Blacks in America Altering Science Again 

The USA government under the direction of Joe Biden via the military at his command altered and diminished the threat of Monkeypox on behalf of black African peoples who copulate with monkeys apes chimpanzees, then come to America to continue the sexual carnage via gay humans. It’s a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease which also can be passed person to person absent sexual contact.

Gay men in Africa demonized by the government and the general population choose to stay safe by engaging in sex acts with beasts who will love them back.

Apes monkeys chimpanzees gorillas.

Then they come to America to spread the word.

The World Health Organization is changing the name monkeypox stating the name is racist against black peoples, when in fact it’s gender biased against gays.

It’s like saying chicken pox doesn’t come from birds.

Stop having sex with non-human animals is the way to avoid this virus.

Then stop discriminating against monkeys.

Engaging in sex with non-human animals is an epidemic throughout Europe. Address that issue, before bending to the will of people who prefer to have sex with beasts. It’s called beastiality in case the World Health Organization forgot.

Oh, and yes it can be transmitted to heterosexuals much like a contact dermatitis. It’s a contact virus, not airborne. We hug a lot in my neighborhood, which means transmission is more likely than in more distant communities – no matter your gender or sexual orientation.

The reason some people associate monkeypox or monkey virus to COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is it’s similarity to the COVID rash and bat rash (histoplasmosis).

Note that no one recommended changing the bat rash or chicken pox to other names.

Stop discriminating against non-human animals. I’m European. An anthropology professor at Smith College classified her students according to color (not skin) and whether they were knuckle walkers. I don’t know what color category she put me into, but I was definitely a knuckle walker. She was right. My arms are long and my knuckles face forward when I walk. So what! I evolved from an ape. A pretty smart ape at that!! Not bad lookin’ either, some say.

“Do the monkey” – just don’t have sex with them.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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