Read And Weep

The problem with annexing Russia-backing parts of Ukraine is that the border of Russia now sets deeper into Ukraine. Note that not everyone in the previous Soviet Union wanted to be separate and they do count, whether or not USA and European Union think it in their own best interests.

Sure, the missile defense system won’t/can’t be installed in those previously sensitive Ukrainian regions, but all the Ukrainians will do is install USA and NATO backed defense systems in the regions now bordering Russia. Moving the Russia-Ukrainian border simply delays the process.

Note also that there’s an African Union, an Arab League, a British Empire aka British Isles, European Union, United States of America (more like separate countries under a federal umbrella; while California and Texas wanted to separate from the union, the union strongly resisted such moves), United States of Mexico, Canadian Provinces; the Union of South American Nations is currently in flux, but they possess desires to work together on common goals which require the involvement of multiple contiguous countries to achieve a more uniform result. There’s the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a one China policy including Taiwan, which is also discouraged by the USA and European Union, demanding in lighter terms that the status quo remain as is – separate with China-Taiwan cooperation, leaving China intact as a country, and Taiwan in a state of perpetual independence limbo.

So what happened to the Soviet Union? The USA fully expected to free by cold war methods/strategies all Soviet countries from the Russian umbrella rule. It worked, but looking back, it was overkill – way over. Not everyone wanted such a drastic geopolitical move, and those who didn’t obviously didn’t feel they had the right to resist, which put the USA into a dictator mode, something the USA claims to want to end in other countries. It’s one thing to dictate terms in your own country, but to dictate terms in everybody else’s country is just not a viable strategy for peaceful co-existence. The citizens of each country need greater say and the last say regarding their own right of determination, which countries outside the region currently impose. The USA appears to have swiped the free will of the people clean away from any consideration – and that disturbing reality is what keeps nations at war.

What excuse will the USA tell Ukraine to use as justification for those missile defense systems at the new Russia-Ukrainian border? Probably the same as before. Even if Ukraine is accepted into NATO, the issue remains the same, though not as relevant, since NATO is no longer necessary to avert war. The Russia/Ukraine conflict that was instigated by NATO led by the USA is a perfect example why, which serves as an admirable truth.

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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