m a native of a lot of different countries, which one would I choose? If you’re living on this planet, you’re native to the planet and a native to a region on the planet.

Just so you know, some people in some places don’t like that word ‘native’. It really doesn’t connote longevity in a region, only that one was born there.

In the USA if you’re born and bred with legal status you’re an American, no matter your color or ethnicity.

Blacks are the only ones who demanded to be called a color, then they got the Spanish to claim the color brown and join color forces with them. They do it to the European people too, only they keep them separate, someone to exploit. They take your identity away by calling you a color is what’s being said here.

Black isn’t really black, brown isn’t really brown, red isn’t really red, yellow isn’t really yellow, and white isn’t really white. I still have yet to see a red Indian or a yellow Oriental/Asian/.

Now of course since everybody has a color, those who don’t feel left out, so the Indians from India and Pakistanis are calling themselves brown. Some call Arabs brown – maybe it’s from the sun living in the desert. I don’t really know. Most Arabs in Cleveland are very white with very black hair.

  • Maybe the Arabs should join forces with the Europeans to increase the white numbers, since everybody these days is talking about how to raise theirs.
  • You do know that white people are not the majority race, right? In fact, they’re in the minority. I don’t know how many indigenous people there are in the world, and maybe the indigenous are the smallest minority.

When traveling outside the USA, people usually don’t refer to themselves as their ethnicity, since American isn’t yet an ethnic classification. People from America meeting foreigners call themselves American. If you’re not legal, nobody knows you’re here, so how could anyone call you American?

With the Blacks it’s a double standard. In America they want to add black to their country to differentiate themselves from all other colors. It’s either Black or African American. They want that American label plus the color label.

In my view, the color coding system stigmatizes people, no matter the color, where as ethnicity doesn’t. There’s nothing negative attached to African; that’s why I use it. I also use the color black to differentiate between white and black African, because black people don’t want to be in the same group as white people. That’s their prejudice and their welcome to it, but don’t turn around and say other races can’t do the same. Then you’re in discriminatory language territory, which connotes supremacy.

So, HELLO to all the Africans in Africa.

No matter your color status or country of origin, each of you is equally important, and each group no matter the number is equally worthy.

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