Vaccines are Aging You

Pfizer et al are speeding up the aging process with their multitudinous supercharged vaccines by about ten years, not less. Now they’re going to supercharge the flu shot – one that most of us trust already.

Their vaccines adversely effect all body organs and systems including the brain and skin. Watch out. You’re in dangerous territory when you mess with people’s age, especially the aged, that the pharmaceuticals want to age even further. That’s why they’re dying – not from the virus, but by the vaccines pushing them further into another decade.

Do they think a forty year old wants to look, feel and act fifty? What were they thinking? Oh, they weren’t.

You bombard the unsuspecting recipients with formulas that age, maim and kill and if they don’t die immediately, then you deem the treatment a success?

“No one will ever blame the vaccine.” Makes them a lot of money.

What about those free testing kits? Free with health insurance. President Biden just signed a bill giving everybody free test kits. Did he know they were free with insurance anyway? A lot of service workers surviving on tips don’t have health insurance; they don’t get free kits. A lot of lower income working poor don’t have health insurance; they don’t get free kits.

Are the testing kits for the original COVID, even if not expired, good on multiple variants? Why don’t we hear when the new testing kits come out? Because they don’t. So all those people with false negatives become victims of the pharmaceuticals who can’t match up a kit with a variant?



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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