Word Press Blocking Strategies Prejudicial

Word Press doesn’t allow people without Word Press accounts to like a post or follow a blog unless they have a Word Press account.

Then what do all those Word Press websites that use subscriptions do, require a potential buyer to have a Word Press account? Then why encourage people to put subscription buttons on their sites, for decorative purposes? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose?

They compare themselves to social media. ‘One can’t do anything on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest unless they have an account.’ But Word Press is not social media. It’s a website and blog hosting company.

Unbelievable, the ‘cut off your nose to spite your face’ logic used to block people with websites hosted by Word Press from potential customers using subscribe buttons, while claiming they control forty-three percent of all websites on the internet.

That’s power, maybe too much power.
Maybe it requires an upgrade. I have .coms on my major seven sites; that’s an upgrade. Years ago they advertised free blogs forever. Maybe free if you don’t want anybody to see your product.

What a disappointment. First they block my sites from the community, then they have Google block my email. I inserted my email to join LinkedIn and they said it was an invalid email address. Then I got a different one, tried it and they said I couldn’t use the phone number, the one I’ve had for fourteen years. So I wonder who made my phone number persona non grata? So I had to use my husband’s. Now to get into the account I have to make sure my husband is home so I can do the phone verification using his phone. That is really inconvenient. It appears that Donald Trump isn’t the only one who doesn’t know how to conduct business without alienating people.

If I were them I wouldn’t laugh too loud, since they’re under investigation – all those claiming to be social media platforms discriminating against people whose views they don’t like. Anybody being paid to shut somebody down?

Another logic defect. Why would anyone sign up knowing they’re going to be blocked in some way? Blocks are discriminatory. And they’re under no obligation to tell you, or if they are, they ignore it. You might never know.

Sites, even when they’re not blocked, don’t have equal access. Far from it. Add to that the influence of advertisers, and your product may rarely see the light of an audience.

Word Press SOLUTION: Back away from your social media claim. Open the 43% of all websites on the internet, that you control, to outside the Word Press community – to like, and subscribe and to follow. They don’t have to register first. Who are you the FBI? Next stop passport required to comment, follow, like or subscribe? Stop being selfish. Spread your wings. Unless you’re a wing of some intelligence gathering entity. But so what, the more subscribers, the more you can gather. Don’t you want to see more views on all the websites, to make the owners happy? If you don’t, then you’re in Donald Trump territory, not that good at business.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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