All Genders Own Their Own Bodies

Men share a bond that women don’t. That’s because traditionally bound by culture, women had to scrap and connive for what they got. They didn’t own anything, not even themselves. Not much has changed, when you lump the whole world together. Even in more progressive cultures, lines are drawn in favor of the male across all categories – some glaringly obvious, others more insidious.

Women are still trying to own their own bodies, and even in America, the most progressive nation, men still control the reproductive rights of women. It’s her body; if she got pregnant, then somebody didn’t take precautions and it’s the man who deposits the sperm into the woman. The woman doesn’t deposit anything into the man, so it is the man who is responsible for every pregnancy.

In the minds of men, that means they control it. They conquered the uterus, broke in and left a deposit, knowing neither of them wanted a baby out of it. Too late for that. Now it’s in the woman, you gave it to her, so she decides. It’s not about murder, unless you’re aborting a viable fetus without good cause. At that point, then birth it, give it up for adoption not scientific research.

When a woman wants no trace, then it’s up to her. A man made a life-changing decision for the woman without her approval to make a baby. Well, you shouldn’t have left your sperm someplace that you didn’t want it.

Using constitutional rights to force women to have unwanted babies is constitutionally discriminatory and dictatorial toward women. Keep religion out of politics. What? Christians don’t get abortions? Of course they do. What are you doing? Women don’t have an equal rights amendment, so now you’re going to force them to carry a baby to term that they don’t want?

GET WOMEN AN EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT NOW. That’s the only move that will work for all women. NOW. Across the board. Forget this equal pay for equal work; it didn’t work; it never will until there is equal rights protection for women under the Constitution. “All men are created equal” DID NOT apply to women, otherwise women would have been able to vote and they were not.

  • All genders are created equal would be more appropriate than “all men are created equal”.

What? An embryo has Constitutional rights, but the woman carrying the embryo doesn’t? HOW DARE YOU. The world laughs at us looking down our noses at the countries who still treat women as their property. So does the USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights still treat women as property of men. Well, you gave the sperm; you left it; it’s no longer yours. It belongs to the person growing it inside her body against her will, not your body. Yeah, go ahead and tell me one more time, how you control my reproduction rights, as you skip out on the Dad part of that deposit.


If abortion is murder, then why isn’t the murder of a child, or a man or woman considered unconstitutional? And further, why is abortion covered under federal law and the rape and murder of prisoners in federal prisons aren’t? Do prisons have an obligation to keep safe the prisoners from violent crime in federal prisons? Why if abortion is murder are women not prosecuted for murder who have an abortion? Why prosecute the doctor performing the abortion? A lot of mumble jumble going on here.

Look, no body parts can be allowed to go to research labs from aborted fetuses. No more live births to keep baby intact to harvest organs. That is an abomination, a desecration, a perversity that begs for an end.

Hillary Clinton didn’t care if the states performed live dismemberments of whole babies, while still attached to the umbilical cord, as long as the federal government didn’t do it.

What, she wanted the states or privately owned abortion clinics to do it? It has to be wrong for whoever does it. Dismemberment of live babies still attached, which meant the mother still owned the baby, that she was told she had to carry to full term, so her full term baby could be dismembered alive right in front of her. HORROR ALERT. HOLOCAUST ALERT.

Stop lying to mothers.

And why create family planning centers around abortion, making the dismemberment of a child the centerpiece of care for the whole family? It’s absurd. Who’s profiting from all these abortion family planning communities? You can’t plan a family without abortion ties? Imagine the humiliation. Give us your baby like you’re donating an organ and we give you low income x-rays and screening tests for other diseases. What, family planning abortion communities take the place of primary care physicians for poor people?

Healthcare should be the same for all people, not different for rich and poor.

Legalize the morning after pill over the counter. No, parents don’t have the right to know. You don’t know the stigma in families. So keep out of the sociology department when deciding matters of constitutional rights of all people. We need a serious relook at who really is free in this country. It is not women. It is not children.

A boy kid buys a condom. Okay. A girl kid buys a condom and there is outrage and scorn directed at that girl kid.

GIVING AN EMBRYO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND NOT THE MOTHER? That makes the court the embryo’s mother? Is that legal?




Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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