There’s More Than One Way To Occupy A Nation

There’s More Than One Way To Occupy A Nation

The USA, by giving away a hundred billion dollars of USA citizen taxes, without a signed agreement for future repayment, coupled with a promise of a blank check (“there’s more coming”) in full public view voiced by President Biden, amounts to an occupation of Ukraine and its people.

The United States of America now occupies and, because they paid a hefty sum, owns Ukraine and all its people.

Citizens of the USA will suffer because of that huge pay day to Ukraine using resources that should be earmarked for public services to American citizens including upgrading infrastructure and public transportation and a more equitable and accessible healthcare system. They’re already talking about reducing social security payments to seniors after they gave them a minuscule raise based on percentage, meaning those who already got the most got more than everybody else because it wasn’t based on an equal amount per person, when seniors are the most vulnerable in our society, having no voice that can be heard, because they don’t matter, consequently nobody fights for senior rights and devastation awaits to abound. 

America and Americans are now the primary deed holder of Ukraine. Occupation equals ownership whether the United Nations agrees or not. Wake up to your real responsibilities United Nations. Ops, almost forgot, the USA owns them too.

Just ask the Palestinians. Well, the Palestinians didn’t get a pay day, because they didn’t use conventional weapons to fight off the Jews – they didn’t have them – and the USA had no interest in occupying a nation without benefit to them, including individuals whom they could easily extort or blackmail with knowledge some people wouldn’t want made public, which is this writer’s view on what’s happening right now with the son of President Biden who had shady dealing with Ukraine – or so the news reports.

This was ‘their plan from the beginning’ – to occupy Ukraine so they, the USA, could pull the strings against Russia. Just like President Biden said when he made public the buy out, which means he lied all along. What else is he lying about?

It was really about getting closer to China as well? Geographically.

The USA has been calling the shots from the beginning, first through NATO, whom they also own by making the payments due to the organization for other member nations who claim they can’t afford it. Then why join without a real voice that doesn’t mimic the voice of the payer? This of course gave the USA carte blanche to do with NATO whatever was in the Interest of the United States, that could go against the interest of the participating countries.

‘We pay their membership dues, which is a lot, and they relinquish control. We of course act on everybody’s behalf which is to keep the wars going in order to keep the money flowing’. In essence.

I guess what that means is the USA occupies NATO as well as Ukraine and Palestine. We send large sums to Israel to keep fighting the Palestinians. That’s a war against Iran by proxy.

The buying of Ukraine is essentially a declared war against Russia. Ukraine being our proxy. 

Israel is our proxy against Iran.

These proxy wars were all avoidable. Russia didn’t start it. Neither did the Palestinians in Palestine.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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