1- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, represents only half the people in the country where I was born and raised.

2- As it tuns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, passed laws limiting free speech in all peoples of my race, calling criticism of other people or groups hate crimes. Censorship of some groups and not others engaging in the same activity is discrimination and causes chaos.

3- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, denied me my right to assemble and protest because of who I voted for. Freedom to vote absent harassment isn’t clearly understood nor accepted by political figures including past presidents and their first ladies.

  • It’s time to issue every newborn child or adopted child and every citizen of this country the right to vote, that can never be taken away. Voting should not be a reward for good behavior. It is not a privilege. It is a right. It is a birthright. It is a citizen’s right. It is a worker’s right.
  • A social security number secures a person’s status. It is a requirement for all residents. It is a requirement of all workers and non-workers who receive money from any source. It is not a privilege; it is a recording tool used to track the movement of money and to distribute social services.
  • Political figures, past or present, cannot be allowed to publicly shame and harass people for voting their own preferences. It’s discrimination and it causes chaos.

4- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting,

passed laws equating criticism with hate, thus bringing back the SCARLET LETTER for people with a conscious and the right to share a view to forever wear on their backs for sharing it.

  • My own political party brought back punishment in the village square from the 1700s labeling, shaming, dishonoring, humiliating those who didn’t politically agree with them, many times ruining their lives, businesses, careers and the same of their family friends associates.
  • Not allowing people to share views without punishment unless they agree with somebody else’s is discrimination and it caused and continues to cause chaos. What century are they actually emotionally living in?
  • It amounts to STOCKS & PILLORY. And whose right is it to mete out that punishment?

5- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, discriminates against those who don’t bend to their political will by sending their political trolls out to destroy their lives – on social media, at their work place, at the places they frequent for entertainment, and their churches, at the apartment complexes where they live, at the shops they frequent and even at the healthcare facilities where they go for medical care.

  • It’s an all-out assault on a person’s character as a punishment for their views.
  • It’s a well-organized, SEARCH AND DESTROY mission against the voices of individuals they fear.
  • It is not a recruitment tool.
  • It is a destruction tool designed to squash all those, whose views differ from theirs, that they perceive as obstacles to their agenda.
  • They operate with impunity around the globe leaving destruction and disgust in their wake.
  • They are the true haters of the world who along with it have no regrets or remorse.
  • They root out the hate they feel in themselves via everybody else, rather than face their own, expecting it will cure them.
  • They will go down hard and sudden when those they maliciously attacked recover from the hits.
  • The attackers think that because they don’t have regrets or remorse, then they don’t have hate.
  • Hate doesn’t have to have a corresponding bad feeling. Hate can feel good. Or feel nothing.
  • It’s like in war, some military personnel enjoy torturing and killing, others don’t. They still do it, so what does it matter? It doesn’t. Feelings don’t stop the deed.

6- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, actually promotes egregious cultural acts of discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter in other countries when that country supports this country’s ‘fighting terrorism’ agenda.

  • The key words are ‘fighting terrorism’. If a country agrees to fight terrorism on its own soil, then this country will forgive a thousand other sins by turning that familiar blind eye in another direction.
  • It seems as though that’s the negotiating tool. We’ll let you continue with everything else that deeply offends the American people and their way of life, if you fight terrorism where you are, so we don’t have to worry about it. After all, America is comprised of foreigners from all countries and regions, so they have history and relatives in all those places. They care.
  • In addition, if you allow us to place a military base on your land, there will be many benefits to your people. You will be a friend and ally of ours and with that comes prestige.
  • Money, yes. That too. Enough to satisfy everyone who will help make this happen.
  • Morals pretend to be on the table; that’s how it all gets started. This country demands that another country address human rights. That’s their foot in the door. The other country knows from experience that ‘fighting terrorism’ is their key to sidelining human rights. It works every time. Animal rights too. Not that America cares about the welfare of animals, but many of it’s people do.
  • I thought my political party was better, different, but they’re not.
  • Saying you support human rights everywhere and then demonstrating that you don’t just to get a deal causes chaos in the minds of the populace of all nations and non-nations.

7- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, promotes ritualistic, organized, systemic slaughter of humans as punishment for crimes against the state.

  • An eye for an eye is the law of the land even though church is required by decree to separate from state.
  • A plank in the eye still recognizes revenge as a deterrent to crime, when all evidence and the people do not support it.
  • Still, whether a deterrent or not, premeditated torturous murder staged as a public event is nothing short of a barbaric act to satisfy the blood lust of humans which ironically turns the victim and their family complicit in the original act that spawned the states response on their behalf.
  • To externally paralyze the muscles, while internally exploding the body is hiding the HORROR of the torture. That we as so-called civilized people continue in this charade is an act of cowardice.
  • That we demand other countries to respect human rights while we at home disrespect them is counter productive when negotiating contracts.

8- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, allows big companies and industries to write the laws that determine the lives of people in the interest of personal gains and profits rather than in the interest of the people.

  • The people we elect have no idea what’s in the bills they pass that affect the lives of all Americans and non-Americans.
  • If our elected officials don’t know, then how are we the people supposed to know?
  • Who would trust a lawyer? Who would trust a used car salesperson? No one. Well, that’s who’s running this country from the bottom up and the top down. We the people are trapped between a rock and a hard place in a pit of corruption that they created.
  • Big business and big industry run this country. All politicians work for them, not us.
  • When the people elect a public official, that person becomes a prized employee of the private sector.
  • The private sector owns the government. They decide on all matters large and small. We the people have no say.
  • Lawmakers should write the laws. They don’t know how. Then why elect people who can’t do the job?
  • I think the time for unknowledgeable politicians is coming to a close. No knowledge, no job. No political and government degrees, no job.
  • We wouldn’t let a person perform surgery on us without a medical degree, yet we trust people to run our lives without a degree in how to serve the people.

9- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, allows banks to punish poor people with high interest rates and late fees, knowing in advance when giving the loans that their income level dictates/predicts that they will be late.

  • The banks write the rules and congress passes them. Stick it to the poor.
  • Thirty something dollars for an overdraft or late fee, then every day thereafter until it’s paid in full including all the late fees. No wonder so many poor people end up in bankruptcy court.
  • Banks entice poor people to take out loans and apply for credit cards counting on their overdrafts and late fees. Why wouldn’t they? It’s guaranteed income. Poor people are big business.
  • Banks charge poor people high interest rates using as an excuse that they’ll probably default on the loan or credit card and they need to make their money. But isn’t that what overdraft and late fees do?
  • To be honest, overdraft and late fees probably amount to more than the interest on their balances every month. So they’re stealing based on a lie.
  • Who checks anyway? No one. The system is rigged in the favor of banks, because they write the laws that exploit the poor and congress passes them.
  • Putting poor people in those economic positions designed as OVERDRAFT AND LATE FEE PROGRAMS creates hardship in their lives which creates chaos.

10- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, will not take a stand against abortion dismemberment while still attached to the mother without anesthesia and the procurement and subsequent use of body parts for research.

  • It shouldn’t surprise me, since they support capital punishment.
  • However, do they take the organs of the person being executed while still alive without anesthesia to be used for research purposes? Or do they make them brain dead first and what’s that process?
  • I think not. Not unless the person being executed gave written permission. I don’t know if that’s ever been done.
  • In China they take the organs. I don’t know if permission is required. Probably not, if it’s not required to be executed.
  • Where do they do this? In public view, or do they execute prisoners in hospital operating rooms?
  • So whose permission do we get to take the organs of a fetus while still attached to the mother? The mother and/or father I suppose.
  • How about once the umbilical cord is cut? It should be the baby’s decision and no one can get that. So leave the organs alone. They do not belong to the general population nor to research labs.
  • It looks increasingly like we need aborted fetuses for research purposes, so of course we would need to encourage abortion.
  • What happened to stem cell research using cells from living human adults? Too easy? Not pure enough like the cells of a fetus that have never been outside the environment of the mother? What’s to say the mother’s environment was so pure? Isn’t it the blood of the mother running through that umbilical cord nourishing that fetus?
  • The fetus has rights once it’s disconnected from the mother. Unless the fetus or baby signs an organ donor card, leave it alone. While connected it’s a part of the mother, thus the mother decides. How many mothers would actually consent to having their babies ripped apart for research labs? Are they told in advance? This needs to be investigated.
  • Since the fetus can’t decide once it’s disconnected, then there is no one on earth who should have the power to decide to tear a fetus or baby from limb to limb for research purposes or any other purpose.
  • What the mother does with her body is her own business. Once separated the fetus belongs to itself.

11- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, endorsed a plan by Antifa – a terror organization – to undermine the USA government by implementing TERROR TACTICS to turn the stomachs of one race against another race, creating a forever RACIAL NAUSEA as the foundation of We The People Of The United States Of America and the USA government.

They endorsed the plan by encouraging the methods used to create the aversion. They endorsed the plan by not blocking the plan. They endorsed the plan by punishing the targets on behalf of Antifa, thereby endorsing chaos under the roof of everybody’s castle.

A terror organization mattered more to the party I endorsed my whole life than ‘we the people’ who made and continue to make this admittedly flawed nation as great as it is. That’s why the whole world wants to live in America – because we don’t allow terror groups to survive and thrive while terrorizing the citizens and occupants into silence and submission. That’s why they flee.

We’re more civilized than that, or so I thought.

Antifa might as well be a cartel operating above ground in full view to terrorize a nation into silence and submission. Turn one against the other. Soften them up through terror, then take the country.

Remember this: When people feel sick, they don’t feel like doing anything else except be sick. Nothing matters. Whatever they do and wherever they go, they put out mental stop signs that say ‘don’t bother me’.

It’s About Developing An Aversion

The reason Antifa followers call you a racist against black people is so you’ll develop an aversion to black people. That’s the result, like it or not.

The unintended consequence is that you’ll develop an aversion to all races except white, since the color white is not included in people of color – only black, brown, yellow and red are in the people of color category.

However, black and brown are usually what people mean when using the phrase people of color (poc/cop) and what black and brown people think when hearing or reading it.

At least ninety(?) percent of black people are actually shades of brown, yet they claim brown means Hispanic, not black, which means black Africans don’t really want to share their category with anyone but themselves.

India and Pakistan think ‘brown’ means them. It’s not all that clear if Indians and Pakistanis want to be in the same category as Mexicans and Island people(?), although Spaniards living in Spain do not call themselves brown, like the Spaniards who conquered America South Of The Border. How about the Arabs? Are they brown too?

Did anyone think to ask the Hispanics-Indians-Pakistanis if they wanted to be assigned the color Brown? Who assigned the color? Blacks heard it in a movie?? Then CIA Hollywood is responsible?

Spain colonized the entire continent of South America, except Brazil which went to Portugal, including Mexico, Central America, Latin America. Unlike the British, who eventually left the countries they colonized, thereby restoring independence to the countries they occupied, the Spanish conquered, stayed and mated with the Native indigenous people – turning them brown?

So yellow, white and red remain untouched by people of color designation, yet the blacks and browns speak of white privilege – all whites – which means somebody had to give them that title. Oriental Asians, European whites and American indigenous aren’t included in people of color. Black Africans used to be called colored people, but they now claim using the phrase colored people is racist too.

How about the indigenous in other nations, are they considered red too, or is it just in North America? Did anybody ask? Don’t you think somebody should, since we’re waist deep in a color war – all because the people who designated color as racial, discriminated against some colors and falsely elevated, in title only, people of other colors? It’s like getting a promotion via a change in your job title instead of a raise. You do the same job with a prestigious title with no benefits. Who thought up that strategy?

  • Did you know that some black people put dark make-up on their faces and bodies to make them look much darker than they are? Some Hispanics do too. Why? I’ve seen three people with make-up on, then make-up off and what a difference a bit of make-up makes. You don’t recognize the person, even if it’s in the same environment. Outside a familiar environment you won’t recognize them at all. Unless they talk, and even then you’re not sure. It really does change a person’s looks. Maybe they’re hiding their identity. I wonder where you buy it?
  • Yeah, Blacks wear blackface. And some Hispanics too.
  • Who woulda’ thought?

The people using the shotgun approach by accusing everybody of being racist for criticizing another race or not liking or loving them enough, expose themselves as the real racists by their own design.

So white black brown Antifa supplicants lay-in-waiting to be triggered by the big white Antifa gun turning non-racist white European people against black African people by terrorizing them with AVERSION TACTICS:

  • Public humiliation for mentioning black people, or sharing your view to widen the conversation that isn’t happening except by Hollywood Media actors who take the black-brown side over the white side, which is a blatant discrimination, that they claim they’re rooting out. Ever notice how black people keep saying on T.V. that all they want is a conversation, then when it happens they torture the ones with a view different than theirs?
  • The ruining of lucrative careers, getting people with families fired and laughing about it, applauding and smiling as their actions say LET’S GET EVEN, stifling employment, educational and business opportunities by contacting prospective employers, educational institutions and companies to blacklist, thus slander white people on behalf of black people, threats to White Lives families, friends, associates, burning cities, mob justice for criminals and the list keeps growing…criticize a black person or black people for what they’re doing that you find offensive and it becomes labeled as hate; they they riot until the government turns it into a crime and you the criminal.

So what, you have the right to hate being terrorized. Stand up for that right.

The only short and long term effect that any or all of these TERROR TACTICS have on white people is AVERSION TO BLACK PEOPLE.

Antifa in other words is a white supremacy group designed to look multi-racial, that primarily uses white, but also black and brown supplicants to instill a fear that’s so big into the minds of non-racist white people that it turns the stomach, blinds the eye, thus the mind away from and against anything black African connected.

If you thought you mattered, now you don’t exist in the minds of those on whom AVERSION TERRORISM was used.

My only question is why could you not see that?

Americans don’t talk in terms of fascism or kingdoms or socialism. Americans don’t really even know much about communism except that the USA government expects them to hate Russians. Those are European constructs bred in Europe not America.

There’s a big blind spot in America regarding governing styles. Everybody wants a vote; that’s about it. Yeah, and get the job done. Americans aren’t interested in overthrowing their own governments like so many other countries. It’s the people who come to America with COUP agendas, only because they lived in coup-friendly places, that cause political unrest. Now they get to have it their way. And wars do that too, when there’s a draft in place. No draft means no anti-war protests. They learned, which means they can.

Terrorizing white people all over the globe using AVERSION TACTICS to turn them against an entire race of black people begs to be stopped before it gets much much worse. That fence the world has been siting on for so long is going to blow us off the planet. MUCHO GRANDE.

As every intelligence agency and military in the world knows, it takes a long time to wash that aversion away. That it was systematically calculated and instituted makes it all the more dangerous.

12- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, encourages the discriminatory tactics of the CANCEL CULTURE movement.

In the CANCEL CULTURE movement, those cancelling cultures are only cancelling white people’s cultures, not everybody’s cultures. Not the bad, the very bad and the horrific.

Take away advances of white culture that applied to all cultures living within the USA and we’ll be back to the wild west where women and children had no rights. Gays couldn’t marry. Heck, congress even considered legalizing sexual mutilation of young girls, something I first read about while taking a sociology course in Hawaii.

I was stunned beyond stunned that such a grotesque procedure, violating a child’s body, digging out the body part responsible for sexual pleasure was happening in far away places in remote jungles in the 1980s. What???

And here it is 2021 and before congress is a bill make it legal the USA, but it’s already here; it’s already done in Muslim communities, mothers and fathers and doctors castrating young girls so they never experience sexual pleasure or release. It’s evil. Desexualizing young girls/women is evil.

Muslim men, black African men are intimidated by the sexuality of women. Why do you think women have to cover their hair? It’s too sexual to men. So cover it. Why? Muslim men can’t control their impulses? Because it triggers Muslim and Arab men into rape. Black and brown people. Are white people doing it too? There’s no turning back.

It’s not the same as circumcision where they remove a piece of skin from a baby, leaving everything else in original working order. Those who liken it to circumcision are the doctors thinking ahead to all the money they can make.

That’s where this road leads. Right after birth, when the baby goes to the nursery, the doctor shows up for a circumcision if it’s a boy and the removal of the clitoris, the sexual organ responsible for orgasm, if it’s a girl.

Detroit, Michigan, a big offender of child and women rights. Don’t move to Michigan. How does Michigan get away with it? Where are all the cancel culture people? They’re too cowardly to take on the big issues?

Some Muslim women say they like it – that’s always the excuse; let one woman agree and she suddenly speaks for all women and children. The women who agree are just as guilty as the men who desexualize young girls through removal of the clitoris.

But oh no, we won’t go that far. They already have. They already do it. And no they don’t all go back to their country of origin to have it done. Who could afford it? Guess most of them can. they can.

Oh, we just want to do a pinprick. That will satisfy us. No it won’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t fight so hard to legalize sexual mutilation of young girls. Who’s in the doctor’s office when it happens? Who will tell authorities and what authority would they go to, when both parents want it done? Guess Mom never has to worry about Dad wanting to have sex with their daughters. Is that a by-product or a deterrent? Girls can still get pregnant, but they can’t achieve sexual gratification.

What’s troubling is that lawyers wrote up a bill and presented it to congress. Congress shouldn’t have accepted it for consideration. That was a huge mistake. The political will and religious will to desexualize all Muslim women and for the government to legally sanction it into law is beyond the realm of reason. Where are we living? Really. In the land of the free?

Does this include all young girls or only Muslim young girls? If it’s only Muslim girls, then that’s discriminatory. Why in a country that separates church from state, should the state be making decisions based on Muslim religious rituals, that aren’t, by the way, written in the Koran. But it doesn’t matter. Children’s rights supersede religious doctrine.

Religions are the cause of child suffering around the globe. While we’re at it, maybe we should also legalize the molestation of children by religious figures.

No child should be subjected to desexualization by sexual mutilation – ever. How common is it for a grown woman to apply for sexual decapitation? Perhaps somebody who is being coerced by a man or somebody who is mentally ill might do that. There’s a reason they do it to children. Because a child has no power over their own body.

Where does the gay community stand on this issue? Haven’t heard from them? Everybody fights for their rights, but they don’t speak up on behalf of others. That’s selfish.

Maybe while removing the sexual organ, they ought to remove part of the brain, because Muslims clearly don’t like smart, sexual women. They’re threatened by them, so need to mutilate them to control their own urges.

It’s sick; it’s evil and congress needs to write laws that protect all children from any form of religious or non-religious desexualization via sexual mutilation. TO ALL DOCTORS OR WITCH DOCTORS BE FOREWARNED: KEEP YOUR INSTRUMENTS AWAY FROM YOUNG GIRLS BODY PARTS.


You see, the Muslims scared the lawmakers saying they’d have to go back to where they left and the procedure would be without anesthesia and done with dirty hands and equipment, so it’s better to do it here, so we don’t have to subject our precious girls to that uncleanliness and risk of infection.

Yeah right. Congress actually ate that crap.

Okay, boys and girls: This is the type of culture you cancel. Actual harm being done and rights obliterated from children who have no voice. Tearing down statues doesn’t help anyone. Work on the real elements of culture that are happening now that are doing damage. In absence of violence.

Muslim men who support desexualization of women can’t control their own sexual impulse, so they gouge out the clitoris of a young girl with a sharpened stone while onlookers hoot and holler and dance in the night around a fire. It’s a celebration of imposed deformity that will last a lifetime.


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