Re: Here’s what you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine conflict right now

Re: Here’s what you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine conflict right now

HWH Commentary:  Here’s what YOU need to know??According to whom? Who’s in charge of what ‘We The People’ need to know? A tabloid news agency pretending to be real news – just what you NEED to know RIGHT NOW. 

According to whom, the writer? Who cares if all news agencies play The Copycat News Game, but how about the truth? That’s all anybody wants. That would be a breath of fresh air. Yet all governments, planet-wide, lord over the deliverance of the news to the populace as if they were the government writing it. 

News agencies need to stop acting like government agencies and start telling the truth, which includes pointing out where government sources lied to the news media. Can you Imagine it? The PRESS stopped lying. Seemingly out of the blue, they started telling the truth of the story.

Why trust ‘government sources’? If the government has something to say, then speak directly to the people and not through news agencies that paint the story according to approved government snitches.

Statements approved anonymously by the government demonstrate a weak, insecure operational process that doesn’t stand by its intel. Acting like writers of the bible – remaining anonymous so no one has to accept responsibility for mistakes made – creates chaos, not calm.

The populace needs the confidence of the truth, instead of being influenced thus controlled by people refusing to identify themselves on behalf of the government.

When the news media tells you your opinion before you read the story, that’s oppression by the news media and the government.

Relying on government approved snitches/sources, corrupts the process of information dissemination. Information crafted for the purpose of influencing the masses based on incomplete, thus flawed intel, sets the stage for more flawed intel to come. One lie after another is where it leads.

It doesn’t matter if the government snitch is accurate, who’s to say next time will be the same? Unidentified government source. There’s no transparency. No wonder there are so many conspiracy theorists. Unidentified people are essentially writing the stories before the press even gets them.

Perhaps it’s time to separate serious government news from opinion news that has taken over all news. It’s time all governments owned up to their own words and actions. If corrections need to be made at least the populace will hear only one rendition, instead of going through government appointed snitches and wading through the corruption of third and fourth party generated transmissions.

ARTICLE: Here’s what you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine conflict right now


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