Setting The Standard For Others’ Word Usage

The Brits need to back off, especially since it takes them five hundred words to get to the first sentence of anything. They have so much baggage surrounding each segment of a thought that the thought gets lost along with the baggage.

British accents are popping up all over Cleveland, Ohio. What is it about Cleveland that draws Brits? Gays maybe. There’s a big Alt sex and gender community, and I happen to live in it, along with a lot of other non-gays from various countries around the globe. Low taxes on high end jobs. Immigrant Brits come for the high end jobs; they’re not picking fruit or working in slaughterhouses.

When I leave Cleveland, and I will, I won’t miss any part of it or its neighboring communities, except the one I’m in right now, precisely for it’s diversity – ‘all kinds of people’ is my definition of diversity, not some scientific definition used to divide and study them. 

Oh yeah, and the obsessive, excessive use of gender insulting words, calling people by their private parts is just plain disgusting – either vocally or written it stuns so quickly that the brain can’t absorb anything other than the reference to a person’s body parts, even when done in jest.

If you can’t control your own use of prejudicial, demeaning words when talking or writing to someone, how can you set the tone by demanding that others do what you don’t?

Just a THOUGHT, if you can handle it without exploding in profanities all over somebody else’s body.

Brits are always telling other people what they can and can’t say, that this and that offends, so they shun you, humiliate you, put you in stocks, in jail, where they control your release. Stop with the hammer. You bludgeon people all the while smiling while you publicly urinate on them.

What happened to those British manners; did they ever really exist? You’re the reason why so many people have offensive nicknames. You gave them to them, then you call bigots those who use the words that you created. Stop the insanity.

People can use whatever words they want, just don’t be hypocritical about it. Show some discipline. You even have me mouthing off, I read it so much. I can tell all the countries you colonized, by watching foreign films – they all sound British, right down to the cuss words. People copy. You need to understand that – good or bad.

If you’re going to set the standard, then the standard has to start with you. Okay?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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