Why Single Out When Everybody Does It?

Singling Out When Everybody Does It Is Necessary

We all come from cultures that instruct individual women not to report a rape, because every culture rapes, why single out one?

It’s not the culture being singled out simply because a person gets raped in a particular country. It’s the rape culture at that particular time and in that particular place that condoned it that needs to address it and change it.

By not singling out any one nation or group for offensive behavior, simply because everybody does it, facilitates the offensive behavior instead of blocking it.

By the time the whole world changes course on what’s acceptable, no one will be held accountable for offensive behaviors in the meanwhile, proliferating those behaviors. You might as well stop passing laws that prohibit them. You might as well support anarchy.

If laws are the deterrent, then when lines are crossed one needs to be free to seek remedy and yes part of that remedy is holding countries or states accountable for violence against women – or any other person.

Singling Out When Everybody Does It? So nobody goes to the police when a crime is committed against them, so as not to upset the culture that allows it? Or that nobody wants to deal with? Or because so many other people do it and don’t get caught?

Until or unless it happens to you.

We might as well stop singling out hospitals/clinics/universities that engage in animal experimentation, because everybody does it, why single out one institution? Because it’s necessary to institute change. And one institution can change the world by setting the example.

We might as well stop singling out nations/states/religions that promote the enslavement, torture and slaughter of non-human animals, because we all eat them; why single out one person, nation, group or religion? Because it’s necessary to effect change and one person can change the world by setting the example.

Animal rights activists on Facebook are the first ones to apply that ‘turning a blind eye and blaming no one because everybody does it’ strategy when it applies to a human animal, but not when it applies to a non-human animal.

Or maybe these animal rights activists are really CIA operatives working the comment sections on Facebook to sway people’s opinions on whatever topic they choose. Or Maybe MI6. Might as well include Mossad. Yeah, so they’re the ones claiming Russia bends elections by paid-for ads on Facebook, none of which I’ve ever seen. If they’re doing it, then all of the above are doing the same, only in your face, on your post, in the comment section, not by paid-for ads.

Who allows notorious enslavers, torturers and slaughterers to work behind the scenes on Facebook pulling your strings or cutting them, because the government doesn’t like a particular view? Facebook, that’s who.

Who controls Facebook? The government, that’s who.

I never regarded the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, as socialists in any way, shape or form – they are people without a conscience. Even if they were trying to be fair by offering an alternative view (the view of their respective governments including Brits and Jews) by treating everyone the same, they wouldn’t then turn around and act like cartels on Facebook trying to control your thoughts by controlling your views – with a gun to your head.

Or maybe they’re just so far into themselves that they can’t see the forest for its trees – to them there’s a terrorist hiding behind each and every tree. As it turns out those terrorists they claim to see are reflections of themselves.

Don’t ever tell me or anybody else to stand down on their views against violence, when no one in the CIA has ever been made accountable for any of the multitudinous crimes against humanity – the most gruesome of crimes that left no evidence, worse than any serial killer of whom anybody has ever heard. And these killers are in your comment sections on social media.

So don’t single them out, because every country does it? Not in my world. I work on a case by case basis. I never turn a blind eye. If I had no eyes, I would not turn a blind eye, because it’s not the eye that counts, it’s the soul that sees truths and lies. And I’d bet on my soul over anybody else’s any day of the week – awake or asleep.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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