Yahoo Extorts Customer

I chatted on the Yahoo help site by clicking on that balloon in the lower left corner about my inability to enter my email. After being told to wait an hour over and over again, then changing my password, then syncing the account with my gmail account, I still couldn’t get in. 

I use that account to store my art that I’ve yet to post, plus official personal documents and letters, plus lots of images. After requesting my email address they came back and said they couldn’t help me.  I had to call a certain number to get help through a paid premium plan. That was my only option. 

Now when I try to log in I get the captcha message that keeps me in a circle of > enter email, captcha, identify bicycles, street lights on and on it goes, then back to password, then back to captcha, then back to email address…

What Yahoo is doing should be illegal, making me pay for a premium plan to get into my free email account.That’s extortion. Where’s the FBI on cyber crimes against USA citizens??

The FBI makes citizens suffer while they gather evidence, because when they bring the hammer down they want a big pay day for the federal government in fines for illegal practices. None of it goes to the ones offended; they keep it, like the mafia. There’s a name for that crime too; I just don’t know it.

When you knowingly and willingly allow suspects to continue committing crimes that hurt people, so you can make a huge payday for the federal government with a larger amount of evidence? I don’t have that long to wait. And I’m not going to allow some hacker to retrieve my account for me illegally.

I don’t think anybody in the world wants to be on earth when I seethe.

If this is happening to me it’s happening to a lot of other people. Locking someone out of their own intellectual material for financial gain should be illegal. Some older people don’t message; everything they communicate through is emailed. Some people don’t have phones either. But even then, I can’t get into my yahoo email account on my phone either.

Yahoo makes people suffer. That’s the bottom line. For financial gain.

It feels like terrorism to me imposed by my own country.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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