Jeb Bush slurs war hero John Kerry: Will the GOP call him out like Donald Trump?

Bush still backs GOPers who slurred John Kerry’s military service. How does that differ from Trump’s hit on McCain?

by Joan Walsh

Jeb Bush was quick to denounce Donald Trump after the reality show host-turned-presidential candidate made his ugly claim that Sen. John McCain was “not a war hero” last weekend. “Enough with the slanderous attacks. @SenJohnMcCain and all our veterans – particularly POWs have earned our respect and admiration,” he tweeted Saturday.

But journalists quickly saw a problem for Bush: he had signed on to a similar attack on a decorated war hero: 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry, when he was running against Jeb’s brother George. Unbelievably, Bush reiterated his support for those ugly attacks on Kerry Tuesday afternoon in South Carolina.

To recap: Bush backed the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’s shameful attacks on Kerry, writing a letter to the group’s founder, Col. Bud Day, thanking him and the “other Swifties” for their “support of my brother in his re-election.” It went on: “I simply cannot express in words how much I value their willingness to stand up against John Kerry.” That “willingness,” of course, involved claiming Kerry lied about the military service that won him the Purple Heart.


Thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy, Joan Walsh. My only wish is that John McCain (and all the others who served) had spoken out more loudly against torture and that their actions within the policing making apparatus of the USA government supported those words.

Let’s see if Guantanamo Bay will indeed get closed forever. And let’s see if both sides (the Republicans and the Democrats of the USA) will choose a diplomatic rather than a war path with Iran – and all other nations for that matter.

Instead of running on being tortured, captured, or wounded, the heroes of the future will be those who serve in an intellectual capacity to calm the waters and make reasonable agreements that lead to peace not war.

In the future they will be called peace heroes, not war heroes.

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I was watching CNN the other day where different people were talking about El Chapo, the once top drug kingpin, who recently escaped from a maximum security prison in Mexico.

I’m listening to this one guy talk and thought, oh my goodness, it’s like an ad appealing to young men, almost recruiting them to go into the drug business.

It went something like this:

Talking about El Chapo:

‘…a man who has been at the heart of the drug trade industry since the 1970’s…since eight years old taking opium…he was fifteen years old dealing with cocaine…now he’s a billionaire…this is a massively powerful person.’

I’m sure that guy didn’t mean for it to sound the way it sounded, but anybody thinking about a career in the drug trade industry had to take note. Whoa.

Whatever happened to “this is your brain on drugs?” Looks like the drugs didn’t do his brain any harm. Somebody who can be on hard drugs his whole life and amass a billion dollars to where he is a ‘massively powerful person’ had to be thinking with something.

Update: Somebody asked me once, how do you catch a terrorist? I said as I have always said, “I bring them out into the open”.

Sorry Sean Penn, didn’t mean to bring you into this. But as long as Hollywood is CIA controlled, then you knew the risk, and they backed you on it. You’ll be okay.



Stop Everything: There’s a New Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon and Is Better for You Than Kale

The world’s most perfect food may have just arrived

Researchers from Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center say they’ve created and patented a new type of seaweed that has the potential to be sold commercially as the next big superfood.

The reason? It tastes just like bacon, they claim…READ MORE >


No nation on earth would allow any other nation, especially one proud to be its forever enemy, unfettered access to its military bases/installments, no matter what the reason.

The Israeli demand via USA Secretary of State John Kerry, at the Austrian talks in Vienna, is purposely made knowing that no country worth its salt would comply. The USA and Israel would laugh at the notion that an enemy state demanded of them unfettered access to their military bases. And the USA and Israel are the most active participants in spreading terror by keeping their own use of nuclear weapons on the table during any and all negotiating processes, and acting as the world’s go-to mafia boss nations, to solve the problems of other nations for a price.

Israel is the nation preventing an agreement, because they don’t want an agreement – any agreement. They want to destroy Iran’s nuclear capability in total, putting any dreams of peaceful nuclear power usage on hold for at least another decade. Israel further wants the economic sanctions against Iran to stay in place. If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had his way, they would never be lifted.

Look at the billions of dollars that Iran will amass if the sanctions are lifted, talking heads in the Israeli controlled USA press shriek in defense of Israel! (What this is really about is Jewish Jealousy. Israel’s envy of Arab/Persian oil).

Look at the billions of dollars the USA and Israel amass through their joint war machines, bombing, then leaving in shambles nations they deem unfit to compete in the world against their special brand of economic terrorism – meaning let us own you or we bomb you.

Remove Israel from the ‘table of talk’ and sign a deal before it’s too late. Israel does not and never will deserve a seat at that table, whether it be in person or behind the shadow of the USA-Israeli curtain, while it remains an occupier of any other nation.

Trying to control in the present what will or won’t happen thirteen years down the road of evolution, considering the rapid pace at which the planet is changing in all directions, is futile. Trying to keep a nation poor forever is futile. It won’t work. It hasn’t worked. It will never work. Forces unseen now, will rise up against the oppressor and their names will not be ISIS and ISIL. Their names will be quite familiar.

Enslaving nations for any reason, using any method, needs to end.

The USA and Israel went way to far with Iran. Any other nation would have pummeled both the USA and Israel by now. That they didn’t, will be recorded now and historically to their credit.


Washington Post

Inquiry: Psychologists group colluded with Pentagon, CIA on interrogations

By Greg Miller July 10 at 6:37 PM

Leaders of the American Psychological Association secretly collaborated with officials at the Pentagon and CIA to weaken the association’s ethical guidelines and allow psychologists to take part in coercive interrogation programs after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, according to a report released Friday.

The report contains the findings of an investigation led by a former federal prosecutor and appears to represent the most detailed examination to date of the complicity of psychologists in interrogation programs that at times relied on torture.

The probe concluded that the association’s ethics director and others had “colluded with important [Department of Defense] officials to have APA issue loose, high-level ethical guidelines that did not constrain” the Pentagon in its interrogation of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The association’s “principal motive in doing so was to align APA and curry favor with DOD.”…read more>


Israel’s not so secret campaign to court Russia as its new protector of Israel and supplier of sophisticated arms amid growing tensions with the USA is not about two people fighting and the one finding a new friend, it’s a strategic plan to boost its own global power by hitching its wagon to the two super powers who are also fighting.

It’s called playing the fence, a strategy Israel uses to obtain all of its goals. There’s nothing new here. Israel isn’t going to dump the USA for Russia. Israel is taking advantage of a weak spot and moving in to exploit both Russia and the USA.

The USA is too invested in the strategic location of Israel in the Middle East to dump Israel, which means they don’t really care about Israel itself; they care about Israel’s location and how it benefits the USA – and Israel knows this.

But there’s nothing about Israel’s location that has benefited the USA or the Middle East or the world.

Gain Israel and we through Israel and our foot in the door transform the Middle East into an Arabian, Persian, Muslim democracy has been the thinking, thus the strategy, in the region for decades. It isn’t working.

It’s time to do a Cuba move in that region. The sooner the better, because things as they say are only going to get worse. There is no ‘better’ on the horizon when the wheels set in motion have no breaks or turning mechanism.


Obama administration likely to block new Redskins stadium

The Obama administration will likely block Washington, D.C., authorities from building a new stadium for the NFL’s Washington Redskins because of objections to the team’s name.

The National Park Service (NPS) owns the land under the 54-year-old Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, a venue two miles east of the Capitol that hosted the Redskins from 1961 to 1996. Some city leaders want to demolish the current stadium and build a new one to lure the football team back from suburban Maryland.

But Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, whose department includes the NPS, told D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser in April that, unless the Redskins change their name, the Obama administration would not work to accommodate construction of a new venue, according to The Washington Post



Holy See: Causes of terrorism must be addressed

(Vatican Radio) The United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday held a special panel on the effects of terrorism on the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, told the panel the international community has not always been effective in preventing and curbing terrorism, especially in the Middle East and different parts of Africa…

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Landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizes gay marriage nationwide

The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the U.S. Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry, handing a historic triumph to the American gay rights movement.

The court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution’s guarantees of due process and equal protection under the law mean that states cannot ban same-sex marriages. With the landmark ruling, gay marriage becomes legal in all 50 states.

Immediately after the decision, same-sex couples in many of the states where gay marriage had been banned headed to county clerks’ offices for marriage licenses as officials in several states said they would respect the ruling.

President Barack Obama, appearing in the White House Rose Garden, hailed the ruling as a milestone in American justice that arrived “like a thunderbolt.”



VATICAN CITY, June 26 (UPI) — The Vatican formally recognized Palestine as a state Friday, with the signing of a treaty, the product of 15 years of negotiations.

The agreement involves “essential aspects of the life and activity of the Catholic Church in the State of Palestine,” a Vatican statement said.

The acknowledgement of Palestine’s identity, Vatican ambassador Archbishop Paul Gallagher said, is meant to be a “stimulus to bringing a definitive end to the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which continues to cause suffering for both parties.” He added he hoped the “much desired two-state solution may become a reality as soon as possible.”…



Russian man to undergo world’s first full head transplant

Thirty-year-old Valery Spiridinov hopes to have his head transplanted on to another man’s body in 2017 but some doctors have doubts.

By Luke Heighton, video source ITN

Now he has announced his intention to become the world’s first subject of a full head transplant, so that his brain can be attached to a healthy body.

Italian neuroscientist Dr Sergio Canavero claims he can complete the unprecedented procedure in less than a day.

The whole process, Dr Canavero says, is “90 per cent” guaranteed to succeed, though he admitted: “Of course there is a marginal risk. I cannot deny that.”

Other doctors have expressed serious doubts, and, in particular, the likelihood that Mr Spiridinov’s brain will still be functional by the time the surgery is complete…



Comet lander Philae awakes from hibernation

BERLIN (AP) — The comet lander Philae has awoken from a seven-month hibernation and managed to communicate with Earth for more than a minute, the European Space Agency said Sunday.

The probe became the first spacecraft to land on a comet when it touched down on the icy surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November. After its historic landing, Philae managed to conduct experiments and send data to Earth for about 60 hours before its batteries were depleted and it was forced to shut down its systems.

Scientists hoped the probe would wake up again as the comet approached the sun, when its solar panels would soak up enough light to charge the on-board battery.

Those hopes were confirmed at 10:28 p.m. (2028 GMT; 4:28 p.m. EDT) on Saturday, when the lander sent a signal back to Earth…

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There’s one crucial number that could ultimately determine whether humans have a chance to live on Mars

Business Insider

(ESO/M. Kornmesser/N. Risinger ( This artist’s impression shows how Mars may have looked about four billion years ago. The blue is liquid water.

Our solar system harbors over a dozen classic and dwarf planets, hundreds of moons, and tens of thousands of asteroids and comets. Yet, there is only one other place in our entire cosmic neighborhood where humans might make another world for ourselves that is anything like Earth.

“From a science point of view, it’s Mars and Mars alone,” Chris McKay, who is a planetary scientist at NASA Ames Research Center, told Business Insider.

“It’s our one chance to make another habitable environment.”… continue reading >


An Ocean That Cleans Itself: One 20 Year Old Raises $2 Million to Make It a Reality

Boyan Slat may only be 20 years old, but his plan to have the ocean literally “clean itself” has already raised $2 million and generated support around the globe.

In an impressive and thoughtful TedX Talk, Slat outlines his audacious idea for removing much of the 8 million tons of plastic dumped into the ocean every year. This plastic goes on to destroy marine life and affects the global economy and public health.

Slant’s idea is to construct giant, floating barriers and then place them strategically in parts of the ocean where currents converge.

These areas, known as gyres, are scattered across the globe, and five of them are located in spots where a large percentage of these 8 millions tons of plastic finds itself.

As the currents converge at these gyres in a rotating manner, the plastic waste would accumulate within these barriers, causing the ocean to essentially roundup all that garbage without any help from machines or humans.

If you’re worried about sea life, don’t be… CONTINUE READING >



Victory! Chimps Will Get Their Day in Court for Case Seeking Personhood

Unbeknownst to two privately-owned chimpanzees being used for biomedical research in New York, their legal advocates are making progress in a case seeking to have them recognized as legal persons and freed.

Earlier this week, news broke that Judge Barbara Jaffe of the New York County Supreme Court had made history by issuing a writ of habeas corpus for nonhuman animals for the first time ever, essentially declaring they are legal persons.

The case was brought by the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) on behalf of Hercules and Leo, two chimpanzees who are being used in locomotion research at Stony Brook University to explore how humans evolved to walk on two feet.

The NhRP is working on several such cases seeking to break down the legal wall that separates us from nonhuman animals. Using the writ of habeus corpus, which has historically been used to challengeimprisonment, they are attempting to get the courts recognize them as legal persons who are entitled to a basic legal right not to be imprisoned, as opposed to recognizing them as property, which is how the law now sees them.

They argue that these chimpanzees, and other nonhuman animals, have been scientifically-proven to possess intelligence, self-awareness and autonomy and should therefore have the right to bodily liberty and bodily integrity – something we, as humans, are automatically granted just by being born human.

In this case, the NhRP is seeking to have Hercules and Leo moved to Save the Chimps, a Florida-basedsanctuary, where the organization believes they will be able to live out the rest of their days in an environment that’s as close to their natural one as it gets here in the states…

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Cleveland protests erupt after officer found not guilty in fatal shooting of two unarmed suspects


CLEVELAND (Reuters) – A Cleveland police officer was found not guilty on Saturday in the shooting deaths of an unarmed black man and a woman after a high-speed car chase in 2012, one in a series of cases that have raised questions over police conduct and race relations in the United States.

Judge John O’Donnell said Officer Michael Brelo, 31, acted reasonably in shooting the two suspects while standing on the hood of their surrounded car and firing multiple rounds through the windshield. Brelo, who was among a group of officers who fired on the car, was found not guilty of voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault.

Protesters took to Cleveland streets on Saturday night as police patrolled in riot gear. Cleveland police spokeswoman Jennifer Ciaccia said that more than 20 people had been arrested…



‘Bold’ Ireland votes to legalize gay marriage in landslide


Health alerts: Blueberries and blood pressure, walnuts and dementia


Health Alerts: A weekly look at the latest news you need to lead a healthier life.

Blueberries aid blood pressure control

A cup of blueberries just may keep the doctor away.

Researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 40 postmenopausal women ages 45 to 65 with high blood pressure. Half ate 22 grams of freeze-dried blueberry powder (equivalent to a cup of blueberries) daily for eight weeks. The others ate an identical-looking and tasting placebo.

The study, in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, found that those who ate the blueberry preparation saw an average 5.1 percent decrease in systolic blood pressure (the top number) and a 6.3 percent decrease in diastolic pressure. Levels of nitric oxide, known to be involved in relaxing and widening blood vessels, increased significantly in the blueberry eaters. There were no significant changes in the placebo group.

The improvement, the scientists wrote, was moderate compared with that of blood-pressure medicines. But, they said, eating blueberries in larger amounts or for longer periods could increase the effect.



The category is Health Alerts: A weekly look at the latest news you need to lead a healthier life. Dallas, Texas.

So I see “ALERT”, then health, then blueberries teamed with blood pressure, and walnuts teamed with dementia. Alert is always bad. Alert is never good. Alert means impending possible, probable danger. So, what’s the point of giving mixed messages in this so-called health alert? Blueberries and walnuts are injurious to your health. One will raise your blood pressure and the other will cause dementia. “The latest news you need to lead a healthier life”. 

They said it, not me. Blueberries and walnuts have for a very long time been considered healthy for consumption. So what’s the latest news regarding them, what’s the alert, what’s the news I have to have, now, to lead a healthier life, that I didn’t already have, didn’t already know?

We’ve already been told that our DNA determines whether we get dementia or not (and I don’t like that word, by the way, implying that people whose memories become impaired, are somehow ‘demented’ aka ‘crazy’ aka ‘mentally disturbed’ people).

It’s already written, already been determined, and there’s nothing you can do about whether you get dementia or not. So what’s with the walnut ALERT? Oh, walnuts are good for us. We already knew that. But walnuts cannot cure, nor slow the progression of, dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, any more than eating a handful of blueberries every now and then will cure your blood pressure and/or heart disease problems.

Everyday we see a new listing of a food that can prevent, stop or cure Progressive Cognitive Impairment (PCI) – yes, that’s my new phrase and acronymn for what all you lazy people keep calling dementia, because you like to humiliate people who have cognitive impairment.  Except for fish oil – recommended by everybody, only because again everybody was too lazy to think on their own two feet – those foods are always plant-based. You never hear that eating eggs, cheese and animal hides or drinking the blood of those beings slaughtered will cure all that ails you, yet these same government agencies continue to support the slaughter industries that are basically killing us, and if not quickly, then slowly – through the likes of high blood pressure and dementia.

Blueberries and walnuts? ALERT? Where’s the alert for the diseases we get from cows, chickens, lambs, deer, bears and all the other animals, turtles, sharks, shrimp…? What slow-killing diseases are they causing in humans? None did you say?

Consider this. How many people think that by eating muscle tissue of another animal, it makes our muscles stronger? How many people think that by eating the fat of another animal it makes us more fat? How many think that by eating the brains of a smart animal, it makes us smarter? How many people think that by eating the bones of an animal, it makes our bones strong, or by drinking the milk of another species, it makes our teeth resistant to caries? Answer? Just about everybody. Even doctors, nurses and scientists.

Consider this. When you ingest/consume and process via your circulatory/blood/nerve/muscular/skeletal/endocrine/digestive systems the DNA of another species or your own species, that DNA becomes relevant to all processes within your organism that the foreign DNA interacted with – on any and all levels. Ever wonder why people addicted to McDonald’s Slaughter Anything You Want Menu, all the while Lovin’ It’? begin looking and acting like cows?

Ever notice how rich people concerned about their weight, who will only eat chicken (skinned) and fish (skinned), begin looking and acting like chickens and fish?

Ever notice how people who eat lamb, start acting afraid every time they eat one – like they’ve got to be blessed and be in a group where everybody else is doing it, so they won’t be singled out as the executioner of somebody kind and meek?

I know you see what I see. You just didn’t express it in quite the same way. If you think that you’re going to get smarter by eating what you call a dumb animal, then I will question your judgment and your intelligence.

It’s the DNA of all the animals you’re eating that’s causing all the problems with the ‘slowly killing you’ part of your existence.

The ‘slowly killing you’ part, via high blood pressure and dementia (PCI), so that a few people can make a whole bunch of money as you slowly die, is what keeps animal-abusing industries/businesses, and the governments that invest in those businesses, motivated and energized to continue the cycle – because the length of the cycle is just profitable enough, whereby they can make a killing in and at the market, at the table, every single time an animal is slaughtered for your plate.

And the government, through the power they wield to influence all Americans via all forms of the media, makes sure that you keep wanting and buying those they slaughter in your name, for the sake of your good health they say, as they keep telling you, “You’re Lovin’ It”.

Unfortunately for all concerned, You’re Believin’ It!

Most people don’t read articles, they read headlines or scroll. Yup, walnuts cause dementia. Wife buys walnuts, husband says, you’re not going to eat those are you? Wife says yeah, why? Husband says don’t give me any and I wouldn’t eat those if I were you. I saw an article on the internet that said walnuts cause dementia. Nuts, get it? You’ll go nuts if you eat nuts. I’m eating steak. Get those nuts away from me.

McDonald’s (a generic term for the slaughter industry) is crafty. You’re lovin’ it, you’re believin’ it, and you’re eating steak instead of nuts – all from reading/scrolling one headline: HEALTH ALERTS “BLUEBERRIES AND BLOOD PRESSURE, WALNUTS AND DEMENTIA”

Feel the power of Advertisement?


MAPLE WALNUT BUTTER  Peanut butter replacement for kids and adults! Walnuts processed till smooth, then combined with Grade B maple syrup and Silk Coconut Milk. Creamy delicious! No artificial ingredients! 

Makes 2-3/4 cups


US Threatened Germany Over Snowden, Vice Chancellor Says

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (above) said this week in Homburg that the U.S. government threatened to cease sharing intelligence with Germany if Berlin offered asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden or otherwise arranged for him to travel to that country. “They told us they would stop notifying us of plots and other intelligence matters,” Gabriel said.

The vice chancellor delivered a speech in which he praised the journalists who worked on the Snowden archive, and then lamented the fact that Snowden was forced to seek refuge in “Vladimir Putin’s autocratic Russia” because no other nation was willing and able to protect him from threats of imprisonment by the U.S. government (I was present at the event to receive an award). That prompted an audience member to interrupt his speech and yell out: “Why don’t you bring him to Germany, then?”…





‘Gestapo’ tactics at US police ‘black site’ ring alarm from Chicago to Washington

  • Shocked politicians and rights groups call for inquiries into Homan Square
  • Rahm Emanuel faces questions as top supporters examine ‘outrageous’ abuse
‘I hadn’t heard of the sort of CIA or Gestapo tactics that were mentioned in the Guardian article until it was brought to my attention,’ Cook County commissioner Richard Boykin said in an interview outside Homan Square. ‘We are calling for the Department of Justice to open an investigation into these allegations.’ Photograph: Chandler West for the Guardian  in New York, and in Chicago and in New York

Thursday 26 February 2015 Last modified on Thursday 26 February 2015

The US Department of Justice and embattled mayor Rahm Emanuel are under mounting pressure to investigate allegations of what one politician called “CIA or Gestapo tactics” at a secretive Chicago police facility exposed by the Guardian.

Politicians and civil-rights groups across the US expressed shock upon hearing descriptions of off-the-books interrogation at Homan Square, the Chicago warehouse that multiple lawyers and one shackled-up protester likened to a US counter-terrorist black site in a Guardian investigation published this week.

As three more people came forward detailing their stories of being “held hostage” and “strapped” inside Homan Square without access to an attorney or an official public record of their detention by Chicago police, officials and activists said the allegations merited further inquiry and risked aggravating wounds over community policing and race that have reached as high as the White House.

Caught in the swirl of questions around the complex – still active on Wednesday – was Emanuel, the former chief of staff to Barack Obama who is suddenly facing a mayoral runoff election after failing to win a majority in a contest that has seen debate over police tactics take a central role.

Emanuel’s office refused multiple requests for comment from the Guardian on Wednesday, referring a reporter to an unspecific denial from the Chicago police…


As Chicago Pays Victims of Past Torture, Police Face New Allegations of Abuse at Homan Square


‘Hundreds could have been abused at Chicago police black site’ – lawyer

Published time: May 20, 2015 19:10 
The lawyer for the man who claims he was sexually abused at Chicago police’s “black site” at Homan Square says the case could be just the tip of the iceberg and expects “several hundred people” to come forward with new allegations of abuse suffered…



Hellman’s Mayonnaise claims to have lost millions of dollars, because companies like ‘Just Mayo’ are actually mayonnaise substitutes and eggless – not real mayonnaise.

Hellman’s is claiming millions of dollars in damages, to recoup losses that the animal-free mayonnaise companies are making at Hellman’s expense (essentially, taking business away from Hellman’s – primarily because people want more healthy options and/or don’t want to participate in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals).

All Hellman’s has to do is make an eggless mayonnaise and make a darn good one, then compete in the mayo market like adults, rather than behave like children having a temper tantrum, because they’re too stuck in their ways to produce a healthy product. They lose money because they still live in a cave. Rather than change their own product line to include a healthy alternative, they ask some judge to make the healthy alternative folks pay for their (Hellman’s) profit loss – rather than earn those profits back on their own.

I’ve tasted Just Mayo and it’s delicious! Egg-based mayonnaise to me tastes like Elmer’s glue smells.

Hellman’s wouldn’t have sued unless they knew they could win. Sounds like money is going to exchange hands behind the scenes in the halls of justice.

Who passed a law, in the first place, citing what mayonnaise had to have in it to be called mayonnaise? It’s ludicrous. It’s not like we’re talking pharmaceuticals here. The word ‘mayonnaise’ is a generic term for a creamy condiment.

Does ketchup have the same laws defining what must be contained in ketchup and the specific ratio of ingredients? How about mustard? Relish? There are all kinds of ketchups, mustards and relishes. Add to any of these condiments a creamy component and you’ve created a ketchup mayo, a mustard mayo, a relish mayo.

This law suit is frivolous and filed with the sole purpose of putting the alternative mayonnaise people out of business. The big guns with the big money thus power are going after alternative food companies that provide what people want – something other than what the food monopolies shove down their throats with laws designed to keep people eating what they no longer want.

This is not the American way – the way of free enterprise – or at least it shouldn’t be. The judicial system needs to stay out of determining who can stay in business and who can’t. They need to stay out of telling you what you can eat, and from which companies you can or can’t purchase your food. Everybody knows that millions of dollars in law suits and money awards can sink any company, and discourage future companies from starting up – which translates to a corrupt judiciary controlling our food sources, controlling the ingredients in recipes, controlling the labor force, and controlling what is available for you to eat.

There’s nothing wholesome about Hellman’s tactics and nothing wholesome about a product made from ingredients that contain salmonella, that gets deactivated before bottling it, but when left at room temperature for just a little while can and often does still cause food poisoning. There’s nothing wholesome about enslaving, torturing and slaughtering animals to create this creamy substance from hell.

Nobody should own the word ‘ mayonnaise or mayo’. No law or judge should have the right to dictate what is in a recipe or the ratio of ingredients in any recipe. In some way this will backfire on Hellman’s – and it should. Corrupt laws used by corrupt companies, lawyers and judges to hurt honest, hard-working, innovative people need to be abolished. Hellman’s intent to destroy these people and companies via a corrupt judicial system speaks loudly to the integrity of who these people really are.


UPDATE: Hellman’s develops a Vegan mayonnaise called HELLMAN’S VEGAN DRESSING & SPREAD

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