The Pfizers Sores Came Back one year almost to the day

CCF lawyers edited all the current test results, in my medical chart at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, except one, or so they claim after I inquired about it to my Dr. in writing on MyChart and over the phone. Bacteria originally was found in the urine and a small amount in the biopsied vasculitis. When IContinue reading “The Pfizers Sores Came Back one year almost to the day”

Why Single Out When Everybody Does It?

Singling Out When Everybody Does It Is Necessary We all come from cultures that instruct individual women not to report a rape, because every culture rapes, why single out one? It’s not the culture being singled out simply because a person gets raped in a particular country. It’s the rape culture at that particular timeContinue reading “Why Single Out When Everybody Does It?”


OVER-THE-TOP He was not rude or combative nor a threat. He was trying to answer the rapid fire questions that his interrogator kept changing up on him. Who does that to a cardiac patient coming out of ICU into a step-down unit, because they needed beds? What? A step-down into hell, recruit? Recruit? He’s aContinue reading “OVER-THE-TOP”