Black Lives Were In The Neighborhood Last Evening

Boundaries were crossed. The backyard to the building I live in does not constitute as the neighborhood, but that's how one person treated it. It is private property - not a gathering place for outsiders. Friday 22 September 2017 a young adult black man dressed in a black skirt and a red blouse sporting an [...]



It's going to take the military to move that hurricane elsewhere, whereby it can dissipate. Hope you all war-gamed that eventuality at some point in the past. Update the plan and proceed with confidence. Update means change, not keep as is. Break the wind pattern with a force less than the existing force at the [...]

Growing Trend In Cleveland, Ohio – the oxygen bomb

First there was one...then there were two... Both sitting or standing out in front of Greek restaurants a walking distance apart from each other. Both establishments a walking distance from where I live - both are restaurants that Steve and I frequent. One old woman, one old man. They're the bombs. At two Greek restaurants. [...]

Human Trafficking? In A Senior Residence?

This is too much. A meeting with Joan who has no last name - in a senior residence building about human trafficking? The signs are everywhere. Even in the stairwells. What's happening? Are human traffickers trying to recruit and enslave old people? For what pray tell? Do I dare ask? Or maybe that question is [...]