the question is do you train the submissive to submit more or the bully to submit more?

Why does Facebook allow one person under the same name to have multiple profile-based accounts?

All they need to do is refrain from using any of the trigger words that bring the account to the attention of Artificial Intelligence. No ‘bad’ words.

Show me a person who couldn’t be torn to ribbons by their own scolding mother without using one single ‘bad word’. Mothers know how to do it and I know that you know, they know how to do it. If you’re alive, you’ve experienced it. So you have no mother to reference? then reference your grandmother or auntie. You can’t plead ignorance on this count.

I don’t know about the fathers, since my father only scolded me once, it was after I was married when my mother and I were going at it – actually she was, I always remained silent, except this time I spoke up. “Let your mother criticize you”, said Dad. I was crushed.

In that regard, women make better social media trolls, since they know about the ‘skirts’ and how to use them to avoid detection.

Who makes the better liar? Mothers.

In the long run though are they more successful? No. Less so. Everybody expects men to lie and when they don’t it becomes celebrated. Truth is expected from women – no celebration for you.

Even in the ALT sex/gender community, those who express themselves as female are underrated. I’ve seen it again and again over the years I lived there.

Women are shamed more often than men – girls/boys. Same.

But mothers are raised to an even higher standard than non-mothers.

Given that most boys are more difficult to control than most girls, one might wonder why most of the effort is placed on girls to behave. Why?

Consider the bully (girl or boy). It’s just a lot easier to convince a convivial child to walk away than it is to convince a head strong child to do the same. But the convivial child does walk away or tries to. The bully wants them to fight them. The non-bully doesn’t want to fight. In military training, the recruits are bullied in the harshest ways to conform to a ‘kill or be killed’ mentality. Trained to fight. It’s almost like bully kids are innately born to be weaponized.

You can’t change a bully, one often hears/reads, but you can change a non-bully to be even more submissive by turning the other cheek. Is that what we want? to turn already submissive children into being more submissive? Like it or not that’s the result of the strategy. It’s not about the ‘cheek turning’, it’s about the aftermath cloud of insecurity felt by the offended, instigated by the offender.

Trolls – those who bully for agendas, or just because they’re built to destroy and conveniently society opened up a venue through which to do it unencumbered by the socially acceptable rules of etiquette – consider themselves activists. They even speak of balancing their lives with activism and joy. They love telling the truth, your truth as they see it better than you do, not theirs, though they’ll claim to be just like you.

Trickery is their main game and their reasons lie within and between layers of contradictions so obvious that it becomes all one big blur of someone screaming for someone to stop them.

They don’t want to be understood. It’s like Israelites, obvious to the entire world as the bullies of Palestinians, have been screaming, since they entered Palestine post WWII, for the world to stop them from doing what they were about to do, yet not one nation or group had the gumption. Seventy-four years and counting.

That submission to the bully resulted in periodic popping of individuals within the oppressed group who heard their call and rose to oblige wearing suicide vests. So one could make the argument that it was an altruistic gesture when none other worked to secure their peace on the land where they grew.

The Jewish Mafia stepped in and demanded rent from each Palestinian family. This is our land now they intimated, we’ll take care of you and you pay us to do it. Inbreeders behave with simple, but harsh manners. They only know when they want what they see and can seize through persistence and intermittent gratitude.

Yes, most trolls as we know them today are of Jewish ancestry – even the Brits who engage, especially the Brits, are part Jew. They’re the meanest; they’ll gut you alive with a whip of a blade, calm and cool and collected and sit head hung proud as you lay below writhing until the last blood red turns to dark. They don’t kill and run; they stay and savor. They want your soul too.

When will the bully simply submit?

  • The bully always submits. Their approach is the submission. Never when alone though. They crumble like a stale cookie when alone. They require backup to succeed at anything – protected from the like-minded ways they see in others not Jew. They crave distinction as a group, not as individuals. Did they learn the way or is it inbred into their DNA?

The bully doesn’t submit when you stop fearing them however, as most would surmise. It’s when you agree with them that they become your best friend in a dominatrix-styled relationship.

It sounds like sacrificing one’s principles.

Well…that’s the road you built.

Isolationists fear you more than you fear them. Of that you can be sure. But they’re also more brutal under perceived provocational instances, short-lived or enduring.

  • It’s like the spider fearing the human more than the human fears them, but the human fears them anyway. So the world fears Jews more than the Jews fear the world? Actually there’s fear all around. It’s the response to the provocations one fears. If the bully gets walloped, then we have two violent sides sparring. It only becomes a factor when the set up isn’t equal. Jews keep saying they’re a tiny minority, but see what a scorpion can do to a crowd of brave humans. That’s the key to understanding the underbelly.
  • One person can become a majority if that person is the only one with a bomb. Why do you think Israel wants to be a Jewish majority? What’s the harm? The harm is the type of Jewish majority. In this instance comprised of inbreeding Jews who can’t handle stress or are born to fight for whatever they want or born to destroy, or who cannot solve problems except in any way that will get them what they want – an ethnic group in a perpetual state of tantrum.
  • DNA is everything when it builds an ethnic war machine that cannot be suppressed, making the world fear them is their only goal. What they achieve as a result is of no consequence, only that whatever it is they want at any given time they get. It’s like trying to quiet a baby with incurable colic – you can’t – not unless you sedate the baby. Jews, especially inbreeders, take a lot of medicines/drugs to control the psychological consequences of breeding with their immediate families. The world fears that they now boast of possessing nuclear weapons. What will they want besides Palestine? Whatever they can get to make them feel safer than right now. They don’t live in the past as they want most to think. They only use the past as justification. They are very present oriented. You can’t argue the past with them, because it keeps changing.

Stand Your Ground is most often a strategy for the weak, not the strong. Those people under surprise attack from an intruder or offender. There’s been a lot of talk about not using deadly force unless there is an offender actually on you. Well, most women would lose under those circumstances. That’s a clear win over those the perpetrators deem as weak. ‘If we want less crime, then we must go after the victim’ is the convoluted mindset of a bully. The democrats want to get rid of stand your ground laws, so no one brutally imposing themselves onto you or entering your home in the middle of the night lives to tell about it and to vote democrat.

RE: “the question is do you train the submissive to submit more or the bully to submit more?”

We already train the submissive to submit more and it isn’t working, except statistically, which everyone knows is skewed depending on the agenda and who needs a success in the political arena. Tallies and interpretations can be and are fixed for favors. There is no such thing as a non-favored result.

Five African cops beat up one African civilian guy, African style. A pile on. He probably acted goofy, took drugs that made him more goofy, trusted black cops because they were black and so was he, probably acted with weak gesturing and speech, tagged as effeminate, they probably thought he was gay. Everybody knows Africans don’t like gays, even though there are plenty of them. Five bullies against one non-bully. The non-bully died. The bullies will be charged maybe convicted for various forms of murder charges only because the cameras the cops were wearing were operational.

The first question should have been, what did this guy do that required the response of five cops? The Blacks will say nothing. That’s their first weak step. They think it’s a power move; it isn’t.

#1 In future, all cops involved in physical confrontations require immediate drug and alcohol testing. We test the injured party for acting out, then we ought to test the respondents for over-reacting. Every time, no matter the cost. Let the federal government foot the bill.

No, there doesn’t need to be a number two at this point. Just do it. Blame the alcohol and/or drugs, then go from there on how to deal with it as the new federal law requires testing of all participating parties in a physical confrontation with law enforcement, that results in physical injury. That is not a violation of anybody’s human rights. If Blacks say it’s applied disproportionately, say no it isn’t. If more Blacks than whites get into physical confrontations that’s on the black community to decide how to lower their own numbers. I can hear them screaming “RACISM” already.

All and any law enforcement personnel involved in a physical confrontation with a civilian(s) get tested. PERIOD. It doesn’t matter if everyone agrees beforehand that nothing happened.

It appears that Blacks like statistical solutions only when it benefits them.



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