We Are A Virus

We Are A Virus

A Multitude Of Viruses

We manufacture harbor transmit viruses.

What vs Who

Maybe it’s whatever created/designed us, not whoever created/designed us that we should be looking at.

We are virus-originated-virus-engineered-virus designed creatures.

That’s why we attract viruses. We’re designed to attract them.

We are in fact a virus.

Do chemicals come from viruses? If their base is found naturally in plants, fungi and/or animals.

Chemicals come from the swamp, animal creations and rock/mineral, combined in various degrees and amounts to produce new product. If they’re individually altered or created in a laboratory using the same properties, they still stem from natural inhabitors and ingredients of planet Earth.

There are 118 elements on the chemistry periodic table. They all exist in nature, by the mere fact that they exist, whether manipulated or not down the road to create something new – it still came from Earth, whether laboratory bred or planet-bred. Okay?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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