Facebook Members Censored For Daring To Speak For The Voiceless


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

The largest terror organization in the world conducts psychological torture experiments on all Facebook members and on all social media platforms. The military is there, FBI there too, local police, homeland security, anti-terrorism units plus every intelligence agency on the planet. 

Most of your social media friends work for the government – even the ones you think you know, but don’t. Even family members whom you’d never suspect, pay a debt they owe by allowing these organizations/agencies access to their gift/talent/quirk.

Could be they need someone who stutters for a particular job… don’t think they don’t have stables of people with every talent/gift/quirk and mental illness known to humans. Governments use everybody in one form or another unbeknownst to all parties, including the actors themselves – in the dark. That’s how terrorists work – nobody knows what the next guy/gal is doing. It’s a method that forces compliance and damage control when discovered. Only a fool would insist on knowing all the details of an operation. They wouldn’t live to tell about it.

  • IF YOU’RE AN ACTIVIST, the kind that gets people’s attention by startling them? Experiment with other strategies. Usually the best with the longest shelf life is being yourself, whatever that is, in whatever you’re doing, probably that most people never really see. You’d be surprised at how funny the truth sounds; it opens the door, the window – the rest is up to them.

Spy agencies aka ‘collector’s of information’ (COI) work in tandem with Madison Avenue to form your opinions and destroy your intellectual property – even get people elected. Fake news is their specialty. Lying is their only way of life. They’re like the Palestinian Jews claiming they own everything you create on their land/platform. They brag just like those same Jews, claiming nobody cares enough to stop them. 

If you’re on Facebook, you’re in the CIA/NSA. That’s how they spy on foreign countries from the USA without paying a fine – that’s why most countries don’t want Facebook operating in their countries.

No government in the world likes any opposition to the animal-using and -abusing industries; it’s what supports their economies. People need to find a solution, rather than THROW THEM ALL IN JAIL till they give up and quit. That’s another Israeli move toward Palestinians, whom they consider “a side effect of occupation, that won’t go away”.

The now deceased Ariel Sharon suggested moving all the Palestinians to Siberia. Those in favor of reckless immigration probably would see Siberia as an opportunity. Somehow Jews are drawn to that which they can’t have. Most Jews now occupying the Land of Palestine came from Russia post WWII, so they already had Siberia. It’s too cold? The Middle East is too hot. 

Imagine this: Jews could have had the entirety of Siberia. Look what they did to Manhattan. Imagine Siberia – the new frontier – classless – needs no boundaries – all Jews and non-Jews welcome. Owned and operated by the such and such family – if a Jewish family owned and/or Jewish company owned it, you could have your Jewish majority. The land is small and large enough to be owned. Imagine THE EXPANSION capabilities.

  • But first one needs to remove their nation statuses. You can’t own or buy or sell a nation or THE people INHABITING that land. 

This is where the fun begins. This is where the individual counts. ISRAEL IS NOT A NATION STATE. Israel IS a company/corporation owned and operated by the Jewish Federation or a non-profit ngo entity that owns the property and structures that will become designated as we move quickly forward now.

This is where everything needs to be accounted for and the destinations negotiated.

– mornin’


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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