UFO Enthusiasts Pour Into Nevada To Raid AREA 51

Transcript:Hinnox P1.37K subscribers UFO enthusiasts pour into Nevada to raid Area 51, 3 arrested so far, UFO enthusiasts drawn by alien-themed festivities continued to pour into rural Nevada on Friday near the Area 51 US military base, but fears of a mass raid on the remote site or a public safety crisis proved unfounded, withContinue reading “UFO Enthusiasts Pour Into Nevada To Raid AREA 51”

Rare Yellow Cardinal Photographed in Alabaster, Alabama

By Elaina Zachos PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 23, 2018 Looking out at her quaint Alabama backyard in late January, Charlie Stephenson noticed something unusual. A strange species of unfamiliar yellow bird was pecking at her hanging birdfeeder. As a seasoned birdwatcher, Stephenson had seen scores of cardinals in the past. But with its mustard-color coat, this flierContinue reading “Rare Yellow Cardinal Photographed in Alabaster, Alabama”

tsk, tsk, tsk,

No horns in my house. No tusks in my house. What’s the matter with you people? The elephant is the symbol of the Republican party. No “tsk, tsk, tsk – I forgot the tusks” talk in my house. No chopped off heads hanging on the den walls in my house. Every animal in the worldContinue reading “tsk, tsk, tsk,”

Which Intestines for Food and Cosmetics? 

The FDA appears to have caved in to industry pressure in allowing intestines potentially infected with mad cow disease prions into food products and lipstick. Below is an approximation of this video’s audio content. To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video. TheContinue reading “Which Intestines for Food and Cosmetics? “

So Long, Animal Testing? Researchers 3D Print the First Heart-On-A-Chip – VIDEO

  Harvard researchers have 3D printed the first-ever “organ-on-a-chip” with integrated sensors. These organs-on-chips, also known as microphysiological systems, have great potential for in vitro tissue engineering and drug screening research. The development is also a promising substitute to traditional animal testing, which could result in saving innumerable lives lost in clinical trials. Further, printableContinue reading “So Long, Animal Testing? Researchers 3D Print the First Heart-On-A-Chip – VIDEO”


HWH Comment: I don’t know if the response would be the same in the USA. Canadians seem to be in general more sensitive, caring, polite people. Maybe that’s a stereotype, but I am part Canadian and that has been my observation, however limited. Definitely give it a try in America. Every major city – franklyContinue reading “ANIMAL JUSTICE BILLBOARDS MAKE VIEWERS THINK – video”


Comment: It looks like Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law Of Motion applied to behavior in this instance. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In Somalia a terrorist with the intent of taking down an entire passenger plane – Daallo Airlines flight 3159 – in a suicide/homicide plot managed to only blowContinue reading “LOOKING FOR A MIRACLE? THIS WAS IT – video”