Bring Back Orientals Make Russia A Continent

Bring Back The Word Orientals Make Russia A Continent Asians that I talked to said they never minded the Oriental designation. After all, they were different than Russians, Turks and Indians/Pakistanis. It was the activists who used it as a strategy to get Orientals attention and bring non-Orientals into their fold by making it lookContinue reading “Bring Back Orientals Make Russia A Continent”

Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate The Opponent

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Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate the Opponent Confidence measures are schemes. When somebody announces confidence building measures, what they want is for the target-enemy to give them reassurances of trust and that trust means they have to concede on one of many points, one at…

Does The Majority Rule?

Does The Majority Rule? Most people think a democracy means the majority rules. Only in elections though, and how often are those? Where are the issues listed on the ballots? Few and far between – and usually only local or state, like we have fifty different countries – that one can barely understand what they’reContinue reading “Does The Majority Rule?”

Democracy Creates An Elite update

Democracy Creates An Elite Who gets the ear of the president? congress? mayors? governors? How much does it cost to rub elbows with the rich and famous? Do poor people really have a voice? Democracies are not unlike monolithic, autocratic and dictatorship governments when dealing with the masses/populace. They are unmovable in respects that controlContinue reading “Democracy Creates An Elite update”

Ten Things You Should Know about Amnesty International Report on Apartheid Israel

Ten Things You Should Know about Amnesty International Report on Apartheid Israel February 2, 2022Articles, Features, Slider, Videos By Romana Rubeo On Tuesday, February 1, London-based international human rights group Amnesty International (AI) released an extraordinary report, which labels Israel an ‘apartheid state’. The report calls for Israel to be held accountable for its practices against Palestinians. The 280-pageContinue reading “Ten Things You Should Know about Amnesty International Report on Apartheid Israel”

What George Tenet Really Meant

What George Tenet really meant when he said very publicly, “The CIA never lies”. Eventually they tell the truth – maybe twenty years or fifty years later, when the memory of the world fades or fogs and nobody cares enough to protest something from the past. That’s what he really meant. But some secrets areContinue reading “What George Tenet Really Meant”

from Apple NEWS: 5 Takeaways From Election Night

Three parties will likely be needed to form a coalition after the German parliamentary elections. Here are five takeaways from election night. German voters chose a new federal parliament, known as the Bundestag, on Sunday, in a nail-biting election that will determine Angela Merkel’s successor. Merkel is stepping down after 16 years in office andContinue reading “from Apple NEWS: 5 Takeaways From Election Night”

RE: Biden holds to Kabul Aug. 31 deadline despite criticism

HWH COMMENT: We never should have waged war against Afghanistan, decimated it’s people and land, subjecting them to carpet bombing – the worst hell on earth, all because Osama Bin Laden found refuge and comfort in a desert nobody cared about. We stayed way too long once in, at great loss of lives of ourContinue reading “RE: Biden holds to Kabul Aug. 31 deadline despite criticism”

Who’s On The Roof Where I Live?

9:05 AM 12 July 2021 NEW DEVELOPMENT. TWO PEOPLE ON THE ROOF WITHIN SURFACE-TO-WINDOW-SHOT OF MY APARTMENT. NO IDENTIFYING NAME TAGS OR COMPANY NAME. PUTTING ON A SHOW FOR WHOM? 1- The first time the guy appeared alone, bending over the side of the roof top on the black square, it looked like he wasContinue reading “Who’s On The Roof Where I Live?”

Stop Caricaturizing Yourselves

STOP CARICATURIZING YOURSELVES SO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO ACCEPT THE NATURAL YOU? Personally I never wanted the whole world to think anything about the way I adorn myself or wear my hair. I don’t want to look like every other white person. There’s nothing natural about fake hair wigs, eyelashes, fingernails, plastic surgery, makeup.Continue reading “Stop Caricaturizing Yourselves”

It’s Consequence Time

I don’t cut anybody any slack to commit a holocaust against any group of people or other animals, because a holocaust was committed against some of them. Not one inch, not one thought. If you think you’re going to commit the same assaults against somebody else that were inflicted upon some of your ancestors, youContinue reading “It’s Consequence Time”

Official says U.S. plans to lead effort to rebuild Gaza, restoring health and education services

So Benjamin Netanyahu bombs Gaza to stay relevant in Middle East Jewish Majority politics and to secure building contracts for Jews to rebuild Gaza at the USAs expense. The Jewish Majority is confident that those building contracts will go to them. The American Jews will make sure of it. Rewarding the bombers who destroyed GazaContinue reading “Official says U.S. plans to lead effort to rebuild Gaza, restoring health and education services”

Some Diet Advice

FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET IT’S GOING TO END UP THERE ANYWAY – if you eat it. That will train you to make and eat less, thus lose the weight you didn’t want anyway. No one in China is going without food because you eat too much. Every country takes care of their own foodContinue reading “Some Diet Advice”

We’re Giving Away Baby Body Parts. Is Nothing Sacred?

LIVE ABORTION DISMEMBERMENT IS TORTURE We’re Giving Away Baby Body Parts. Is Nothing Sacred? Stealing body parts before killing a fetus is not the same as abortion, thus abortion laws do not cover current practices of dismemberment for theft purposes before the baby is killed by cutting the umbilical cord. No mother of sane mindContinue reading “We’re Giving Away Baby Body Parts. Is Nothing Sacred?”

Kirby Manor aka Public Housing

Kirby Manor aka Senior Public Housing Nothing ever gets better here. After periods of time complaining and reporting grievances and issues to owners, to a post office box that won’t accept certified or even registered letters, with no response except a form letter from a person who doesn’t exist, people just stop caring about whatContinue reading “Kirby Manor aka Public Housing”

Heritage Deniers

Being white and not privileged gives you the title without the benefit. Having the title without benefit puts you at the end of every line that every other color is in, unless you can claim to be a poor white Jew, since they get serviced first in the poor white classification. The poor white JewContinue reading “Heritage Deniers”

Thinking About Abortion Again

I began turning against the Democratic Party when it supported harvesting body parts from fetuses still attached to the mother via the umbilical cord, absent any anesthesia, sort of like what they do to animals who are enslaved, tortured and raised for slaughter or scientific experimentation or product testing experimentation. All they cared about wasContinue reading “Thinking About Abortion Again”

Get out of the past and count the damn votes

It’s a sad time in American history when retired generals tell the sitting President, Donald Trump, via the press, that if he, Donald Trump, doesn’t concede to Joseph Biden he puts the country at a national security risk. What makes America great is that we all get to vote and every vote needs to count.Continue reading “Get out of the past and count the damn votes”

To Concede Or Not To Concede?

Forcing someone to concede losing when that loss has already been determined is meant to further humiliate the loser. Traditionally political candidates concede to the person who won over them. Why? The proof is in the vote count. Why in addition to that does the winner need to gloat by demanding a concession by theContinue reading “To Concede Or Not To Concede?”

Don’t Discount The Laborer In Decision-Making

There are a lot of geniuses working low-paying jobs. They know how to figure out what needs to be figured out. They’re survivors who care about family and friends and new acquaintances. Don’t make the mistake of entering their lives with the intent of manipulating them with bumper sticker phrases and fancy jargon that workedContinue reading “Don’t Discount The Laborer In Decision-Making”

With Or Without Trump

What Will America Look Like Without Trump In The White House? Frankly I’m more interested in what Democrats will look like after four years of inciting massive illegal immigration, riots, hate crimes against white peoples to atone for historical sins against black people that the government and Hollywood perpetuated with their stereotypical portrayals. I’m envisioningContinue reading “With Or Without Trump”

Speech Isn’t Free Unless All Sides Can Be Heard

Free speech reigns in Israel once again as protestors gather when lockdown is lifted. It’s good not to see riots. In other news across the globe free speech was halted when Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa decided only their voices and violent actions would be heard and recorded in a San Francisco rally protesting theContinue reading “Speech Isn’t Free Unless All Sides Can Be Heard”

Believe vs Trust

Believe vs Trust The one group of people whom WE THE PEOPLE need to believe is government at all levels. That’s not the same as trust. Trust is unreliable and leaves too much room for error. When you hear someone say that you can trust that they’ll do right by you, you need to immediatelyContinue reading “Believe vs Trust”

I Thought She Was Native

I Thought She Was Native… Here we go again with the heritage confusion, like with Obama. Introducing herself as the first black but not the first Indian or Asian demonstrates right out of the box her manipulative nature. There are more Blacks who vote than Indians. She could have mentioned them both. Obama never couldContinue reading “I Thought She Was Native”

Dems Appease Black Lives Terrorists With A State

HWH Commentary: Democrats claim: The federal government is occupying the District of Columbia. Sounds like Israel occupying Palestine. Frankly with such a high percentage of blacks living in the District of Columbia it sounds more like they’re the occupiers. Since when does the USA government reward home grown terrorism by giving the terrorists a stateContinue reading “Dems Appease Black Lives Terrorists With A State”