A Cure Blocked By Pfizer And Clinics They Serve?

The enemy doesn’t have an antidote even if one exists.

Remember that.

Especially if they’re conducting a study in absence of one.

One must wonder why Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (sic) doesn’t develop antidotes to every vaccine they develop for instances where side effects become severe. A patient not being able to prove the severe side effect came from the drug (and vaccines are drugs) is not reason enough, in fact it’s a reason that keeps the corruption door wide open. They can’t prove it so why waste time and money on an antidote?

Vaccines are poisons to many people, no different than peanuts or eggs or alcohol. If viruses cause debilitating symptoms that ravage the entire body, then small amounts of viruses administered as a vaccine to build immunity to the virus can and do cause great suffering.

It’s odd that pharmaceuticals can make a body immune to the virus with one small dose, yet with other substances it takes small doses given over a period of time to adjust the body to it’s presence so the body doesn’t over react thereby causing an autoimmune response.

Peanuts, eggs, alcohol and others however, do not ravage entire bodies with life-threatening symptoms; they merely cause an allergic response indicating to the host not to consume them, which in itself can cause a life-threatening response which can lead to death if not treated. In other words, once the person is treated, the reaction goes away even when the peanut or other item is still in the body yet to be processed or defecated.

Such sudden allergic reactions can be immediately treated with an  Epinephrine injection called an Epi Pen. One could call that an antidote.

Although there appear to be similarities between allergic reactions and viruses that effect the respiratory systems, the onset of respiratory systems with the virus seems to be more slow moving. But I think that’s when you nail it – one of the first things you administer to a patient coming in with respiratory distress is a shot of epinephrine.

Before you shoot it down on impulse, see how it can work to block the progression of the respiratory symptoms caused by the virus. Okay?

It may just be that when people experience their first severe respiratory effects of COVID virus or from COVID vaccine (it’s still COVID, just not infectious) a quick dose of epinephrine could mitigate that initial response and reduce deaths as well as long term respiratory complications – especially in the elderly – unless of course the goal is to cull the herd.

How much could it cost? Not much compared to long term care.

Returning to the title: Pfizer is supposed to be serving the people – the entire world population, not individual interests of hospitals and clinics. Do the right thing by the people. Don’t make a study out of it – just try it. If someone comes in half dead, and COVID is suspected, a shot of adrenaline isn’t going to kill them. With all the medications the elderly are on, adrenaline is the least of anybody’s worries – if it even reaches the level of worry. Okay?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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