Safe GOP convention boosts Cleveland’s image to the world

CLEVELAND (AP) — Cleveland’s safe and successful turn as host of the Republican National Convention has helped establish it as an ideal location for large events but also a city that people will consider when deciding where to live and do business, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said Friday. July 22, 2016 “It really puts usContinue reading “Safe GOP convention boosts Cleveland’s image to the world”


White Lives Do Matter, Black people. Get used to it. We care about you, that means you need to care about us. Appropriation of Black culture? How about that cell phone you’re using or those shoes you’re wearing or the schools you go to or the jobs you get through Affirmative Action? How about thatContinue reading “PRESIDENT OBAMA FEARS HIS OWN PEOPLE”


The Democratic Party presents to the world their own Donald Trump. Elizabeth Warren took center stage today rousing the crowd at a Hillary Clinton rally to the tune of Donald Trump on steroids. Rock a bye Baby with an AK-47 delivery system. The only difference between Warren and Trump is that Warren has the detailsContinue reading “THE BIRTHING OF DONALD TRUMP”


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HILLARY EARNS TITLE OF FIRST WOMAN PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE of major political party. Enjoy your moment in the sun. With all the privilege the world thought you had because you were white, it took you this long. How old are you? No one worked longer or harder than you…

Donald Trump Thinks Too Much…

…about punching people. A punch is a punch – doesn’t matter who is perceived as punching first. You never start it do you? Everybody always starts it first. There’s something called provocation – used to incite someone to punch you, so you can legally/ethically/as a right of responsibility to defend your name and reputation, punchContinue reading “Donald Trump Thinks Too Much…”


Unless Hillary Clinton can express an actual original thought, instead of espousing the ideologies and methodologies of other so-called experts, she will never get my vote. The president of the United States and the leader of the world needs to be able to figure stuff out on her own. Everything she says, I’ve heard beforeContinue reading “HILLARY’S WEAKNESS”


Utah ran out of ballots, knowing full well the turn out would be massive. They tried to pinch pennies on printing, then ended up in a mess. Inexcusable! Arizona had long lines, then closed while citizens were still in line. Keep the polling places open till the last person in line votes. Time limits areContinue reading “STOP RUNNING POLLING PLACES LIKE BUSINESSES”


The only reason the political establishment doesn’t want a wall along the border with Mexico is because when the jobs come back from China, the USA will need a slave labor force from South of the border to fill those jobs – according to Donald Trump’s real plan that he doesn’t let you see, becauseContinue reading “THE WALL IS IRRELEVANT”

To Donald Trump – about those dogs…

Stop with the dog analogies. “He chokes like a dog?” Leave the dog out. The dog did nothing to you. Everybody loves their dog family members. You’re alienating all those people, by insulting their family. You’re uncle Donald to them now. Act it and say it. Many dogs in the USA and worldwide are horriblyContinue reading “To Donald Trump – about those dogs…”


If the world fears a Trump presidency, the best the world can do is prepare for anything and everything. You will want to tame him. You will think you need to tame him. You will try to tame him. Donald Trump tames himself – right out of the gate – every time. The streets areContinue reading “TAMING TRUMP”

Marco Rubio Is Not An Honest Broker

In the last Republican debate, Marco Rubio blasted Donald Trump for not taking the side of Israel over the Palestinians in what could be a future negotiation between those two parties, that Donald Trump, if president, would reside over. Marco Rubio’s position was that because Israel is our friend and ally, that essentially Israel shouldContinue reading “Marco Rubio Is Not An Honest Broker”

White People Now Have A Leader

Did Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, drop the security ball at Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago? A while back, Doctor’s Without Borders operating in Syria decided not to give their location coordinates to the Syrian government or the United Nations, because they superstitiously thought that by doing so it would make them a target. TheContinue reading “White People Now Have A Leader”


President Obama has already deported over 2.5 million illegal persons originally from South America – often separating families, that few in the populace even heard about till Donald Trump started talking about deporting 11 million persons currently residing in the USA illegally. Even if Donald Trump wanted to actually deport 11 million people, which heContinue reading “OBAMA – TRUMP NOT THAT FAR APART”

To The Military

Carrots and sticks. Again? When you keep dangling the carrot, while beating your adversary with sticks, eventually your target won’t want the carrot. They give up, because they know they’ll never get it. At that point the sticks become irrelevant. At that point is where most factions prefer war. Many wars are initiated out ofContinue reading “To The Military”

Ted Cruz Wants To Be Your Czar

Ted Cruz, republican presidential candidate, wants to be the European Union. He wants 50 states to become 50 countries – under him. And he wants you, his adoring people, to make him Czar. Yes, Rafael Edward Cruz wants to be your Czar.   An American Canadian Cuban with four faces has a grand plan. WeContinue reading “Ted Cruz Wants To Be Your Czar”


If so, he hasn’t demonstrated it yet. Donald Trump, Republican presidential hopeful, often brags about his great memory. He does appear to have a good memory for a multitude of impressions of past events, but we all have that. What he appears to lack is a good memory for detail. Along with the lack ofContinue reading “DOES DONALD TRUMP REALLY HAVE A GREAT MEMORY?”


1-28-2016 Contrary to the after-the-debate analysis by well-known pundits on television, this debate was anything but boring. Although Donald Trump was MIA, the 7 boy line up, channeled Donald Trump’s energy and style with remarkable ease – which proves they all, individually and collectively, are a quick study, which proves further that they all canContinue reading “THE 7 BOY REPUBLICAN DEBATE”


President Obama at CNN’s Town Hall Meeting on Guns In America Well done. Rational. Middle of the road. One size fits all. Conservative approach to reducing gun crimes in America. President Obama’s Basic Plan: Enforce existing gun laws, which will require hiring more people and developing new, more efficient technologies. What’s wrong with that? ClosingContinue reading “WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT?”