Re: The vote at the United Nations General Assembly on legality of Palestinian Occupation

“We do not feel that a referral to the International Court of Justice is helpful in bringing the parties back to dialogue,” UK diplomat Thomas Phipps said of the UN vote. “It is also the position of the UK that it is inappropriate without the consent of both parties to ask the court to giveContinue reading “Re: The vote at the United Nations General Assembly on legality of Palestinian Occupation”


Lab-made mouse embryos grew brains and beating hearts

Lab-made mouse embryos grew brains and beating hearts, just like the real thing HWH Comment: What’s the point? Lab-made mouse embryos grew brains and beating hearts, just like the real thing. Next stop humans? The perfect human? Scientists have no collective conscience. They need to get one, before the world turns on them. Synthetic miceContinue reading “Lab-made mouse embryos grew brains and beating hearts”

Blacks in America Altering Science Again 

The USA government under the direction of Joe Biden via the military at his command altered and diminished the threat of Monkeypox on behalf of black African peoples who copulate with monkeys apes chimpanzees, then come to America to continue the sexual carnage via gay humans. It’s a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease which alsoContinue reading “Blacks in America Altering Science Again “

The 6 Earliest Human Civilization

“The 6 Earliest Human Civilizations Architecture, agriculture, art and more first blossomed in these cultures. HWH Commentary: No where does it list Israel or Jews in the ancient history logs anywhere in the world. So why do they act like they own the planet? They were here first? Just where were the Jews during theseContinue reading “The 6 Earliest Human Civilization”

Re: Here’s what you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine conflict right now

Re: Here’s what you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine conflict right now HWH Commentary:  Here’s what YOU need to know??According to whom? Who’s in charge of what ‘We The People’ need to know? A tabloid news agency pretending to be real news – just what you NEED to know RIGHT NOW.  According to whom,Continue reading “Re: Here’s what you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine conflict right now”

A Holocaust In Mexico Reports Associated Press

HWH Comment: “Never forget, lest it happen again”? Where were the Jews in Mexico, Central and South America when this Holocaust took place right under their noses? eh? How would they know? How could they not know? Sound familiar? Where Jews move they know everybody’s business. I know. I lived for seven years among theContinue reading “A Holocaust In Mexico Reports Associated Press”

Copycats And Russia Ukraine Train Bound For Where?

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The world looks down on copycats. Frowns and groans and finger points, accuses, bares teeth, pounds fists thumps chests. You copycatted me. Such is life bro’ Flip it. If it weren’t for copycats we, the Universe, would not exist. I’m not talking copyright here. Putting your name on somebody…

Ukraine Russia NATO USA Britain

Why Is Russia Required By NATO To Verify Troop Withdrawal At Their Own Border? Big Mistake. Stop with the domination tactics. Nobody has to verify anything with you. Russia is not a member of NATO. Who are you, the enemy of everybody not in NATO? Why all this enemy junk? Wow. You can count theContinue reading “Ukraine Russia NATO USA Britain”

The USA Still Wants Crimea

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IT’S STILL ABOUT CRIMEA That was cruel to demand a breakup of the Soviet Union and leave all those states, suddenly as if overnight, on their own to sink or swim in the global world as individual countries. There was the USA waiting like starving human animals to feed…

MOTIONLESS a blast from the past reposted read Olympics re-visited

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07.18.2014 9:32 PM by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight World leaders stood motionless, even though they were all briefed on what was about to happen, when the State of Israel committed a massacre against the State of Palestine. ‘Revenge from hell’ Netanyahu called it. ‘A revenge that not even Satan would…

Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate The Opponent

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Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate the Opponent Confidence measures are schemes. When somebody announces confidence building measures, what they want is for the target-enemy to give them reassurances of trust and that trust means they have to concede on one of many points, one at…

Settlements? Somebody Owe Me Money?

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74 years under Jewish occupation Settlements? Somebody Owe Me Money? Like in cowboys and Indians? Nobody does that any more. It was gone with the wind. If settlements are now outlawed in the USA, then the USA cannot in good faith support them elsewhere in…

Questions Need Answers

Commentary by Sharon 1.18-21.2022: I’m in support of the vaccine, however, if experts claim that domestic animals can be infected, but they can’t pass it on, then why kill all those hamsters and minks and other small animals who tested positive? If the dogs and cats can’t give it to humans, can they give it toContinue reading “Questions Need Answers”

Did you know Denmark culled millions of minks in 2020 to curb COVID mutations?

HWH Commentary: Scientists worldwide (according to news stories) keep saying that transmission between humans and non-human animals or vice versa is not possible, yet they trace the original transmission to bats. Bats are non-human animals. Now they say that domestic animals cannot pass the virus onto humans, but they’re vaccinating domestic animals. Against whom? WhoContinue reading “Did you know Denmark culled millions of minks in 2020 to curb COVID mutations?”

RE: Jewish Settlers Uproot Hundreds of Olive Trees in West Bank

‘Over 600,000 Israelis live in Jewish-only settlements across occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank in violation of international law. How is this not extreme discrimination? JEWISH ONLY? Sounds like water fountains FOR WHITES ONLY in America many decades ago. Did the Jews learn nothing from that? JEWISH ONLY neighborhoods? So this was Adolf Hitler’sContinue reading “RE: Jewish Settlers Uproot Hundreds of Olive Trees in West Bank”

Oviruptorid Dinosaur Hatches Like A Bird

Impeccably preserved dinosaur embryo looks as if it ‘died yesterday’ HWH Comment: It doesn’t really look like it died yesterday, since the preserved egg contained bones absent the flesh. The photo that includes the flesh is an artist’s rendition of how the bird dinosaur may have looked just prior to dying. It appears that dinosaursContinue reading “Oviruptorid Dinosaur Hatches Like A Bird”

Build a Palestinian Holocaust Museum in Palestine

Details of 1948 Massacres against Palestinians Revealed in Classified Israeli Documents – Yahoo news HWH COMMENT: I don’t believe the world didn’t know. It’s easy after the long fact to plead ignorance. Britain had to know; they’re the ones who initiated a coincidal arrangement with the Jews in Palestine for Britain to release Palestine fromContinue reading “Build a Palestinian Holocaust Museum in Palestine”

RE: An ‘unusual’ radio wave sent from the middle of the Milky Way has experts confused

HWH Comment: Looks like we’re not alone in our galaxy after all. Well, you can’t say we’re not alone unless it’s verified, and so continues the mystery. Common sense, however, would not imply the HOME ALONE HYPOTHESIS. It is more than likely we are not alone rather than alone, just by the mere size ofContinue reading “RE: An ‘unusual’ radio wave sent from the middle of the Milky Way has experts confused”

Period Added To url

Somebody hacked into Facebook’s system and added a period to their url address after the com = At least that’s what my iMac reported. There is a typo in the url address for That should mean that no one could manually log into or automatically post to Facebook. In the news a fewContinue reading “Period Added To url”

A Prison Break A Bombing

“Israel strikes Gaza as Palestinians celebrate prison break” Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8 September 2021 What country in the world bombs another country’s military site in response to a prison break? No one would even consider it. Jews are just looking for reasons to bomb and nobody has the will to stop them. Palestine has a militaryContinue reading “A Prison Break A Bombing”

RE: Biden holds to Kabul Aug. 31 deadline despite criticism

HWH COMMENT: We never should have waged war against Afghanistan, decimated it’s people and land, subjecting them to carpet bombing – the worst hell on earth, all because Osama Bin Laden found refuge and comfort in a desert nobody cared about. We stayed way too long once in, at great loss of lives of ourContinue reading “RE: Biden holds to Kabul Aug. 31 deadline despite criticism”

Few Days on Antibiotics Often as Good as Weeks – Scientific American

Shorter courses cause fewer side effects and breed fewer antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” Dozens of studies show that for many bacterial infections, a short course of antibiotics, measured in days, performs as well as the traditional course, measured in weeks. Shorter courses also carry a lower risk of side effects… Continue Source: A Few Days on Antibiotics AreContinue reading “Few Days on Antibiotics Often as Good as Weeks – Scientific American”

RE: Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians

HWH ClipBoard: Now that the word Indians will be removed from the Cleveland baseball franchise name, does that mean the word Indian is offensive like the word nigger is to blacks? If so, they’re going to have to change the name of their congress in Washington D.C.: National Congress of American Indians(NCAI) to another lessContinue reading “RE: Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians”

Whale Throws Human Back…

HWH ClipBoard: WHALES CAN BE ALTRUISTIC. JUST LIKE HUMANS. THE WHALE CHANGED MIND AND SPIT THE HUMAN OUT TO SAVE HUMAN LIFE. I wonder if the fisherperson will reciprocate and release the lobsters he trapped? The sign is there if you care enough to see it. STOP EATING FISH. Remaining true to predatory human behavior,Continue reading “Whale Throws Human Back…”