Re: The vote at the United Nations General Assembly on legality of Palestinian Occupation

“We do not feel that a referral to the International Court of Justice is helpful in bringing the parties back to dialogue,” UK diplomat Thomas Phipps said of the UN vote.

“It is also the position of the UK that it is inappropriate without the consent of both parties to ask the court to give an advisory opinion in what is essentially a bilateral dispute.”

I find it odd that the United Kingdom would assert that both parties in a dispute must agree to an outside opinion by the International Court of Justice on the containment and internment of the Palestinian people on Palestinian land. Coming from the master occupier of ninety percent of the world, it should come as no surprise to the kings and queens of fence-sitters when one of it’s previous charges files a complaint.

It’s also odd though not unexpected that UK diplomat Thomas Phipps claims the referral to the International Court of Justice by Palestine would not be helpful in bringing the parties back to dialogue, but conveniently leaves out what would be helpful. Not one solution offered by Britain, except that this one won’t lead to a solution. 

Well, neither is dialogue with a manufactured Jewish majority on the Land of Palestine ever going to happen without one side taking the first step. After all Britain watched unimpressed when the Jews took most of Palestinian land right under the noses of the entire world in an unfair and unjust war against a people who did nothing to provoke that war except exist. Talk about a holocaust. Then expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to make way for their settlements.

Why don’t you ask your oppressor if you can be free to live and grow on their own birth land? That’s Britain all over again siding with the aggressor and the oppressor. The answer will be bomb their infrastructure so they’ll be so busy rebuilding that they can’t have any other hopes and dreams of a future state via self-determination. It seems like the Brits and the Jews were working on this apartheid all along behind the scenes till there is hardly anything left to Palestine. The Jews renamed it Israel the land of the Jewish majority.

In my strong view, 74 years was way too long to bring anybody back to any kind of meaningful and just dialogue without intervention. So finally someone intervenes with only an opinion sought and it’s not deemed appropriate by the United Kingdom. Did King Charles direct that? Sounds like him. How many years did he make his own wife suffer while he benefitted by a three person marriage? Wait, wait and wait for the right time that never comes ’till death do us part’, her death, not his.

The Brits evidently think the raped must first get the consent of the rapist before asking a court to intervene with their opinion – that’s non-binding by the way.

  • Do you want your rapist present when filing a report with the police?

If anyone can assert that containing people on their own land, subjugating them, taking their will to survive and thrive away from them for 74 years is legal, then those laws asserting that legality need to change NOW without hesitation.

Britain is on the wrong side of justice. They’re waiting for every last Palestinian to flee, if they’re allowed, and I don’t think they are. Then the whole of Palestine belongs to the Jews. That was the British plan all along, and unless you’re British, you don’t know the power of having to be right – at any cost to them or to the offended party – it destroys the process of seeking justice.

It seems that Benjamin Netanyahu’s blackmail strategy is in play once again. So who in Britain have the Jews occupying Palestine threatened to expose? And what did he promise Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy that made him abstain from the vote at the UN after a phone call from Benjamin Netanyahu, newly appointed Prime Minister (yes, appointed in my view)?

The British are the laziest diplomats on the planet. Seventy-four years and you still can’t offer a solution? You wait till the offended party dies or runs if they can, so you don’t have to commit?

The Palestinians were victims not perpetrators. And Adolph Hitler had no right to promise anybody anybody else’s land in exchange for services rendered. Neither did Britain. Now Palestine has unwittingly become THE PROMISED LAND OF HITLER. WHOA, you sure know how to muck things up. Better that you said nothing, because that’s what it amounted to anyway. This time you’re not getting your way; you made the world sick for too long with your notorious never-ending fence-sitting strategy for no change.

Stop the Palestinian concentration camp experiment in Palestine. Nobody on this earth past, present, future owes Jews anything, but THAT? Je nai pas de mots.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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