They Torture Animals Don’t They?

“Every torturer knows that humans are animals.”~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Everybody who works at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation has the same name for liability purposes: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation


I just witnessed the most horrible verbal and threatening abuse of a patient who was just moved out of ICU to another floor to complete post surgery therapy. The nurse who did it refused to give her name, his room number or the floor he was on. This patient had an aortic valve replacement yesterday and is 76 years old. It sounded like she was trying to stroke him out – (give him a heart attack or stroke). It sounded like something you’d see in a war movie done by military or intelligence people trained to torture. I’ll be up all night wondering what is happening to him. He’s too sick to leave the hospital.

That man is my husband of 51 years. I’m writing this as a placeholder to finish when I am able. I was on the cell phone with him when it occurred… it went on for 42 minutes, with me screaming into the phone for them to stop. 

Cleveland Clinic Foundation main campus 6:28 pm outgoing call 42 minutes.

Message to Steve’s sister Carol…24 December 2022

Saturday 9:51 AM

Hey Carol,

Steve had some incidences at the hospital that put him in danger, by a nurse who verbally threatened and tortured him, that I witnessed for 42 minutes during a telephone conversation we were having, then the next day by nursing staff that couldn’t recognize he was in electrolyte crisis.

They claimed not to have any salt, only sugar. I explained that this happens often and to give him some salt and a large glass of water and he’ll level out. It sounded like he was also in that same crisis the night before upon arriving to another floor.

The day before surgery the CCF called concerned that his potassium level was six. His cardiologist was over medicating him with lasix and spironolactone.

I immediately prepared myself for the worst, since I wasn’t given assurances, and got an Uber to take me to the CCF with salt. Upon arriving he took the salt and a large glass of water, which stabilized him enough so he could act as unconfused as possible in order to get him out of there. He was desperate to leave and I was not leaving without him.

We both acted as if our lives depended upon him answering all their questions accurately. The night before, the nurse who tried to ‘stroke him out’ yelled, “if you don’t tell me the truth right now, I’m going to bring 3 big men in here who know how to get the truth out of you.”

I’m still in shock over the intensity of hearing this abuse for 42 minutes, while I kept screaming into the phone he dropped on the bed.

I’m not going to go into any more detail at this time, other than what I’ve said publicly, since it has become a criminal and legal matter.

When you talk to Steve please relate only happy stories about what’s going on with you all and don’t ask questions about his situation. He’s still shell shocked and suffering from long-time over prescribed diuretic and the spiron…which has a diuretic action.

The discharging nurse finally after discussion agreed to discontinue the spiron…

He had a satisfactory day yesterday. Keeping him hydrated, nourished and nurtured. Taking trips down memory lane filling in his blanks with my recalls and he doing the same – with lots of laughs.

I’m taking care of his health, well being and security now. Notified one of my brothers who is military and he identified what that nurse did to him as torture.

Please, again, do not ask him questions about the past. Bringing back those memories in his fragile state will only impede his progress. His biggest fear right now is that someone is going to force him back to the CCF.

Everybody at CCF knows and are talking about it. The clinic calls day and night from different numbers trying to talk to him. They all have questions. He is not in any state to be interrogated about events that occurred. Those calls are being blocked.

Know we love you both and are grateful for your support. His rehabilitation is my purpose now and any intervention from them to cover themselves legally and criminally is continued manipulation and abuse.

Steve’s stats are good. We have all the necessary equipment to monitor him. His mental state is the most alarming and at this point any intervention on their part will hurt rather than help. One does not return to their offender for advice.

At one point I requested the nurse’s name from another nurse who entered the room and all she thought she knew was the first name Paulette. The offending nurse refused to give her name, the room number he was transferred to and the floor he was on.

Katherine Cassidy told me the offending nurse went home. I related to her what happened and although she claimed not to witness it, she said “I believe you” on several occasions.

Please know that your brother is in the best of hands receiving the best supportive care. His incision site looks great and is healing quickly.

Hopefully his mind and fatigue will improve over time. Sometimes he’s alert and I can see him struggling to preserve the integrity of his brain function. He is not combative in any way, more the opposite.

During that 42 minute horror he never lost his temper. He just kept trying to answer the questions in his words that he could retrieve from his brain.

Again thank you for being there for him. It means the world to me.


He could hardly walk, he could hardly talk, but his stats were fine, according to the standardization method grouping all world peoples as one.

His brain fog grew closer and closer to zero visibility, but his stats were fine enough for open-heart surgery, the CCF claimed.

His eyes, his lips and tissues on his face looked like he had the worst hangover after a midnight warehouse fighting match, but his stats were fine.

He felt like he was dying, but his stats were fine. 

His fatigue was overwhelming his abilities to function normally, but his stats were fine enough for open-heart surgery even though he was experiencing bouts of delirium, but his stats were fine.

I could go on…

He felt like he was being tortured but his stats were fine. He looked like he was being tortured.

Doctors at the direction of hospitals and clinics, at least at the CCF, take the patient to the limit on drug prescriptions, just shy of death, to get a positive ‘saved his life’ rating to warrant large and even massive, injurious-over-time doses. But everything starts in the short-term as everybody knows. Then when his stats begin to go awry they blame the patient.

They tell him to lose a lot of weight, knowing that he won’t, then he won’t need all those meds. He does as instructed and the doctor isn’t impressed, even acts disappointed, almost as if he’s programmed to act that way, no matter the level of compliance and/or result. He lost 50 pounds quickly, now everyone who sees him thinks he’s dying by the way he looks, except the CCF.  

Surgery was postponed because he’s so weak and he, the patient, puts his foot down saying he knows he’s going to die on the table – he’s not strong enough for open-heart. He’ll do anything else, catherization which is a Tavr. Using the femoral artery wasn’t rejected, but for some reason not told to us, they insisted on doing open-heart or nothing, then they get mad when he won’t budge and I concurred with no open-heart, then they got mad at me too. I was in the office with him when it occurred. I was ignored and even openly and obviously shunned from the begining – beyond rude – and this is supposed to be a team effort, not a dictator making life and death choices without our permission.

Steve said he didn’t want open-heart, he was too weak and he thought he was going to die on the table, in fact he knew so. Steve still won’t budge, anything but open-heart, I’m not strong enough for that. I know my own body. I keep track of my own stats, my own intake, my own exercise, everything. I know me. Physically and psychologically he can’t handle it. They still claim the femoral artery isn’t a good idea; it’s not stable enough, but the tests and assessments don’t indicate that. They kept pressuring him whereby he was given an ultimatum, I mean this is like a torturer trying to get someone to agree to something he can’t agree to because he’s going to die if he does. It was uncomfortable, unnerving to watch, but I’m seeing that the CCF has a pattern of forcing patients to go against their own will to survive. 

The doctor finally agrees to a month waiting period for a Tavr procedure with an open-heart as a last resort – only as a last resort – if when he is on the table and they can’t reach the heart through the femoral artery.

Neither of us felt any confidence after that encounter. I even said to my sister over the phone that I’d rather have him for three more years untreated, than have him die on the table.

One of the first things I learned in nursing school regarding surgeries was to listen to the patient. If they express survival doubts prior to surgery, then cancel until they’re ready. He knows his body better than anyone, yet they didn’t listen and were quite rude and threatening in the process for the purpose of making him change his mind for their benefit.

Finally another doctor reached out and said he could enter under the clavicle. He had his surgery and is alive today with no supposed complications. He also worked on getting stronger for a month prior both physically and psychologically and  went in with a positive attitude based on his degree of physical endurance. He knows his body better than anyone. And he trusted this new doctor who came onto the scene.

The CCF, just to punish him further for interfering with their adamant plan to open-heart him, when he got transferred from ICU to a step-down unit he was verbally abused and threatened for the 42 minutes of which I was a witness from the open line on his iphone, which was on the bed or table. He was being harshly interrogated by someone with others in the room trying to get him to confess to something. 

Kept calling him drunk – and where do you live, we need to know where you live – cause there’s a lot of you people coming in tonight – answer my questions, or we’re going to put you out of here – I know 3 big men outside who will make you talk, you did it you know you did it – then they start moving his bed and shaking it and he screams where are you taking me, she says I’m taking you to another room (when he had just arrived in that one) – I’m not going to walk all this distance down the hallway every time you need something – but I just got here, what are you doing, stop touching me, what are you doing, stop touching me – his voice escalating in fear – all the while I was screaming into the phone hoping someone would hear me telling them to stop, you’re abusing him – he’s confused – what are you doing – stop now – somebody call security – get security up there – where is he – what is your room number – what floor are you on – over and over, nobody appeared to hear or if they did, they kept piling on and it went on from there…it sounded like they were going to kidnap him if he didn’t give them the answers they wanted – Steve finally had the presence of mind to hand the phone to one of the new ones who came into the room saying this is my wife – she’s been on the phone – I’m trying to talk to her – when I asked, she said her name is Katherine Cassidy – she wasn’t in the room, just arrived – said I believe you as I recounted what was happening. Three different times she said, I believe you. The situation was still volatile and somebody then was trying to get his interrogator out of the room who appeared to be resisiting, since a shuffle, scuttle sounding noise ensued and she was still there –

I told Katherine to call security, she wasn’t listening to me as noise in the room escalated, the bed was being moved around, finally I was assured that the woman had left the building, gone home – I asked what the person’s name was and she said she didn’t know, but she thought her first name was Paulette – I told Katherine he’s confused, he’s confused and they’re abusing him – I know she said  I know – we’re handling it –

I’ll finish up later, this is too stressful for me to write recalling it all and how helpless I was to hear his pleas and they wouldn’t stop and there was nothing I could do…I didn’t do anything, why are you doing this, I didn’t do anything, I’m try   ing   to    under  stand   what you s  aid – as his speech became increasingly slurred…and slowed where I thought he was going to pass out…..



He was not rude or combative nor a threat. He was trying to answer the rapid fire questions that his interrogator kept changing up on him. Who does that to a cardiac patient coming out of ICU into a step-down unit, because they needed beds? What? A step-down into hell, recruit? Recruit? He’s a recruit? What did Toby Cosgrove institute while he was CEO as acceptable torture tactics to punish patients in electrolyte crisis? He needed salt. SALT. What were they trying to get him to confess to?

OVER-THE-TOP. He was over-medicated with diuretics and who knows what else that were starving his brain of fluid. How D-U-M-B can trained professionals be? No salt on any floor? Only sugar? I could give him sugar the nurse practitioner said to me over the phone the next morning.

The neurologist is here… He’s going to do a CAT scan of his brain to see if he had a stroke.

He needs salt, I said repeatedly. Is there water in the room? Yes. A faucet? Yes. Give him a large glass of tap water, no ice and tell him to drink the whole glass. He needs fluid if you can’t give him salt – lots of it. She said the doctors are all coming in. I gott , I gotta go. I knew then she wasn’t going to relay our conversation to the doctors and he wasn’t going to get any salt; she was intimidated by the doctors.

I explained to her earlier that this happens with Steve. He’s prescribed too many diuretics – he gets confused and speaks very slow and exaggerated and walks drunk. I carry a salt bottle in my purse. I give him salt from my palm and then a glass of water. It stops within a couple minutes. It works fast.

She wanted to know if he was talking different now than he did this morning – I went to answer and she interrupted – I don’t mean from last night – stutter stammer – from this morning and now do you see a difference? I said yes. Now he sounds like last night. He sounded good this morning. She kept asking me to repeat myself, as if I was lying, and I kept telling her to give him salt and she was laughing saying you know what? that’s what I was thinking, he had too many diuretics – we don’t have any salt here. No where in the hospital? pause pause, well, maybe in the cafeteria, but I never saw any. She hung up. She hatta go.

Steve had been trying to call me all morning, he said he couldn’t call out from his cell phone or the room phone, he told me this when I called him, so  then I knew to call him periodically. When I got to the hospital I tried the room phone and Steve was right, when I called my iphone number I got some cancer unit at the hospital, so somebody tripped up the phones so he couldn’t make a call outside the hospital while they were torturing him.

There is no other explanation. They kept insisting that there was nothing wrong with the room phone; I heard his interrogator the night before tell him that over and over again. I also tried the 911 button and that connected me to the police – looking back I don’t know if that was the campus police or the Cleveland Police – the person answering seemed a little too casual, like I interrupted another conversation with an employee. I’ve called 911 before and never did they sound jovial.

I have a note right in front of me: CCF – The next day he was not able to call me from his cell phone or the room phone. After arriving at his room I tried using the room phone and it wouldn’t work, whether I added or didn’t add 1+ area code plus the number. So he was right . 

They did the same thing the night before when they were abusing him with harsh interrogation techniques. When I used his phone to call my phone, I got instead some cancer unit in the clinic.  

So for all this time he was held captive with no ability to call outside the hospital for help.

I immediately prepared to go to the hospital. As fast as I could – with the salt he needed. When I got there he was still confused, so the nurse practitioner didn’t get him any salt. He had a water pitcher on the bed table, so I gave him the salt from my purse, a good amount, and told him to drink the entire glass of water, which he did. He was extremely stressed saying they won’t let me go home – all I want is to go home –  they’re trying to keep me here.  Some doctor came in and rapid fired questions at me again. He said I passed. I thought why does he have to pass a competency test to go home? He had some problem writing down numbers, dates, he’d say a number but write a different number. I finally wrote them down and he memorized them, he said don’t say anything, I’ll handle all this. His fog was beginning to lift. 

The nurse practitioner kept rubbing his thigh, I thought what is this about, who does that, starts rubbing a patient’s thigh? If he fails the test, he has to stay another night and you know who will come back and finish the job? We rehearsed his answers before she came in, next thing you know we’re in an Uber on our way home. If he had failed, I was prepared to take him home regardless.

Forty-two minutes and nobody made an effort to stop this monster interrogator from abusing my husband, a cooperative patient who simply didn’t feel he would survive an open-heart. He was abused by his cardiologist, who by the way tried to send a prescription of 1 gram of valium to his pharmacy pre-surgery, repeatedly, and it kept being denied. His assistant, also stood by and did nothing. I was there and a witness to it. So Steve had to go to his primary care for a prescription that his cardiologist ordered. 

Five milligrams, ten milligrams, but 1000 milligrams? Of course the CCF didn’t approve it. I was shocked that his assistant just stood there. The doctor kept saying, it won’t go through, it wouldn’t go through. When he walked in the first thing he said was I’m having a bad day, a really bad day, when my husband said, this is my wife – he ignored him and my presence there. We were told by all the brochures on line that basically it takes a team to treat a patient at the CCF and family is part of that team. I have yet to see any evidence in support of that theme…


Steve Talks To The Executive Ombudsman

Upon calling and getting an uncooperative response from the ombudsman’s office (Office of Patient Experience), Steve asked to talk to a supervisor. He was put in touch with the executive ombudsman Sam Something, who gave the same uncooperative response, acting as if he knew nothing about it, failing to answer questions, acting like Steve was a nobody making a nobody complaint. That was the feel.

When Steve asked for the person’s name who abused him so he could file a report with the police department and take a restraining order out on the person, he was told he didn’t have a right to any of that information. When Steve asked if an incident report was made out as promised, again this Sam Something, acted incredulous saying he knew nothing about any of it and even if he did that would be private information for the department of human resources or some such department regarding employment and would not be available to Steve. 

So it looked by all accounts that the CCF was protecting a person who committed a criminal act against a patient by failing to report it to the police, since the CCF was the only one with the person’s name, and then failing to make out an incident report saying Steve didn’t deserve to see it, after Katherine Cassidy assured me, his wife, that it would be handled. We don’t even know if his assailant was assigned to that floor, since her name was unknown, except maybe Paulette.

Steve had a right to see it as proof that an incident report was indeed made out and to challenge any inconsistencies. The CCF failed on all accounts to make matters right with the victim of this so-called nurse’s rage and military style interrogation of, thus attempted murder against, a civilian patient being transferred from the ICU after aortic valve replacement surgery to a step-down unit. Once Steve knew that the ombudsman’s office was not going to cooperate, the call ended with the executive ombudsman acting as a defense attorney for the assailant. 

We don’t trust the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation that claims to treat their patients like family allowed the abuse of a patient, the abuse of a senior citizen, and allowed a nurse to stroke out a heart patient after heart surgery. THAT’S ATTEMPTED MURDER. All they did was let the nurse go home. For all we knew her shift was over anyway. 

When I was able to talk to one of the nurses, Katherine Cassidy, who came onto the scene, it appears, as a diffuser of the situation, agreed that he was being abused – she heard everything, although she wasn’t in the room. She heard everything I said about calling security and filling out an incident report and said, ‘we’re handling it’.

The ombudsman’s office – the executive person Sam Something – implied by refusal to give the person’s name and to release a copy of the incident report, that it was so frivolous that he didn’t even know about it – and further that Steve had no legal right to that information. And even if he did, then he was calling the wrong department. Human resources would be handling it, but they don’t give out any information either, since it would be an employment issue.

So what good does it do to call the ombudsman’s office only to be treated like that? What resolution was there? None. When they called back they didn’t offer any recourse or offer to investigate the assault – their meaningless words rang silent. They were protecting the assailant and the CCF. As it turns out they are not an unbiased independent organization.

Steve was essentially being extorted. He had to pay for that information by getting an attorney that could get it. So it is legal for an attorney, a complete stranger, to have that information regarding the torture of my husband, but the victim has no right to it, and neither do I, his wife. Lawyers cost money, which we don’t have and they know we don’t have, so we’re both being extorted.

Pay or you don’t get your documents or your day in court. I was also tortured by witnessing the torture of my husband, while no one responded to my screams to stop it. They were laughing. Steve told them his wife is on the phone when they asked who he was talking to. They obviously didn’t believe him or they just didn’t care. They were on a mission to destroy and nothing was going to stop that mission.

Steve kept saying the phone doesn’t work, he can’t call out from his phone or the in-room phone and they kept insisting that it did work without ever checking. Somebody turned his phone and the room phone off prior to the torture and left both off at least up until I checked them myself. the cleveland Police do something similar when they go through red lights in while chasing someone – they trigger the light green so they can get through it without accident, but then don’t untrigger it. A civilian has to call the police department to fix it back to normal.

The next obvious questions are who put her up to it and why didn’t anybody know her last name? Steve said at one point that when everybody finally left his room, the nurses were fighting all night long about it. He could hear them from his room at the nurses station, each time he woke up, they were going at it again – about him.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation is making every attempt to sweep this 42 minute assault under the rug by acting as if they don’t know anything about it. There’s another lie that makes us not trust the Cleveland Clinic nor the Office of Patient Experience. They both have already taken steps to protect the criminal and blame the victim by not acknowledging what happened or taking steps to remedy it.

Steve is in receipt of a letter stating that the ombudsman’s office has power to investigate abuses and to obtain documents, but Sam Something acted as if they did not know anything about it and made no offer to investigate. This is not a work-related grievance. It was witnessed by all those involved and those who came on the scene and even those who came in the next morning claiming that ‘everyone was talking about it’. Plus it was witnessed by his wife (me) via an open line on the telephone. 

That next morning I went to the CCF to intervene with salt to bring my husband out of electrolyte crisis, because the CCF did not provide salt when needed – even when I told them he was being over-medicated with diuretics and needs salt and the nurse basically agreed, but didn’t follow through, claiming there was no salt, only sugar, “I can give him sugar in the water”, and to extract him from the premises – for abuse and negligence. He was still terrified the next morning when I walked in.

Senior abuse, patient abuse, premeditated murder attempt etc. If I had not gone to the clinic to treat him and retrieve him he’d be dead or on a psych ward misdiagnosed, pumped full of psych drugs till death we do part. Someone or some entity was going to be sure he never made it home alive? What’s the point of that? Revenge against me, his activist wife. “blow her fingers off, she’ll never write again, no kill her husband, she loves the dog, it’ll destroy her, yeah two birds”. 


Employees at the CCF from top on down have neuro-pathways instituted in their brains to facilitate the use of torture tactics when ordered. The CIA actively recruits med students from college. People who could murder their own families if called upon. People absent a conscience. The CCF hires CIA and military doctors. They’re government issued. Every military person, even when discharged, can be called back to serve when and if needed.

CIA recruits don’t believe in GOD – The military tortures for GOD and COUNTRY. Even the FBI, an investigative agency, TORTURES people. Torture is in. When have I seen a movie absent torture? It’s everywhere.

The enslavement, torture and slaughter industry has a big stake in continuing the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals – huge profits. The CCF has a big stake in animal research and ‘she’s a heavy hitter in the animal rights movement. She’s a terrorist.’ There’s a huge military presence at the CCF from the top tier down who are familiar with torture tactics. What happened to my husband was not a mistake; it was ordered. There were onlookers in the room who did nothing to stop it. Laughed even.

I, Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, a victim of observing the torture of my husband, Stephen Davies-Tight being tortured for 42 minutes in the step-down unit for cardiac surgery after an aortic valve replacement demand a complete and totally transparent investigation of the person and the institution that committed egregious assault. I want that person and the CCF held accountable. Their pattern of abuse is staggering. No lawyer that the CCF couldn’t pay off would take this case – because it’s the CCF. Yes, and those same lawyers may need a valve transplant one day. Fear will keep them from it. 

My husband did nothing to deserve this; I did nothing to deserve this. And we don’t have to prove anything. So stop the focus on the victims to assuage your own guilt. I have a right to my views. This is America last I checked. Maybe you all should be in Russia or Ukraine or China and Iran where this behavior is accepted. Your continued silence makes you complicit.

Next…a placeholder

CIA (CI)? alcoholic guy at Tick Tock Tavern out of the blue falteringly/gingerly asks me, “do you and your husband sleep in separate rooms?” A guy who never spoke to me, no one I knew. 

A cop sitting in his cruiser behind My Friends restaurant who plugged into my WiFi in the middle of the night. We have to get into Sharon’s room. __?__ Sharon Davies-Tight.

Andy, the physician assistant to Dr. Yun, his cardiac surgeon, who saw Steve after surgery in my presence asked, “do you two sleep in the same room?” This same person jumped up and started smoothing her hand all over Steve’s back, while holding his shoulders so he couldn’t move, suddenly asking, “what’s this, in an accusatory way, as she zeroed in on something – this bump, what is it? A cyst I said, and she kept circling it to make sure.

Dr. Garvin another CCF doctor abused me in his office with a trainee, questioning me like I was an enemy combatant, accusing me of calling him a jackass (a word I never used in my life) did the same thing, like he was searching for a wire on my back and chest. Somebody must have warned him ahead of time that I was an activist. 

Stop making enemies out of nice people.

The CCF needs to be held accountable. How many peoples’ lives have been destroyed due to negligence or vengeance and for the sake of science and scientists run amok? Countless.

When it happens to me and/or my husband I know it happens to others. This was not an isolated case. Had I not been on the phone, they all would have gotten away with premediated attempted murder – stroking out a patient after cardiac surgery. No one would know that the CCF killed him. While they’re laughing treating you like insignificant pieces of data, it’s happening to loads of others too fearful to step forward.

Yes, they treat all animals the same, whether human or any other animal at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation notorious for their animal research laboratories. It’s their culture of experimentation, approved by the patient or not, that’s responsible for most injuries. Everybody’s got a stake in it. They’re like factory farms for humans – every surgery being an experiment, follow up, same thing, an experiment, continued long term care, also an experiment. They are experiment-happy, forming every action, thought, word into a study to be studied.

The results? Torture. They never improve. They don’t live up to their written standards; that’s all for litigation purposes; they don’t live up to any of it.

How can a hospital who overdoses people on diuretics, because it makes the stats look good, not have SALT?

Their experimental culture that requires an absence of conscience is designed to go awry from the first design that includes enslavement, torture and slaughter. My husband was kidnapped for at least forty-two minutes by terrorists at the CCF and they’ve done nothing to remedy that ugly. They don’t care; to them animal experimentation, including the human animal is required for better health care and if you die, then you died helping the next patient that comes along. But it doesn’t pan out that way, does it?

Torturing for revenge? Now that needs to be looked at by more than a serious eye for change. If torturers are allowed into your healthcare system, they will find a way to torture, to massage that neuropathway in their brain that keeps itching to apply their torture skills. Once activated it’s almost impossible to irradicate.

Torturing humans is the same as any other animal exploitation. There’s a distance set between subject and experimenter. No empathy. So when the CCF hires CIA and military personnel, be assured that the empathy factor has been trained out of them if indeed they ever had it, when referencing CIA recruited doctors specifically. They are however trained to fake empathy. It can be recognized by the discerning eye, but unlikely by the general population.

Keep the military and CIA and their war strategies on how to control enemy combatants out of our healthcare system and out of the lives of private citizens. Steve and I are not the first people whose lives have been breached by requests made from the private sector. I still don’t know what happened during surgery or after surgery when he left the others to finish up to call me.

Steve was scheduled for the first surgery his doctor was doing that day. Dr. Yun. Steve had to arrive at the CCF at 5 AM for a 7 AM surgery that didn’t occur until 8:38 AM.

We know that he knows about the torture, yet remained suspiciously silent, as did this Andy nurse practitioner who was looking for a wire on Steve’s back and front. How stupid do they think people are that they don’t notice? The executive ombudsman also knew but claimed he didn’t. He sent an email telling Steve he called many times after the surgery, yet on the phone he acted like he hadn’t heard anything about it. Steve has a copy of it. Steve replied that no messages were left, so he called and when we didn’t answer letting the answer machine do it, the executive ombudsman didn’t leave a message, not wanting to leave a trail.

Why would the ombudsman’s office be calling repeatedly after Steve left the hospital if nothing of import occurred? Of course they knew, that’s why they were calling, to get Steve on tape while he was still under the influence of medication, general anesthesia, the trauma of surgery (you should see the bruises) and the post surgery trauma of being tortured and stroked out by the CCF while in the step-down cardiac care unit.

So the executive ombudsman lied about everything to protect this interrogator and the CCF from investigation and prosecution, which makes Sam Something an accessory to attempted murder.

I was taking care of my husbands health and security directly out from the hospital and I allowed no calls except from families, and even they were instructed on how to keep him calm after this horror attack on his person and mind at the CCF. I didn’t want him going over and over the incident when asked over and over by various people what happened. He needed to heal. Even the nurse practitioner who discharged him said that he should not think about THAT with a WAVE of the hand – to focus on something happy.

Any medical personnel would know that after a person’s been tortured you don’t go in and start rapid firing questions at him like he’s an enemy combatant. The CCF wanted to trick him with his damaged mind into saying something that would benefit the CCF in a court of law and were tape recording it. Who and why is responsible for instituting torture tactics at the CCF to control the responses and behaviors of patients?

He needed to heal and the CCF was not allowing that to happen. They kept poking at him, so he couldn’t forget. If they were so concerned as this Sam somebody ombudsman claimed, he would have left messages, which he did not do.

The only ones who left message were debt collection agencies.

I recall one instance when Steve answered the phone and was being questioned. His remark was, yes, pause, then, yes…. I agree. He was forced to use their words, to say yes, I agree to something when he was in no state of mind to be answering any questions about anything. They were getting him on tape saying yes I agree to use further down the road to create tapes using his voice. There would be no valid reason why a patient would be demanded by someone at the CCF to say certain words, yes or no, maybe, but not, yes, I agree. That sounds like a legal document signed verbally against his will and knowledge.

The Cleveland Clinic doctors knew the CCF tried to stroke him out, that’s why they ordered a cat scan of his brain. Nobody gave him an aspirin to chew.

That’s their new family strategy – WE TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY. Yes, family tortures family, and they’re okay with it – nobody complains.

Except the Davies-Tight family.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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