I Can’t ShaKe It…

He could hardly walk, he could hardly talk, but his stats were fine, according to the standardization method grouping all world peoples as one @the CCF.

His brain fog grew closer and closer to zero visibility, but his stats were fine enough for open-heart surgery, the CCF claimed. We treat patients like family they claim [except for those family members they hate].

His eyes, his lips and tissues on his face looked like he had the worst hangover after a midnight warehouse fighting match, but his stats were fine.

He felt like he was dying, but his stats were fine. 

His fatigue was overwhelming his abilities to function normally, but his stats were fine enough for open-heart surgery even though he was experiencing bouts of delirium, but his stats were fine.

I could go on…

He felt like he was being tortured but his stats were fine. He looked like he was being tortured.

Doctors at the direction of hospitals and clinics, at least at the CCF, take the patient to the limit on drug prescriptions, just shy of death, to get a positive ‘saved his life’ rating to warrant large and even massive, injurious-over-time doses. But everything starts in the short-term as everybody knows. Then when his stats begin to go awry they blame the patient, instead of the pharmaceuticals.

They tell him to lose a lot of weight, knowing that he won’t, then he won’t need all those meds. He does as instructed and the doctor isn’t impressed, even acts disappointed, almost as if he’s programmed to act that way, no matter the level of compliance and/or result. He lost 50 pounds quickly, now everyone who sees him thinks he’s dying by the way he looks, except the CCF.  

Surgery was postponed because he’s so weak and he, the patient, puts his foot down saying he knows he’s going to die on the table – he’s not strong enough for open-heart. He’ll do anything else, catheterization which is a Tavr. Using the femoral artery wasn’t rejected, yet for some reason not passed on to us, they insisted on doing open-heart or nothing, then they get mad when he won’t budge and I concurred with no open-heart, then they got mad at me too. That was like putting a gun to his head. I was in the office with him when it occurred. I was ignored and even openly and obviously shunned from the beginning – beyond rude – and this is supposed to be a team effort, not a dictator making life and death choices without our permission.

Steve said he didn’t want open-heart, he was too weak and he thought he was going to die on the table, in fact he knew so. Steve still won’t budge, anything but open-heart, I’m not strong enough for that. I know my own body. I keep track of my own stats, my own intake, my own exercise, everything. I know me. Physically and psychologically he can’t handle it. They still claim the femoral artery isn’t a good idea; it’s not stable enough, but the tests and assessments don’t indicate that. They kept pressuring him whereby he was given an ultimatum, I mean this is like a torturer trying to get someone to agree to something he can’t agree to because he’s going to die if he does. It was uncomfortable, unnerving to watch, but I’m seeing that the CCF has a pattern of forcing patients to go against their own will to survive. 

The doctor finally agrees to a month waiting period for a Tavr procedure with an open-heart as a last resort – only as a last resort – if when he is on the table and they can’t reach the heart through the femoral artery.

Neither of us felt any confidence after that encounter. I even said to my sister over the phone that I’d rather have him for three more years without the surgery than to have him die on the table and have no years. It happened to his brother. How does someone bleed out in the recovery room? That’s the military for you.

One of the first things I learned in nursing school regarding surgeries was to listen to the patient. If they express survival doubts prior to surgery, then cancel until they’re ready. He knows his body better than anyone, yet they didn’t listen and were quite rude and threatening in the process for the purpose of making him change his mind for their benefit.

Finally another doctor reached out and said he could enter under the clavicle. He had his surgery and is alive today with no supposed complications. He also worked on getting stronger for a month prior to the event both physically and psychologically and  went in with a positive attitude based on his degree of physical endurance. He knows his body better than anyone. And he trusted this new doctor who came onto the scene as his savior.

The CCF still reeling from his refusal to submit to an open-heart, decides to punish him further for interfering with their adamant plan to open-heart him, when he got transferred from ICU to a step-down unit he was verbally abused and threatened for the 42 minutes of which I was a witness from the open line on his iphone, which was on the bed. He was being harshly interrogated by someone with others in the room trying to get him to confess to something. 

Kept calling him drunk – and where do you live, we need to know where you live – cause there’s a lot of you people coming in tonight – answer my questions, or we’re going to put you out of here – I know 3 big men outside who will make you talk, you did it, you know you did it – then they start moving his bed and shaking it and he screams where are you taking me, she says I’m taking you to another room (when he had just arrived in that one) – I’m not going to walk all this distance down the hallway every time you need something – but I just got here, what are you doing, stop touching me, what are you doing, stop touching me – his voice escalating in fear – all the while I was screaming into the phone hoping someone would hear me telling them to stop, you’re abusing him – he’s confused – what are you doing – stop now – somebody call security – get security up there – where is he – what is your room number – what floor are you on – over and over, nobody appeared to hear or if they did, they kept piling on and it went on from there…it sounded like they were going to kidnap him if he didn’t give them the answers they wanted – Steve finally had the presence of mind to hand the phone to one of the new ones who came into the room saying this is my wife – she’s been on the phone – I’m trying to talk to her – when I asked, she said her name is Katherine Cassidy – she wasn’t in the room, just arrived – said I believe you as I recounted what was happening. Three different times she said, I believe you. The situation was still volatile and somebody then was trying to get this interrogator out of the room who appeared to be resisting, since a shuffle, scuttle sounding noise ensued and she was still there – …

I told Katherine to call security, she wasn’t listening to me as noise in the room escalated, the bed was being moved around, finally I was assured that the woman had left the building, gone home – I asked what the person’s name was and she said she didn’t know, but she thought her first name was Paulette – I told Katherine he’s confused, he’s confused, they’re abusing him – I know she said I know – we’re handling it – I told her she needs to call security and make out an incident report, okay, okay, I know, we’ll be doing that…

I’ll finish up later, this is too stressful for me to write recalling it all and how helpless I was to hear his pleas and they wouldn’t stop and there was nothing I could do…I didn’t do anything, why are you doing this, I didn’t do anything, I’m try ing   t o    under stand   what you s  aid – as his speech became increasingly slurred…and slowed where I thought he was going to pass out…..

continued… I can’t shake this, what they did to him, everybody standing around watching him get abused by this monster….me screaming at them to stop and call security. Tell me his room number, what floor is he on? It’s like they were all stoned and drunk at the same time. I was afraid to hang up….

When I did hang up after talking to Katherine Cassidy who said the woman went home, I immediately called my brother to relate what happened. As a former marine he said, “that’s torture”. I didn’t know we were on speaker phone till his nurse family partner contributed to the conversation.

Later I began thinking, that CCF is run by military people, they hire veterans from all the wars, they boast of animal experimental labs on their properties – they own them. How many nurses at CCF served in the military? doctors? How many CIA doctors practice their arts at CCF? the art of torture they used to call it – now who knows, it probably comes under the ‘enhanced’ category, like they’re giving someone a vitamin infusion. I remember when the surgical doctor called me after the surgery and said the others were finishing up in there, meaning the operating room, I felt a pinge of panic, wondering what they were doing that he didn’t stay for, punching him, screaming in his ears, giving him instructions, covering up their abuses?

The CCFs last CEO Toby Cosgrove boasted of his military background. Guess they know how to whip people up, even after cardiac surgery, stroke ’em out. That’s what a step down means? Maybe they tortured him under anesthesia too. CCF tests everybody; they’re always conducting studies – on everything – most of which doesn’t even apply to the individual patient – then there’s the more invasive research, unbeknownst to patients and the outside world. I wonder how many homeless people ended up in the animal research labs, or people without families whose organs they wanted, they took? How many died or were ruined emotionally for life due to their torture methods during and post surgery?

When Steve called the Ombudman’s office a while back, this Sam? guy identified as the executive ombudsman, toyed with him, acting dumb – like who are you to ask any questions about anything the CCF does? This same Sam? guy called him back recently wanting to discuss any issues he, Steve, might have. Issues? The issues weren’t Steves. The issues were those of the CCF government issued? using torture tactics to get people to talk, treating their patients like enemy combatants, prisoners of war and criminals. This Sam? guy is trying to act like Steve’s therapist? I was stunned and so was he. He simply said ,”now is not a good time, I’m following up with my cardiologist”. There was no mention of Steve being tortured, even though everybody knew about it.

Sure get him talking on the phone, tape record him, try to trip him up, then use it at trial to impeach his testimony. This Sam? guy was acting like a typical lawyer plus therapist – out of bounds – way out of bounds…

to be continued…I’m still wondering why they didn’t call the police or get security officers up there, but then again, maybe those were the three big guys his interrogator was talking about who knew how to get the truth out of him.

No…this will never go away. I’ve been imprinted forever by this monster interrogator torturing my husband in clear earshot of me with my voice tied so no one could hear my screams…


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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