What is the Nipah virus and why is it more deadly than COVID-19? A virus expert explains.

Disease caused by Nipah virus

A Nipah virus infection is a viral infection caused by the Nipah virus. Symptoms from infection vary from none to fever, cough, headache, shortness of breath, and confusion. This may worsen into a coma over a day or two, and 50% to 75% of those infected die. Complications can include inflammation of the brain and seizures following recovery. en.wikipedia.org


What is the Nipah virus and why is it more deadly than COVID-19? A virus expert explains.

Asha C. Gilbert, USA TODAY Wed, September 8, 2021, 6:53 AM    

Officials in India are racing to contain a virus outbreak that has claimed the life of a 12-year-old boy and is deadlier than COVID-19 — the Nipah virus.

CBS News reports the boy was taken to the hospital last week in the southern Kerala state with a high-grade fever and suspected brain inflammation. After blood tests, he was diagnosed with the Nipah virus and died Sunday.

Officials are using contact tracing, quarantine and hospitalization on the 188 people who have came into contact with the preteen to prevent a wide-spread outbreak, CBS reported.

“This is one of those viruses we really need to pay attention to,” John Lednicky, a research professor at the University of Florida’s Environmental and Global Health department, told USA TODAY.

The reemergence of the Nipah virus is compacting a problem in the nation already grappling with the effects of COVID-19, with over 30,000 new COVID cases reported on Monday.

What is the Nipah virus?

The Nipah virus was first discovered in Malaysia and Singapore in 1999 after multiple pigs and people became sick, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

So far, the only recorded outbreaks have occurred in Asia.

It’s classified as a zoonotic virus that initially spreads from animals to people. It can also be transmitted through contaminated food and directly between people.

The Nipah virus is not related to COVID-19, but may have the same originating source — bats.

The host of the virus is fruit bats, also known as flying foxes because of their large size.

Lednicky said pigs are highly susceptible to the virus and can come in contact with it through fruit material the bats have been consuming.

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Other domestic animals like horses, goats, sheep, cats and dogs can become infected, according to the CDC.

Unsuspecting humans may also come into contact with contaminated fruit and become infected.

“There’s probably an underestimate of people who have been infected with the virus due to people not being properly diagnosed,” Lednicky said.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Symptoms of the Nipah virus vary from asymptomatic to acute respiratory infection and — at its worst — encephalitis, a swelling of active tissue in the brain that can be fatal, according to the World Health Organization.

Infected people can experience sore throat, fever, headaches and muscle pains. If the infection progresses, dizziness and altered consciousness could be signs of encephalitis.

The start of symptoms ranges from 4 to 14 days after exposure and there are currently no vaccines available to treat the virus.

“There’s no good treatment for it,” Lednicky said. “They put you in the hospital, but there’s really nothing much else they can do for you.”

WHO reports that 40% to 75% of Nipah cases are fatal compared to COVID-19 fatality rate of around 2%.

Should people in US be worried?

Lednicky said people in the U.S. don’t need to worry much about Nipah virus because it has been isolated to Asia regions where fruit bats live.

But there’s always a chance someone can bring the virus into a new area.

“The concern really is how people travel,” Lednicky said. “Years ago when travel was more restricted, you didn’t see unusual pathogens traveling.”

Lednicky hopes that U.S. can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic and take on a more proactive approach versus a reactive one.

“There are going to be more emerging pathogens,” he said.

“It seems like history repeats itself because we’re unprepared.”

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: What is the Nipah virus and how is it different from COVID, explained

Source: What is the Nipah virus and why is it more deadly than COVID-19? A virus expert explains.


God Is The Recipe


The Recipe Is Everything That Matters.


You say you don’t want a recipe. You laugh and say we don’t need your crazy dumass recipes. You’re dismissive when you say it’s not helping us.

We need help you say, and all you do is cook.

We have plenty of recipes, you say.

You keep asking God to help you, so naturally that’s where I went. Why go elsewhere? Do you even know what you want? Do you know where and how to get it?

I travelled along your lines to help you figure out what you’re asking God. You know don’t you, that the universe is God and God is the universe – in many forms and continues to grow in all directions including inward.

You say: Forget the damn recipes; we need help not a recipe.

That’s what the universe recognizes and the way in which the universe communicates – through recipes.

Formulas, measurements, combinations, methods, ingredients or contents, interaction.

It’s all about the recipe.

Do you have one to show the God you pray to or the universe from which you expect miracles?

What’s the formula for your success? Individually. Forget the group. One person.

White people are neither the problem nor the solution. You give them too much credit and too much blame and where does it get you?

The universe needs all lives to survive and thrive. And you’re blocking the recipe by making one ingredient more important and leaving out critical ingredients to the success of the recipe.

The universe said no to your mattering formula. All matter matters – all the time – and you told the universe you wanted to change that recipe.

But you didn’t come up with a better one. You made the existing one worse. I’m looking at all the recipes you say you have and they contain the flesh and blood of God’s beloved animals. So that’s the plan? Who do you want God to kill that you haven’t already killed? God sees all of you as killers not peacemakers. You’re eating up all of God’s creatures, even each other.

Animals in the pot is not the recipe for their survival nor yours.

Go back and make the recipe better.

Recipes are the only thing the universe cares about. That’s what the universe is – a recipe.

That’s what you are – a recipe.

That’s what God is – the recipe.


Quantum crystal could reveal the identity of dark matter | Live Science

Quantum crystal could reveal the identity of dark matter

By Adam Mann 1 day ago

Beryllium ions might help in the hunt for dark matter.

Using a quirk of quantum mechanics, researchers have created a beryllium crystal capable of detecting incredibly weak electromagnetic fields. The work could one day be used to detect hypothetical dark matter particles called axions.

The researchers created their quantum crystal by trapping 150 charged beryllium particles or ions using a system of electrodes and magnetic fields that helped overcome their natural repulsion for each other, Ana Maria Rey, an atomic physicist at JILA, a joint institute between the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado Boulder, told Live Science.

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When Rey and her colleagues trapped the ions with their system of fields and electrodes, the atoms self-assembled into a flat sheet twice as thick as a human hair. This organized collective resembled a crystal that would vibrate when disturbed by some outside force.

“When you excite the atoms, they don’t move individually,” Rey said. “They move as a whole.”

When that beryllium “crystal” encountered an electromagnetic field, it moved in response, and that movement could be translated into a measurement of the field strength.

But measurements of any quantum mechanical system are subject to limits set by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which states that certain properties of a particle, such as its position and momentum, can’t simultaneously be known with high precision.

The team figured out a way to get around this limit with entanglement, where quantum particles’ attributes are inherently linked together.

Source: Quantum crystal could reveal the identity of dark matter | Live Science

Alien life could thrive on big ‘Hycean’ exoplanets | Live Science

Alien life could thrive on big ‘Hycean’ exoplanets

By Mike Wall about 22 hours ago

Hycean planets are up to 2.5 times bigger than Earth, with oceans and hydrogen-rich atmospheres.  (Image credit: Amanda Smith, Nikku Madhusudhan )

The search for alien life should broaden its horizons a bit, a new study suggests

Alien hunters have to date focused largely on Earthlike planets — a reasonable place to start, given that our rocky, water-covered world is the only one we know of that hosts life. But the universe teems with a huge diversity of planets, some of which may be habitable despite being decidedly un-Earthlike.

In the new study, researchers identify one such class of alien worlds — “Hycean” planets, which are up to 2.5 times larger than Earth and feature huge oceans of liquid water beneath hydrogen-rich atmospheres. Hycean planets appear to be incredibly abundant throughout the Milky Way galaxy, and they could host microbial life similar to the “extremophiles” that thrive in some of Earth’s harshest environments, study team members said.

“Hycean planets open a whole new avenue in our search for life elsewhere,” lead author Nikku Madhusudhan, of the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge in England, said in a statement.

Related: 10 exoplanets that could host alien life Hycean worlds are similar in size to rocky “super-Earths” and gassy “mini-Neptunes,” two of the most common types of exoplanet in the galaxy. But the Hyceans are distinct, with densities between those of super-Earths and mini-Neptunes, according to the new study, which was published online Wednesday (Aug. 25) in The Astrophysical Journal.

The Hyceans are also a diverse lot. Some orbit so close to their stars that they’re tidally locked, with one scorching-hot dayside and one eternally dark nightside. And some orbit very far away, receiving very little stellar radiation. But life could exist even on such extreme Hyceans, the researchers stress — for example, in the nightside waters of tidally locked worlds.

“It’s exciting that habitable conditions could exist on planets so different from Earth,” study co-author Anjali Piette, also from Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy, said in the same statement.

In addition, Hyceans appear to be good places to search for potential biosignature gases such as oxygen and methane.

“We find that the larger radii and higher temperatures admissible for Hycean planets make these biomarkers more readily detectable in Hycean atmospheres compared to those of rocky exoplanets,” the researchers wrote in the new study.

And a Hycean life hunt could start soon. Madhusudhan and his colleagues identified a number of Hycean worlds whose atmospheres could be scrutinized by next-generation observatories such as NASA’s $9.8 billion James Webb Space Telescope, which is scheduled to launch later this year. Those potential targets orbit small, dim red dwarf stars between 35 and 150 light-years from Earth.

“A biosignature detection would transform our understanding of life in the universe,” Madhusudhan said. “We need to be open about where we expect to find life and what form that life could take, as nature continues to surprise us in often unimaginable ways.”

Mike Wall is the author of “Out There” (Grand Central Publishing, 2018; illustrated by Karl Tate), a book about the search for alien life. Follow him on Twitter @michaeldwall. Follow us on Twitter @Spacedotcom or Facebook. 

Mike Wall

Michael was a science writer for the Idaho National Laboratory and has been an intern at Wired.com, The Salinas Californian newspaper, and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. He has also worked as a herpetologist and wildlife biologist. He has a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology from the University of Sydney, Australia, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona, and a graduate certificate in science writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Source: Alien life could thrive on big ‘Hycean’ exoplanets | Live Science

RE: Biden holds to Kabul Aug. 31 deadline despite criticism

HWH COMMENT: We never should have waged war against Afghanistan, decimated it’s people and land, subjecting them to carpet bombing – the worst hell on earth, all because Osama Bin Laden found refuge and comfort in a desert nobody cared about.

We stayed way too long once in, at great loss of lives of our own people and everybody else’s who engaged in that war.

Some say if we don’t win, all the sacrifice was in vain. I say one life saved because we left is more honorable than more dying because we stayed. Those souls long past have been saying to get out since the first person died on Afghan soil.

Neither the Afghan people nor the Afghan government attacked the USA. Although Osama bin Laden was an influencer, he did not orchestrate the attacks against America on 11 September 2001. The multiple masterminds claimed by the USA to be responsible for the planning and execution of the attacks proved that Osama bin Laden, occasionally hiding in and operating from the Afghan desert had little actual impact.

Even so and even if he had, the Afghan people did not deserve the hell on their earth waged against them by the USA in the name of Osama bin Laden.

To the countries wanting a slower withdrawal, you had ample time to come up with solutions and you all failed to produce: 2001-2021. Twenty years you had. How dare you ask for more time.

Let those who gave their lives for a better world finally rest in peace. That better world will come. A world without war. A world seeking peace. Thank you for your service, but it shouldn’t have had to be that way.


Find out who your real allies are. Allies for war and who benefits, except those making money from war? Allies for peace – everybody wins when they take the money off the table.


Biden holds to Kabul Aug. 31 deadline despite criticism


President Joe Biden speaks about the situation in Afghanistan from the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

 President Joe Biden speaks about the situation in Afghanistan from the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

U.S. President Joe Biden declared Tuesday he is sticking to his Aug. 31 deadline for completing a risky airlift of Americans, endangered Afghans and others seeking to escape Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The decision defies allied leaders who want to give the evacuation more time and opens Biden to criticism that he caved to Taliban deadline demands.

“Every day we’re on the ground is another day that we know ISIS-K is seeking to target the airport and attack both us and allied forces and innocent civilians,” Biden said at the White House, referring to the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate, which is known for staging suicide attacks on civilians.

He said the Taliban are cooperating and security is holding despite a number of violent incidents. “But it’s a tenuous situation,” he said, adding, “We run a serious risk of it breaking down as time goes on.”

The United States in recent days has ramped up its airlift amid new reports of rights abuses that fuel concern about the fate of thousands of people who fear retribution from the Taliban and are trying to flee the country. The Pentagon said 21,600 people had been evacuated in the 24 hours that ended Tuesday morning, and Biden said an additional 12,000 had been flown out in the 12 hours that followed. Those include flights operated by the U.S. military as well as other charter flights.

Biden said he had asked the Pentagon and State Department for evacuation contingency plans that would adjust the timeline for full withdrawal should that become necessary.

Pentagon officials expressed confidence the airlift, which started on Aug. 14, can get all Americans out by next Tuesday, the deadline Biden had set long before the Taliban completed their takeover. But unknown thousands of other foreign nationals remain in Afghanistan and are struggling to get out. MORE ON TALIBAN TAKEOVER

The Taliban, who have wrested control of the country back nearly 20 years after being ousted in a U.S.-led invasion after the 9/11 attacks, insist the airlift must end on Aug. 31. Any decision by Biden to stay longer could reignite a war between the militants and the approximately 5,800 American troops who are executing the airlift at Kabul airport.

In Kabul, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a news conference the U.S. must stick to its self-imposed deadline, saying “after that we won’t let Afghans be taken out” on evacuation flights. He also said the Taliban would bar Afghans from accessing roads to the airport, while allowing foreigners to pass in order to prevent large crowds from massing.

At the Pentagon, spokesman John Kirby said Aug. 31 leaves enough time to get all Americans out, but he was less specific about completing the evacuation of all at-risk Afghans. He said about 4,000 American passport holders and their family members had been evacuated from Kabul as of Tuesday.

“We expect that number to grow in coming days,” Kirby said.

With the full U.S. withdrawal looming, the Pentagon said several hundred U.S. troops have been withdrawn because they are no longer needed to complete the evacuation mission. Kirby said these are headquarters staff, maintenance personnel and others. “It will have no impact on the mission at hand,” he said.

It’s unclear how many Americans who want to leave are still in the country, but their status is a hot political topic for Biden. Some Republicans bristled Tuesday at the U.S. seeming to comply with a Taliban edict. “We need to have the top priority to tell the Taliban that we’re going to get all of our people out, regardless of what timeline was initially set,” said Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

And Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters Monday that “it was hard for me to imagine” wrapping up the airlifts by the end of the month.

One of the main refugee groups resettling Afghan evacuees in the United States said many people, including some American citizens, still were finding it impossible to get past Taliban checkpoints and crushing throngs outside the airport.

“The United States cannot pat itself on the back for a job half-done,” said Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president and CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.

Biden decided in April that he was ending the U.S. war, which began in October 2001. Former President Donald Trump had earlier agreed in negotiations with the Taliban to end the war in May.

However, Biden waited until the Taliban had swept to power this month, following the collapse of the U.S.-backed government and its army, to begin executing an airlift.

Tragic scenes at the airport have transfixed the world. Afghans poured onto the tarmac last week and some clung to a U.S. military transport plane as it took off, later plunging to their deaths. At least seven people died that day, and another seven died Sunday in a panicked stampede. An Afghan solider was killed Monday in a gunfight.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the Group of Seven nations will not recognize a Taliban government unless it guarantees people can leave the country if they wish, both before and after the August deadline. A day earlier, the director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, William Burns, met with a top Taliban leader in Kabul. The extraordinary meeting reflected the gravity of the crisis and America’s need to coordinate with a Taliban group it has accused of gross human rights abuses.

For now, the U.S. military coordinates all air traffic in and out of the Kabul airport, but the Taliban will take over there after the U.S. pullout.

Meanwhile, a U.S. official said Burns, the CIA director, met with Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar — an extraordinary moment for the U.S. spy agency, which for two decades targeted the Taliban in paramilitary operations. It was not clear what exactly they discussed.

The CIA partnered with Pakistani forces to arrest Baradar in 2010, and he spent eight years in a Pakistani prison before the Trump administration persuaded Pakistan to release him in 2018 ahead of U.S. peace talks with the Taliban.

Mujahid, meanwhile, pushed back on the idea that Afghans need to flee, arguing that the Taliban have brought peace and security to the country. He said the main problem was the chaos at the airport, and he accused the U.S. of luring away engineers, doctors and other professionals on which the country relies.

Earlier, U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said she had credible reports of “summary executions” of civilians and former security forces who were no longer fighting, the recruitment of child soldiers and restrictions on the rights of women to move around freely and of girls to go to school.

She did not specify the timing or source of her reports.

It has been difficult to determine how widespread abuses might be and whether they contradict the Taliban’s public statements or reflect disunity in its ranks.

From 1996 until the 2001 U.S.-led invasion, the Taliban largely confined women to their homes, banned television and music, chopped off the hands of suspected thieves and held public executions.

Burns reported from Washington, Lemire from Lowell, Massachusetts., Faiez from Istanbul. Associated Press writers Ellen Knickmeyer and Matthew Lee in Washington, Jon Gambrell in Dubai, Jamey Keaten in Geneva and Jill Lawless in London contributed to this report.

Source: Biden holds to Kabul Aug. 31 deadline despite criticism

Immune Cells Suggest New Alzheimer’s Treatment Possibilities – Scientific American

HWH COMMENT – Just researching for later use.

Credit: Ruaida Mannaa

Immune Cells Suggest New Alzheimer’s Treatment Possibilities

Brain cells called microglia have different effects as the neurodegenerative disease progresses August 1, 2021  


Jason Ulrich is an associate professor of neurology at Washington University in St. Louis.

Credit: Nick Higgins

David M. Holtzman is professor and chair of neurology, scientific director of the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders at Washington University in St. Louis and associate director of the Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. He is co-founder of C2N Diagnostics and has consulting arrangements with and research grants from various other companies.

Credit: Nick Higgins

In 1907 German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer published a case report of an unusual illness affecting the cerebral cortex. A 51-year-old woman living in an asylum in Frankfurt am Main exhibited symptoms that are all too familiar to the millions of families affected by what is now known as Alzheimer’s disease. There was memory loss, confusion and disorientation.

After the patient died, Alzheimer examined her brain and made a few key observations. First, it was smaller than average, or atrophic, with a corresponding loss of neurons. Next, there were tangles of protein fibers within neurons and deposits of a different protein outside brain cells. For the next 100 years, these two pathological proteins—known as tau and amyloid—were the focus of research into the causes of the disease.

But there was an additional, often forgotten clue that Alzheimer noted in the autopsy. Under the microscope lens, he saw clear changes in the structural makeup of certain nonneuronal cells. Called glia, they constitute roughly half of the brain’s cells.

After being studied by only a small number of scientists since Alzheimer’s discovery, glia have now entered the spotlight. One type, called microglia, is the main kind of immune cell in the brain and may influence the progression of the disease in different ways during both early and later stages. Microglia might also explain the complex relation between amyloid and tau, the aberrant proteins that lead to neuron degeneration and memory loss.

Research in the past decade has identified new molecular risk factors that implicate these brain immune cells in Alzheimer’s disease. Guided by powerful genetic-sequencing methods, we are beginning to gain an understanding of microglia and of the role of the immune system and its inflammatory processes in Alzheimer’s.

Although we have learned a lot about the biochemistry of tau and amyloid proteins, as well as about some of the genetic and lifestyle factors that can influence a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s, there are virtually no treatments to stop or slow the progression of the disease. On June 7 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new drug, aducanumab, that removes amyloid from the brain. But it is unclear how effective it is in improving patients’ waning cognitive skills. More interventions are still needed. Recent insights about microglia have suggested potential new therapies for the disease, and several are being developed now, with some already being tested in clinical trials.


Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia worldwide, and its multiple pathologies accumulate and converge over the course of decades. Alzheimer’s has two distinctive molecular hallmarks. The first is plaques made up of one form of amyloid called beta-amyloid. These peptides, or small proteins, are found in the spaces between cells.

The second is the contorted, or misfolded, forms of the tau protein, to which large numbers of phosphate groups get attached in a process known as hyperphosphorylation. This increase in tau phosphorylation has been linked to increased aggregation and toxicity of the protein. Tau is present in twisted clumps, called neurofibrillary tangles, in the cell bodies of neurons. Some tau also turns up adjacent to amyloid plaques in swollen, damaged axons, the long protrusions from the main bodies of neurons. This form is known as neuritic plaque tau.

Both tau and the larger protein from which amyloid is derived have normal roles in cell functioning that get corrupted by the disease process in people with Alzheimer’s. Extensive efforts to understand the pathological forms of amyloid and tau have led to the conclusion that we should consider Alzheimer’s in two stages. The first is a presymptomatic phase of 15 to 25 years during which amyloid builds up in the cerebral cortex, the brain’s outermost layer, in the absence of cognitive symptoms. In the second phase, tau tangles develop in the cortex, and neurodegeneration begins, with cognitive dysfunction appearing as brain cells die.

The Alzheimer’s research community has known for decades that genetic risk factors strongly influence a person’s likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s and that genes provide valuable insight into mechanisms underlying the disease. The foremost risk gene associated with Alzheimer’s is APOE. It encodes the protein apolipoprotein E, which is involved in fat and cholesterol metabolism. (The alphanumeric designations for genes are typically italicized, whereas those for the proteins they encode are presented as regular text.)

The gene’s association with Alzheimer’s, first reported in 1993, relates to one version of it, known as an allele, that dramatically increases the risk of illness. The three common APOE alleles in the human population are APOE2, APOE3 and APOE4. APOE3 is the most common, constituting approximately 78 percent of all alleles, followed by APOE4 at around 14 percent and APOE2 at around 8 percent. Every person has two APOE alleles, and about 25 percent of people carry at least one APOE4 allele. But among those with Alzheimer’s, about 60 percent have at least one APOE4 allele.

People with a single allele of APOE4 have a threefold to fourfold increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s, and individuals with two copies of APOE4 have an approximately 12-fold increased risk compared with people who have two alleles of APOE3. APOE4 carriers have earlier and more abundant deposition of amyloid plaques because their version of apolipoprotein E decreases clearance of beta-amyloid from the brain and facilitates aggregation of the protein. Conversely, people who are APOE2 carriers are at lower risk for developing Alzheimer’s and are much less likely to develop amyloid pathology.

Despite the strength of APOE4’s effect, it does not account for all of the genetic susceptibility to Alzheimer’s. Geneticists have doggedly pursued other risk factors that might explain this “missing heritability,” using advances in gene-sequencing technology to screen thousands of people for changes in DNA associated with a higher or lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Wide-scale screening has identified genetic regions and genes that appear to influence disease risk. Among them are variants of genes—CD33, BIN1, CR1 and MS4A6A—that encode proteins with various functions. For instance, CD33 and CR1 provide the genetic instructions for receptors on the cell surface that detect signals from other cells. These genes discovered by screening across populations have relatively modest effects on disease risk.

Researchers have also sequenced the genomes of thousands of people with Alzheimer’s to look for rare variants that might exert a strong effect on disease risk. Several of these risk genes are expressed predominantly by microglia, the brain’s major immune cells. In 2013 two studies identified a rare variant in TREM2, a gene encoding a receptor that traverses the cell membrane in microglia, as strongly increasing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The sequencing data revealed a variant that substituted an amino acid called histidine for arginine. This mutation was found to impair microglia’s functioning and increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s roughly twofold to fourfold. Interestingly, like several of the other new risk-factor genes, TREM2 is expressed exclusively by microglia in the brain. These genetic clues suggested that microglia could actively contribute to the disease process, but how?


Microglia are related to immune cells called macrophages that patrol the body to combat pathogens or help repair injured tissue. Researchers are learning that they are involved in everything from defense against infection to pruning excess synapses—the junctions where neurons meet—in the developing brain. Under normal conditions, microglia have small cell bodies with branchlike protrusions that extend throughout brain tissue. The immune cells gobble up—or, more formally, phagocytose—unneeded synapses and debris, and they look for signs of injury or invasion by pathogens.

If injury does occur, the shape and function of microglia change. The cell bodies get larger, and the branches extending from them shorten and decrease in number. Microglia migrate to the site of an injury to initiate an inflammatory response. For decades researchers had observed microglia surrounding amyloid plaques. It was unknown, though, whether they helped to limit amyloid buildup or initiated toxic inflammation. The relation between microglia and tau also was not well understood.

Some studies have indicated that microglia act on neurons to damage axons and synapses, jamming signals transmitted along axons and resulting in an accumulation of tau in cells.

Other research shows that inflammatory proteins called cytokines that are secreted by microglia dramatically increase the destructive process of hyperphosphorylation. The discovery of genetic risk factors such as TREM2 and CD33 pointed to distinct molecules in microglia that could be involved in Alzheimer’s. Researchers hope that understanding how these proteins function will provide insight into the broader role these cells play in the disease process.

Hallmarks of Alzheimer’s: tau tangles, neuritic plaque tau, amyloid plaques and microglia clusters.
Credit: AXS Biomedical Animation Studio

Experimental mice are valuable tools for studying how genetic factors can influence the kinds of brain changes seen in human Alzheimer’s dementia. So far there are few experimental animals that reproduce all aspects of Alzheimer’s (for example, a mouse with amyloid-plaque buildup followed by the spread of pathological tau and accompanying neurodegeneration). But researchers have created several dozen “models”—genetically engineered mice that develop either amyloid plaque or tau.

By crossing these transgenic mice with mice engineered to express alterations in Alzheimer’s risk genes, researchers can determine how a gene variant influences different aspects of Alzheimer’s-like pathology. For example, two decades ago amyloid mouse models engineered to express human APOE4 protein were shown to develop more amyloid plaques than mice with the APOE3 or APOE2 gene variants. In recent years researchers have assessed the role of the human TREM2 protein in Alzheimer’s by deleting the Trem2 gene in mouse models of amyloid pathology. Several laboratories consistently identified a dramatic reduction in the number of microglia surrounding amyloid plaques in such mice.

A series of studies from the lab of Marco Colonna at Washington University in St. Louis found that in mice without the Trem2 gene, microglia were unable to properly ramp up their metabolism. When near amyloid plaques, they did not produce sufficient adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, a molecule that fuels cellular activity. Starved of energy, the cells were unable to surround amyloid plaques. Researchers then saw an increase in swollen, injured axons, known as dystrophic neurites, caused by damage from amyloid.

These key observations—fewer microglia surrounding plaques and increased damage to axons—were also seen in postmortem brain sections from people with Alzheimer’s who had a rare mutation in the TREM2 gene known as R47H, the one that had been discovered in 2013. This finding boosted the confidence that the observations in mice could be relevant to how TREM2 works in humans. In addition, work by Jaime Grutzendler’s group at Yale University showed that the fewer microglia that surrounded a plaque, the more damaged the nearby axons were.

That study provided further evidence of the potential role of microglia in protecting against amyloid’s toxic effects in local areas around plaques. It also showed that microglia interact with the ends of tiny amyloid fibers, potentially halting their growth or shielding the surrounding neurons from amyloid’s ill effects.


If microglia protect axons from amyloid plaque damage, might they also safeguard against tau pathology? If so, dangerous TREM2 mutations such as R47H might exacerbate Alzheimer’s pathology by making it easier for neuritic plaque tau to develop near amyloid plaques. Testing this hypothesis remains challenging, but some clues have come from research exploring how tau pathology is able to spread similarly to prions, the proteins that characterize diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, one form of which is associated with “mad cow” disease.

Over the past decade or so researchers have found that tau and amyloid fold up into aberrant shapes similar to a prionlike “seed” that then causes normally structured forms of the proteins to misfold as well. In this manner, pathological tau can propagate to connected brain regions as Alzheimer’s progresses. A series of papers by Virginia Man-Yee Lee’s lab at the University of Pennsylvania showed that injecting normal mouse brains with aggregated tau seeds isolated from brains with Alzheimer’s pathology resulted in the misfolding of mouse tau into neurofibrillary tangles. Mice that already had amyloid pathology developed neuritic plaque tau, the axon-damaging form of the protein. The latter process resembles the chain of events in Alzheimer’s. Although the mice did not develop significant neurodegeneration, the “seeding” approach provided a reliable method to study both amyloid and tau pathology.

When it is not contributing to Alzheimer’s pathology, tau is normally located in the axons of neurons, where it helps to stabilize structural proteins called microtubules that aid in the transport of cellular materials from one part of a neuron to another. Lee’s team found that tau in swollen axons near amyloid plaques became disengaged from microtubules, leaving it potentially more prone to contortion. In essence, these damaged axons turned into fertile soil in which pathological tau seeds in the surrounding amyloid-laden cortex could take root.

Because the detrimental R47H-mutant type of TREM2 protein on microglia increases axon damage, we reasoned that the more common TREM2 form might help the immune cells shield axons near amyloid plaque, preventing tau seeds from spurring further tau accumulation or invading other areas of the cortex. In a study led by Cheryl Leyns and Maud Gratuze, then members of our lab, we injected tau seeds from an Alzheimer’s brain into mouse models with and without genes expressing functional TREM2 protein and found that mice without the protein developed far more neuritic plaque tau in the swollen axons. That damage spread to other regions in the brain through networks of connected neurons.

We also used mouse models developed by Colonna that expressed either normal human TREM2 or the R47H form. Again, amyloid mouse models with the R47H variant developed more neuritic plaque tau pathology near amyloid plaques when injected with tau seeds. To confirm the findings from mouse models, we also examined human brains and found that people with Alzheimer’s-associated TREM2 variants had more neuritic plaque tau. From these observations, we concluded that normal TREM2 and perhaps microglia in general protect against amyloid- induced seeding and spreading of tau throughout the brain.

Microglia seem to be protective against the spread of tau pathology in the amyloid-laden cortex typical of the first phase of Alzheimer’s. But are they still protective once neurofibrillary tangles develop in the cortex and neurodegeneration begins during the symptomatic phase of the disease? Two influential studies—one from Ido Amit’s lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, and the other from Oleg Butovsky of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and his colleagues—looked at changes in the activity of microglial genes in mouse models of different neurodegenerative diseases and identified remarkable similarities in how those genes are activated.

They found that microglia in mouse brains with neurodegenerative injuries similar to those that occur with tau pathology switched on diverse genes, many of which encode proteins for degrading unwanted materials in the cell. Microglia at this point strongly increased expression of a mouse version of the APOE4 risk gene. It seems then that both APOE and TREM2 play key roles in determining whether a microglial response is activated when neurons start to die and symptoms first appear.

That discovery led us to cross mice expressing different versions of human APOE with a mouse model that develops both tau pathology and severe neurodegeneration. In a study led by Yang Shi at our lab at Washington University in St. Louis, we found that a tau mouse model that expressed APOE4 had far more neurodegeneration and more advanced tau pathology than mice with APOE3 or APOE2. Next we assessed cell death in people with Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative diseases with large accumulations of tau. We found that APOE4 carriers suffered greater damage in the brain than those who carried other alleles.

Additionally, Alzheimer’s patients who were APOE4 carriers declined faster than those who were not. This came as a surprise to us and other researchers because for many years, it had been thought that the primary effect of APOE4 was the accumulation of large amounts of amyloid. These studies, however, pointed to a role for APOE4 not only in regulating amyloid pathology but also in dictating how fast neurons die in response to tau pathology. This implies that the “Alzheimer’s gene,” as APOE4 is known, influences not only amyloid deposition but also neurological damage because of tau accumulation, the two major disease stages.

The expanding understanding of APOE4 led to the next mouse experiment. We found that deletion of the mouse version of the APOE gene was strongly protective against neurodegeneration and delayed the progression of tau pathology—and, more important, the brain damage caused by tau buildup. If deletion of the APOE gene is neuroprotective in mouse models, then perhaps decreasing APOE levels in the human brain would slow down neurodegeneration, particularly in people carrying the APOE4 variant.

In another experiment, we used the tau mouse model, which also expressed human APOE4, to test whether reducing levels of the apolipoprotein variant would protect against neurodegeneration. We collaborated with Ionis Pharmaceuticals to use antisense oligonucleotides, short stretches of modified DNA that degrade messenger RNA (the molecular instructions for a cell to make a specific protein) to reduce the amount of APOE4 in the mice’s brains by half. We found that lowering APOE4 levels when tau pathology was starting to take hold preserved neurons and diminished inflammation and microglial activation in the mice’s brains.

An emerging picture suggests that microglia play two different roles during the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia. In mouse models of amyloid pathology, increased microglial activity around plaques appears to protect the brain. In mice with tau pathology, aberrant tau strongly increases the expression of microglial genes associated with neurodegeneration, and APOE4 seems to further inflame the brain. All of this indicates a strong immune response by microglia to tau pathology that correlates with increased damage, not protection of the brain.

Of course, correlations do not equal causation, and at that point in our research it was unclear whether the strong immune response seen in tau models that expressed APOE4 was driving the degeneration or was simply a response to it. We next asked whether the loss of TREM2, the receptor on the surface of microglia, would increase neurodegeneration and inflammation in the brain. It would not have been entirely surprising if microglia helped to protect neurons, even at that relatively late stage of the disease.

Again, an experiment lowering gene activity was in store. Knocking out TREM2 in tau mouse models decreased the microglial response and diminished neurodegeneration levels. This finding suggested that reducing microglial activity resulted in less damage and brain atrophy from tau pathology.


More evidence implicating microglia as drivers of the neuron loss that leads to cognitive decline later in the disease process came from two 2019 studies. Giving mice a drug that blocked the critical protein colony-stimulating factor 1, which microglia need to survive, was shown to remove around 90 percent of microglia in the brain. In tau mouse models, mice that received the drug exhibited dramatically reduced tau pathology and neurodegeneration, indicating that microglia are required for tau-dependent neurodegeneration. These findings demonstrate that TREM2 signaling appears to produce paradoxical effects—either protective or detrimental—depending on the stage of disease progression.

From this research, it seems likely that TREM2 signaling during the presymptomatic and possibly the early symptomatic phases of Alzheimer’s, when amyloid accumulates, helps to reduce the amount of damage amyloid can inflict on nearby axons and synapses. It also impedes the advance of tau through the cortex. Once tau pathology is clearly established, however, microglia may drive synapse loss and the death of neurons.

Assuming that the damaging effect of microglia in mouse models of tau pathology holds true in human Alzheimer’s—still a big assumption—targeting microglia might be a viable treatment strategy. It might be best to promote microglial activation, particularly around amyloid plaques, in the presymptomatic and early symptomatic phases of the illness. Conversely, in more advanced stages of tau pathology, decreasing the microglia response might slow neurodegeneration, as well as the rate of cognitive decline.

Perhaps as we learn more about how microglia behave in response to amyloid and tau pathology, new targets can be identified for the development of therapies to treat this devastating disease. A human clinical trial is currently testing whether TREM2 activation can slow the course of early-stage Alzheimer’s, and multiple other microglia-targeted therapies are entering drug-development pipelines. If these approaches prove successful, it may turn out to be the third, overlooked finding in Alzheimer’s famous autopsy—after the better-known plaques and tangles—that proves instrumental in decreasing the terrible impact on patients’ brains.

Source: Immune Cells Suggest New Alzheimer’s Treatment Possibilities – Scientific American

Time To Rethink Relocation


When the neighboring funeral home moves out of the neighborhood, you know it’s time to rethink relocation.

It’s too chaotic and violent even for them.

Darn, the one thing that held me back being as old as Steve and I are was the funeral home a block away. Nice people too! Easy, we thought. You know the end of life stuff. We could walk a block to make all the arrangements.

It is too dangerous for white people in this part of town.

People too often use me as an opportunity to get something for free from a shop or restaurant. They see white; that’s all they see; they don’t see a person; they see an opportunity. Many of them are nicely dressed; they just don’t want to pay.

If I shop online, which I was doing, then they’re waiting for the delivery person and steal my stuff before I know it’s been delivered.

I didn’t sacrifice for others my entire life, so I could live like this at the end.

Just yesterday management shut down the laundry room @ KIRBY MANOR because of vandalism. Some people trying to get into the money machine that adds cash to your laundry card. Minimum amount is five dollars, so they thought they could get a payday. It’s like the ATMs being dragged out of stores by trucks. Now it’s laundromats they target.

For years management refused to put a security camera in the laundry room. So what good is security? Even when a crime is committed and the police want to see the videos, management won’t allow it, so the security system is useless. It can’t even function as a deterrent, since maintenance has told everyone they won’t look at the tapes when a package is stolen in full view of the camera.

Maintenance says the cameras can’t see the addresses on the package. And the thieves all know it. They could find a way to handle it, but because black people are involved, they turn that BIG BLACK BLIND EYE.

Steve and I went to a restaurant/tavern a few days ago for lunch. A white gay dude comes in wheeling a black male youth and sets up beside me.

Steve got up to go to the rest room and the white guy shouts to the black kid, “you have to pee now, let’s go see some white dick”. The kid said he didn’t have to go, the guy took him anyway.

I jumped up and got into it with the white gay guy while standing by the door waiting for Steve, knocking on the wall to alert him that something was wrong.

People get raped in restaurants/bars where gays frequent even when it’s not a designated gay bar; they’re looking for non-gay opportunities. The gay guy kept screaming at me full force to go to the women’s room – maybe he thought I was TRANS with my boobs and buzz cut combo. I didn’t budge even with his puffed up chest right in my face. He hollered, I hollered back.

I stood my ground.

When he brings the kid back, the kid says, I’m going to rape that old woman.

It’s time to clean up these establishments before there’s another massacre. They’re hiring all black people for night time and white people for day time – even in grocery and drug stores.

The staff tell white people to visit during the day and stay away at night when the black people descend on the bars – sounds like segregation to me.

Steve saw the owner of the funeral home while walking Lilly Belle and they chatted. It’s just too dangerous. Two out-of-control bars across the street, two blocks away another getting ready to reopen. Huge bars on Clifton Boulevard, when one closes the clientele swarm to the all-nighter restaurant up the street.

One on Clifton Blvd., now has a sign in the window, no one under thirty years old allowed after 10 PM.

Do we want to live in a place like this?

What does that even mean? They card everybody in the restaurant/bar to see if they’re over thirty once the clock strikes 10 PM? Or does that mean only those entering after 10 PM, not those already there?

Something tells me that cut off age point is not enforced. Give the bartender a tip and they’ll let anybody in. Even teenagers.

Why is it that everywhere blacks frequent, a police presence is required? Do you think it’s time for black people to control their own impulses, instead of making white people stay away? That’s segregation and discrimination.

Why every Friday does the local grocery store have a police presence and only black people as cashiers? Why am I in danger if I go to the grocery store on Friday evening? I should know enough to stay away?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you allow unruly behavior by black people in restaurants, bars and grocery and drug stores, and their proclivity of torching people and property when under the influence of drugs and alcohol, then it’s only a matter of time before that funeral parlor gets torched.

Yup. Time to move.

Yes, it’s past time for new leadership in Cleveland, Ohio, but where does one’s responsibility for one’s own behavior come in? A new mayor isn’t going to WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE to their personal responsibilities as citizens of the world.

All the money on the planet thrown their way won’t do that.

Money can’t control tempers, never has, never will.

LeBron James, basketball player who beats up his team after they lose, is a perfect example of tempers out of control. Every time I see him, he’s throwing physical threat gestures at the entire world. You can’t tell him to tone it down, that’s his right as a black man and black society’s expectations of him as a black man.

Therein lies the problem.

Cancel THAT Culture for the good of all.

Licensed drug could reduce SAR | EurekAlert! Science News Releases


Licensed drug could reduce SARS-CoV-2 infection by up to 70 per cent, reveals study

Peer-Reviewed Publication


A licensed drug normally used to treat abnormal levels of fatty substances in the blood could reduce infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus by up to 70 per cent, reveals a study in the laboratory by an international collaboration of researchers.

The research team, led by the University of Birmingham and Keele University in the UK and the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Italy, has demonstrated that fenofibrate and its active form (fenofibric acid) can significantly reduce SARS-COV-2 infection in human cells in the laboratory.  Importantly, reduction of infection was obtained using concentrations of the drug which are safe and achievable using the standard clinical dose of fenofibrate.  Fenofibrate, which is approved for use by most countries in the world including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), is an oral drug currently used to treat conditions such as high levels of cholesterol and  lipids (fatty substances) in the blood.

The team is now calling for clinical trials to test the drug in hospitalised COVID-19 patients, to be carried out in addition to two clinical trials also currently underway in such patients in research being led by the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in the US and Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, infects the host through an interaction between the Spike protein on the surface of the virus and the ACE2 receptor protein on host cells.  In this study, responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the team tested a panel of already licensed drugs – including fenofibrate – to identify candidates that disrupt ACE2 and Spike interactions.  

Having identified fenofibrate as a candidate, they then tested the efficacy of the drug in reducing infection in cells in the laboratory using the original strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus isolated in 2020.  They found fenofibrate reduced infection by up to 70%.  Additional unpublished data also indicates that fenofibrate is equally effective against the newer variants of SARS-CoV-2 including the alpha and beta variants and research is ongoing into its efficacy in the delta variant.

Corresponding author Dr Farhat Khanim, of the University of Birmingham in the UK, explained: “The development of new more infectious SARS-CoV-2 variants has resulted in a rapid expansion in infection rates and deaths in several countries around the world, especially the UK, US and Europe. Whilst vaccine programmes will hopefully reduce infection rates and virus spread in the longer term, there is still an urgent need to expand our arsenal of drugs to treat SARS-CoV-2-positive patients.”

Co-corresponding author Dr Alan Richardson, of Keele University in the UK, added: “Whilst in some countries vaccination programmes are progressing at speed, vaccine uptake rates are variable and for most low middle income countries, significant proportions of the population are unlikely to be vaccinated until 2022.

Furthermore, whilst vaccination has been shown to reduce infection rates and severity of disease, we are as yet unsure of the strength and duration of the response. Therapies are still urgently needed to manage COVID-19 patients who develop symptoms or require hospitalisation.”

Co-author Dr Elisa Vicenzi, of the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Italy, said: “Our data indicates that fenofibrate may have the potential to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms and also virus spread. Given that fenofibrate is an oral drug which is very cheap and available worldwide, together with its extensive history of clinical use and its good safety profile, our data has global implications – especially in low-middle income countries and in those individuals for whom vaccines are not recommended or suitable such as children, those with hyper-immune disorders and those using immune-suppressants.”

First author Dr Scott Davies, also of the University of Birmingham, concluded: “We now urgently need further clinical studies to establish whether fenofibrate is a potential therapeutic agent to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

The research, published today (Aug 6) in Frontiers in Pharmacology, was also carried out in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and the University of Liverpool in the UK.


To arrange media interviews with Dr Frahat Khanim or Dr Scott Davies please contact Emma McKinney, Media Relations Manager (Health Sciences), University of Birmingham, via e.j.mckinney@bham.ac.uk or Tel: +44 7815607157

To arrange interviews with Dr Alan Richardson, contact Andrew Cain, media relations manager, Keele University, email: a.i.cain@keele.ac.uk

Notes for Editors

Davies et al. ‘The hyperlipidaemic drug fenofibrate significantly reduces infection by SARS-1 CoV-2 in cell culture models’. Frontiers in Pharmacology.

The University of Birmingham is ranked amongst the world’s top 100 institutions, and its work brings people from across the world to Birmingham, including researchers and teachers and more than 6,500 international students from nearly 150 countries.

Keele University is ranked among the Top 10 universities in England for overall student satisfaction (NSS 2021), and is world-renowned for its breadth of teaching and research that tackles the world’s most urgent problems, with 97% of its research being deemed to be world-leading, or of international importance (REF 2014).


Frontiers in Pharmacology




Experimental study




The hyperlipidaemic drug fenofibrate significantly reduces infection by SARS-1 CoV-2 in cell culture models



Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.

A licensed drug normally used to treat abnormal levels of fatty substances in the blood could reduce infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus by up to 70 per cent, reveals a study in the laboratory by an international collaboration of researchers.

A licensed drug normally used to treat abnormal levels of fatty substances in the blood could reduce infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus by up to 70 per cent, reveals a study in the laboratory by an international collaboration of researchers.

Source: Licensed drug could reduce SAR | EurekAlert! Science News Releases

China seals city as its worst virus outbreak in a year grows

BEIJING (AP) — China’s worst coronavirus outbreak since the start of the pandemic a year and a half ago escalated Wednesday with dozens more cases around the country, the sealing-off of one city and the punishment of its local leaders.

Since that initial outbreak was tamed last year, China’s people had lived virtually free of the virus, with extremely strict border controls and local distancing and quarantine measures stamping out scattered, small flareups when they occurred.

Now, the country is on high alert as an outbreak of cases connected to the international airport in the eastern city of Nanjing touched at least 17 provinces. China reported 71 new cases of COVID-19 from local transmission Wednesday, more than half of them in coastal Jiangsu province, of which Nanjing is the capital.

In Wuhan, the central city where the first cases of COVID-19 were identified in late 2019, mass testing has shown some of its newly reported cases have a high degree of similarity to cases discovered in Jiangsu province. Those cases have been identified as being caused by the highly transmissible delta variant that first was identified in India.

Meanwhile, another COVID-19 hotspot was emerging in the city of Zhangjiajie, near a scenic area in Hunan province famous for sandstone cliffs, caves, forests and waterfalls that inspired the on-screen landscape in the “Avatar” films.

The city, with a population of about 1.5 million, ordered residential communities sealed Sunday, preventing people from leaving their homes. In a subsequent order on Tuesday, officials said no one, whether tourist or resident, could leave the city.

The city government’s Communist Party disciplinary committee on Wednesday issued a list of local officials who “had a negative impact” on pandemic prevention and control work who would be punished.

The city itself has only recorded 19 cases since last week, three of which were people with no symptoms, which are counted separately. However, individual cases linked to Zhangjiajie’s outbreak have spread to at least five provinces, according to the Shanghai government-owned newspaper the Paper.

Far higher numbers were reported in Yangzhou, a city next to Nanjing, which has recorded 126 cases as of Tuesday.

After announcing last week that they were suspending issuance of passports for travelers except for those with an urgent need, officials at the National Immigration Administration reiterated the message again on Wednesday at a press briefing.

As of Tuesday, China has given more than 1.71 billion vaccine doses to its population of 1.4 billion. It’s not clear how many of those are first or both doses, but at least 40% of the population is fully protected, according to earlier announcements.

Chinese companies have not publicly shared real-world data on how effective their vaccines are against the delta variant, though officials have said the vaccines prevent severe disease and hospitalization.

In addition to the 71 cases of local transmission, 25 travelers from overseas have COVID-19 and have entered quarantine, making the total for Wednesday 96 new cases. The National Health Commission also said 15 people tested positive for the virus but have no symptoms.

China has reported 4,636 deaths and 93,289 cases of COVID-19 overall, most of them from the original outbreak in Wuhan that peaked early last year.

Freedom Of Speech In Private

Freedom Of Speech In Private

During the racial riots I heard many black people state that when a white person criticizes a black person or black people in private to other white peoples, it is the duty of the white person to confront said person(s). If they don’t then they’re racist.

If that’s the expectation, then it is also the duty of the black person and black people to confront other black peoples who disparage white people to each other in private – even family. When they don’t it’s racist.

Frankly, one race controlling what another race says in private is an infringement on their privacy rights.

Contrary to current media thought, it is the black populace who speaks more often negatively about white people in private than white people talk negatively about black people.

Attempting to block speech freedoms in private, especially when applied to only one race is discriminatory.

Perhaps black peoples naturally assume that white peoples talk about them as much as black people talk about white peoples.

As it turns out there’s no comparison. Black people talking about white people never ends. It’s woven into all they think thus speak. White people this, white people that, on and on. No matter what befalls them in their day to day activities of living, white people are at the root of it.

It’s starting to get a little creepy – their obsession with white people.

Few Days on Antibiotics Often as Good as Weeks – Scientific American

Shorter courses cause fewer side effects and breed fewer antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”

Dozens of studies show that for many bacterial infections, a short course of antibiotics, measured in days, performs as well as the traditional course, measured in weeks. Shorter courses also carry a lower risk of side effects…

Continue Source: A Few Days on Antibiotics Are Often as Good as Weeks, Research Shows – Scientific American

HWH ClipBoard: That’s all well and good, but doctors aren’t practicing that type of medicine yet. What does the patient do? If the prescription says ten days, do five days?

That still doesn’t put the responsibility on the pharmaceutical companies to factor out adverse side effects that don’t go away when the medicine is stopped.

Pharmaceuticals need to accept responsibility for their mistakes and stop trying to make people healthier by making them sicker – forever.

That forever word is scary. You mean I’m going to have this side effect forever?

Something besides reducing the dose needs to be done.

However, it’s been my experience that doctors when treating the common diseases associated with obesity: high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes that they bombard the body with medications that get the jobs done, but land the patient in kidney, heart or liver failure.

What good is that? It’s wrong. Doctors need to slow up. It’s like they’re in a competition for a fast cure, but they’re killing the patient in the process from overprescribing every drug.

Having a different doctor for every organ is part of the problem. Each doctor prescribes something different, sometimes overlapping areas of treatment and it puts the patient in jeopardy.

Reduce the dose on all medications to the least amount required for optimal benefit – not optimal lab numbers that are the same for everybody – but optimal quality of life.

Do Rights Organizations Discriminate?





Through our detailed research and determined campaigning, we help fight abuses of human rights worldwide. We bring torturers to justice. Change oppressive laws. And free people jailed just for voicing their opinion.


We all have the right to be treated equally, regardless of our race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex characteristics, age, health or other status. Yet all too often we hear heartbreaking stories of people who suffer cruelty simply for belonging to a “different” group from those in positions of privilege or power.

Discrimination occurs when a person is unable to enjoy his or her human rights or other legal rights on an equal basis with others because of an unjustified distinction made in policy, law or treatment. Amnesty International’s work is rooted in the principle of non-discrimination. Working with communities across the world, we challenge discriminatory laws and practices to ensure all people can enjoy their rights on an equal basis.

Toxic rhetoric and demonization

The politics of demonization is on the march across many parts of the world. Political leaders on every continent are advocating hatred on the grounds of nationality, race or religion by using marginalized groups as scapegoats for social and economic ills. Their words and actions carry weight with their supporters; the use of hateful and discriminatory rhetoric is likely to incite hostility and violence towards minority groups.”

• There are five sex categories and one OTHER category. What’s in the OTHER category that appears to be so cumbersome to mention, that five sex categories isn’t?

• Was POVERTY, the overwhelming cause of social disparity, included in the OTHER category?

• WHAT THEY FAIL TO MENTION is the demonization of the so-called white race applied to boost the races they claim are demonized by the treatment they get or don’t get regarding their human needs and dreams. In fact, white people in all categories have become the scapegoat for the reason of social-economic disparity, whether they are rich or poor. They speak about hateful rhetoric giving rise to violence, but in America it was the protestors inciting violence on behalf of the so-called marginal people as well as the marginal ones using their bull horns to incite the entire world to violence..

• POOR WHITES are the largest marginalized group worldwide, and most often the target by smaller marginalized groups to fight their battles for them or suffer the consequences. When the smaller groups succeed, it is often said that the marginalized whites also benefit, but they don’t, unless they fall into one of the smaller marginalized groups. Historically that has been Jews worldwide.

  • One can’t claim that black peoples are the largest marginalized group, when they’re the ones who get all the assistance. That massive assistance makes then not marginalized. They are not pushed to the sides; they are front and center on the GLOBAL MIND.

These three short notices are not meant to be an all-inclusive review. Just one of the notes could point out the bias of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. I’m left with the impression that white heterosexuals regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, or religion are being blamed for all that ails the planet and by demonizing them, everyone on earth will enjoy the freedom to survive and thrive. That’s just not true in any sense.

Poor white people, completely forgotten, survive on the leftover crumbs of national and international organizations designed to use them as stepping stools to raise up the poor of other races, because of their high numbers. It’s like the over-loaded donkey or camel that finally succumbs by too much weight piled on. Civil rights, human rights were not designed for poor whites. Trickle down strategies don’t work in reality.

It’s important that when you use the phrase ALL PEOPLE, you really mean all people, and not leave out the people you prejudge as being responsible for discrimination thus unworthy of your focus. Just tell the world how poor white people are responsible for all of that and maybe they’re understand why they’re targeted to make a difference for everybody but themselves.

The only time I see white faces is when they’re protesting for non-white faces. They don’t organize the poor among their own race. Laws are not meant to uplift poor white people, so no one ever sees them.

The Blacks say, then fight with us, but don’t ever expect to be included in the mattering category. THAT’S OURS. And that speaks volumes about the discrimination occurring in so-called human rights groups and organizations.

• You left out SLAVERY in the WHAT WE DO category. Does slavery come under the OTHER category?








Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef and activist, ARCHITECT OF 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ & MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

Who’s On The Roof Where I Live?

9:05 AM 12 July 2021





1- The first time the guy appeared alone, bending over the side of the roof top on the black square, it looked like he was wondering if he could jump the distance.

2- By the time I got my camera and got it turned on and positioned he left.

3- A short while later he returned with another person.

4- I called the office at Kirby Manor to inquire if anyone was supposed to be on the roof and three times no answer. One of the times I was finally able to leave a detailed message. It is required of office and/or management personnel to return phone calls. They never did. They never do.

5- Evidently I didn’t have a right to know what these people were doing on the roof, one of them obviously looking straight at me.

1- 10:07 AM 23 July 2021 I hear a ruckus on the roof, Steve looking out trying to hear.

2- Two people with equipment appearing to attach or pound something in a few locations too small to see.

3- Argument broke out between one person on roof and people on ground. Loud voices fuck you, …fuck you…

4- People on ground were maintenance person in tan colors (Ron) and assistant leasing agent in black colors (Carol).

5- Guy on roof shouts, “I’m going to do what I was told to do, then get out of here”.

6- If they were making repairs it sure didn’t look like it.

7- It’s none of my business evidently.

8- Whenever I call the office for any reason, even when the notice says clearly, “call the office with any questions”, the response by a person called Carol is always the same, “Excu-u-use Me!!!”.

  • I clarify and the response is one to two words – a long pause followed by an angry sounding yes or no with no explanation.

9- When I continue the line of questioning her response is again the same with each question “Excu-u-use Me!!!”. She says it like she’s highly insulted that I would ask a question, any question. In other words Seniors have no right to ask questions about what’s going on in their environment.

10- I live here, this is my home; who are those people on the roof who aren’t doing any work. Do they belong there?

11- Who living on the seventh floor of an apartment building with no similar buildings nearby would expect to look out their window as they raised the blinds to a new day and see someone looking back? It was off-putting. There are many homeless roaming the streets. Maybe they decided to roam the roof. For what reason?They didn’t look professional – no company names on shirts or name tags. How did they get to the roof?

  • Just to be more clear, people on the roof without permission is more commonplace than one may think. People come in after hours and who knows what they’re doing up there. How do they get in after hours with no management on the premises to unlock the doors? We don’t have a right to ask. Previous maintenance personnel have shown up on the fourth of July to set off rockets from the roof on the main building where I live; how did they get access? If you ask the office, they won’t tell, because they don’t care.
  • This was the first time I’ve ever seen somebody on the roof of the annex – a two story attached building. Who would think, dressed as they were and doing what they were doing that they belonged there?

“Excu-u-use Me!!!”.

  • She treats me like an enemy combatant. All she had to do was call and say the roof was being repaired or send out a notice and say there will be people on the roof between such and such days.
  • Everybody blames the pandemic, but management was like this before the pandemic. In fact, I’ve been here twelve years and they still treat us like they own us.
  • SENIORS OF ALL RACES DON’T MATTER. Do what you’re told and shut up about everything else or you have three months to vacate.
  • I’ve lived in a lot of apartments over many decades. Black managers are the biggest offenders of tenants rights. No wonder black people complain. But when they do they have to put it on the white person or suffer the consequences by their own race.
  • I pictured that guy coming back at night, now that he knew the layout, and committing a crime against humanity. I pictured him being able to scale a building, not a far reach. He could kick open the screen and be in or shoot from the outside. My windows are open for the plants. I overheard someone say, “It’s like a forest in there”.
  • Sound rises. People can whisper seven floors down and if they’re outside or inside with windows open they can be heard.
  • You might want to tone the anti-white rhetoric of your inside operatives down.

Israel is in the building and I’m concerned, after definitive statements made by the new Prime Minister regarding boycotts of products made in occupied territories by Israel, about what he’s going to order in retaliation. When it’s Israel the response is always disproportionate to the perceived offense. Those thirty USA governors will be called upon and somebody had better be listening.

• Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office said he spoke with Alan Jope, chief executive of Ben & Jerry’s parent company Unilever, and raised concern about what he called a “clearly anti-Israel step.”

• He said the move would have “serious consequences, legal and otherwise,” and Israel “will act aggressively against all boycott actions directed against its citizens.”..


The United States of America means freedom to protest against the government policies and practices in order to prevent a dictatorship that supports enslavement. Slavery has been a big issue here for centuries.

That several states have outlawed the boycott of Israeli products made in occupied areas of Palestine is contrary to the American principle of freedom.

Those thirty-something states are violating the USA Constitution and the right to assemble and petition under the first amendment to that constitution.

Citizens of any country have the right to buy or not to buy a product. Countries boycott each other all the time in the name of sanctions, but still it’s a boycott.

Naftali Bennett, new Prime Minister of Israel, proved that the long Jewish history of ruining people’s businesses and making their lives living hells is not dead, by claiming in so many words that they would do the unspeakable to Ben & Jerry’s who announced that they would not be renewing their contract when the current one ends next year, in protest of the Jewish occupation of the Palestinians and Palestine.

“Legal and otherwise“, means watch out we’re coming for you and you know what that means.

The “otherwise” part means illegal. That’s the unspeakable part.

Aggressively against all boycott actions”. That means we’ll ruin your businesses, kill your dog, rape your sons, spread grotesque rumors about you and your family worldwide, we’ll even get to your family doctor who will misdiagnose you, operate and kill you on the table…

Since thirty-two USA states participated in denying USA companies the right to protest apartheid in Palestine via boycotts, those thirty-two states are guilty of violating the USA Constitution which amounts to treason.

In support of Israel, they became traitor to the USA. The majority of states jumped ship. So Jews aren’t just seeking a Jewish majority in Palestine and Israel but in the USA as well. Imagine the amount of time and effort it took by Israeli forces to enter the USA, contact all these governors and make them flip for Israel occupying Palestine and the Palestinian people.

It starts with Ben & Jerry’s and from there anyone else who supports boycotting products made in occupied territories, or anywhere Jewish products are made and sold, in protest of the illegal occupation.

They will hunt down every person who publicly or privately supports the use of boycott as a means of protest against the occupation.

Even now, Jewish groups within the USA are criticizing the legislators who banned the boycotts against Israel who still condemn the occupation of Palestine. Make the anti-boycott of Israeli products consistent with the occupation right of Israeli Jews in Palestine.

Believe that every one of them is on a list of being forcibly influenced to betray American values of freedom to boycott – or else suffer the consequences.

Jews worldwide who support the occupation are very familiar with the term “illegal”.

Just to be clear, Ben & Jerry’s was making Ice-cream for Jewish settlers living on occupied land in Palestine. So they weren’t making ice-cream for Palestinians. FOR JEWS ONLY.

Thirty-two USA governors voted in support of those slavery policies.

“The Israel Anti-Boycott Act (IABA) (H.R. 1697; S. … Lawmakers hope to curb the growth of BDS which they consider to be anti-Semitic by making it difficult to participate in anti-Israel boycotts. As of 2020, 32 state legislatures have already passed bills similar to IABA.”

Thirty-two USA governors committed treason against the USA in support of apartheid policies elsewhere in the world and allowed elsewhere in the world to determine American policy by a majority. Don’t they know the USA outlawed slavery centuries ago? They’ll say they were hoodwinked by a foreign government. The majority of states were hoodwinked? They knew what they were doing.

Jews denied American businesses the right to protest slavery by boycott wherever slavery exists. What did these governors get in return for such treasonous acts? One must wonder what other type of loyalty they’ll promise.

One might think the FBI would investigate such a move and the CIA should have been all over it, yet they weren’t. Why? Because Jews influence all American institutions by populating them. It’s called infiltration. But what do these institutions get in return? Nothing. Maybe they won’t be attacked by Israelis or American Jews, which amounts to terrorism by extortion. That doesn’t mean individuals within these institutions won’t be flipped by extortive methods.

How can the USA effectively combat terrorism elsewhere, when they’re being terrorized into submitting to Israeli will at home? If not so blatantly tragic it would be comical.

So treason by the FBI and the CIA by allowing governors to act independently of the interest of the USA and it’s citizens is how low the Jews and participating partners in apartheid operate. They’re all complicit.

They passed laws requiring complicity in Apartheid. Passed laws requiring slavery in other places, which amounts to slavery in the USA governmental sections condoning it by not allowing American businesses to protest it via a boycott.

Why doesn’t an American voice exist in America? Ever wonder about that? Because Jews pepper all strategic American institutions with their presence, becoming the american voice by proxy. Criticizing any of those institutions has become tantamount to criticizing Jews.

Criticizing Jews for what they do has become an institutionalized hate crime in the USA and the FBI is the first out of the gate to accuse any individual who protests against Israel, calling it anti-Semitic. It just goes to show you whose pocket the FBI is in.

WHO WAS ON THE ROOF ON 12 JULY 2021 at Kirby Manor at Villa Saint Rose of Lima, Cleveland, Ohio pretending to be someone they weren’t?


A BOYCOTT OF THE BOYCOTTERS – making it all legal in the USA



Every USA citizen and business needs to understand that the USA will protect Israeli interests before it protects it’s own USA citizens from Israeli retaliation.

Unilever said they were fully committed to Israel and against any boycotts, so how it that

Unilever rejects boycott movement, CEO tells U.S.-based Jewish groups

July 28 (Reuters) – Coming under fire for Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling ice cream in Israeli-occupied territories, parent company Unilever (ULVR.L) sought to assuage concerns of several American Jewish groups, repudiating anti-Semitism and saying Unilever “does not support” the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement…

…In the letter to the American Jewish groups, Jope echoed comments he made on a post-earnings Unilever call, saying the company was “fully committed” to Israel…


Stop Caricaturizing Yourselves


SO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO ACCEPT THE NATURAL YOU? Personally I never wanted the whole world to think anything about the way I adorn myself or wear my hair. I don’t want to look like every other white person.

There’s nothing natural about fake hair wigs, eyelashes, fingernails, plastic surgery, makeup. Hey go for it if that’s your preference, but don’t call it natural.

Remove everything fake so the world can see the real you. Isn’t that what you want? No? You want to dress it all up? Fine, but don’t expect white people to understand what your natural self looks like if you don’t show it.

You say you want natural, then be natural. If not, then stop beating up white people about it. They don’t care how you adorn your bodies. White people do the same thing. Similarly you shouldn’t blow a gasket every time a blonde haired white woman enters your view. It’s not your business what anybody does with their hair. Get it?

Anybody can grow their hair to their waist – there’s nothing unique about that. There’s nothing particularly natural either unless one does it to keep the body warm in adverse circumstances and then it’s for survival purposes. Just because your nails keep growing, doesn’t mean it’s natural to never cut them.

When I see someone I know, absent their FAKE PARTS, I don’t recognize them. The wig, the fake eyelashes the eye make up, everything is gone and with it their identity.

Black women all done up look like a one person carnival. And they go to work like that. Who cares? They do. Nobody says anything, except them. They need to be complimented on how they look and it looks like Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is about to sponsor a bill that requires white people to compliment the way black people look while bowing five times a day or be fined. Yeah, who would believe it, points are being given and taken away and money made or lost at checkpoints, and you have to be sincere even if it’s not your tastes it’s theirs and you need to like it to keep you from burning cities.

Black women like tight clothes to show off their fat, white women generally don’t. It’s a difference in taste. Stop telling white people they have to like it, say they like it and donate to your favorite matter charity as a matter of course. Don’t look and you get fined; look and if it isn’t accompanied by a compliment, double fine.

Personally I don’t understand why black women need to be looked at so much. It’s like they’re movie stars wanting attention. They’re on stage. Hey it’s no surprise that so many black people are in the entertainment business. They’re naturally good at it.

It seems like they’re always auditioning for that special part. Actors in plays use a lot of fake additives to accentuate the positive and mask the negative.

Black African women take that to a different level by accentuating the fake and eliminating the natural.

Being naturally good at acting is not the same as forcing white people to like all the roles you play and the costumes that go along with it.

So what is it about natural that you want the world to see if it’s not the real you?

Stop changing the meaning of words for the entire world to suit your fashion preferences. Fake is not a synonym for natural.

There are cultural differences in the way different people from different places define the same word.

Black Africans have a whole story as to how they perceive natural that could fill a book.

Dictionaries are for all words not just some people’s way with words. Definitions are kept short so as not to confuse people. If you want the world to understand, which you claim you do by your criticisms of cultures not like yours, then the least you can do is let them in on your unique definitions without accusing them of cultural appropriations.

White people could accuse you of the same. If you can’t share culture then you’re a separatist wanting to be accepted for your ways while failing to accept the ways of others.

Words are not meant for only one race. Words are designed for communication purposes so all can understand and know not just what the other is saying but what they mean by it.

Maybe white people don’t like caricatures except in art. Maybe the habitual caricature of the black woman acting in a play or auditioning for one by singing and dancing and reading a part isn’t easily understood when cities burned over natural hair acceptance that were really wigs.

Tell them what it is and they still may not like it, because they speak a different language which says fake is not natural. It’s their right not to like anything. You wouldn’t want that right taken away from you, demanding that you like white women’s hair.

Be careful you don’t turn yourself into a cartoon. That image could stick for a long time, and nobody will take you seriously.

Ditch the hair strategy. Nobody likes being told whom and what to like, love or hate. You overplayed your pity card. Then you stuck the hair in there and it all went down hill. White people are getting wearing of you changing what you mean with every question or criticism.

You are on the line of becoming a cartoon. Which way you go is on you, remember that.

I’m just a white woman who has mostly bad hair days. Why do you think I buzz it all off so often? I’m not making a political statement. The longer I grow it the worse it gets. I’d like to ask a little hair advice, but I’d be accused of cultural appropriation. I’ll figure it out on my own.

Cheers to everybody’s bad hair. I really do think people look better with no hair. I wonder if that’s the future, since most characters in futuristic movies are bald. I’d vote for it.

I have the worst luck with hair dressers.

They always ask what I want, I tell them, then they turn the chair so I can’t see and do whatever they want to do. I say don’t take more than an inch and they take three inches. I say I don’t want it thinned and they thin it, always with a lengthy explanation as to why and what they wanted to achieve as if I’ve never had my hair cut before.

Every single time. I’m never satisfied. They give me magazines, I pick out the picture and they give me the same haircut they give everybody else.

Now it’s about the old people haircut. I went to this Muslim shop with instructions. A young Russian gal did my hair. I figured because she had a stylish cut, she’d give me one. I gave my instructions and when she turned the chair around so I could see, she said, “this is stylish, this is what all the old people are wearing”. Oh my God, just what I didn’t want, to look like every other senior.

That doesn’t make me prejudice toward seniors, I just don’t like the way they wear their hair – on me. I don’t want a cookie cutter haircut. I thought that’s why they give magazines to the customers, so they can pick one they like and want.

I saw an male Eastern Europeanish barber sitting outside another shop and hollered over asking if he cuts women’s hair. He looked and hollered back, “I could do that“, pointing to my head. I had to laugh to myself.

I don’t think my hair was meant for styling or maybe I don’t want to do all the work of keeping it up. I would never demand that somebody like it though. I’ll probably do as always, wait until it grows out and I can’t tolerate it falling into my face any more, then buzz it.

Cartoons. They don’t have good reputations and have a limited following. Usually when somebody does a caricature of somebody else, they’re humiliating them and calling it funny.

Wear yourself the way you want, just don’t make any more demands regarding hair that excludes anybody.

Women’s liberation groups had that same problem back in the 1970s.

They talked about frivolous irritants regarding men and eventually were regarded as frivolous. Much of the headway they made they lost in the 1980s and 1990s. People thought the consciousness raising had been effective, when in reality a few small things changed, an awareness did occur, but people went back to living their lives. Fathers became more engaged in the family – that was a big success. They even went into the delivery room and still do.

I still say tackle the death penalty for everyone and don’t let up till you win absent assaults and property destruction. Screaming through a bull horn into someone’s ear will make them hate you forever.

With the pandemic rising again, think e-mail. Get together a questionnaire regarding the death penalty and mass mail it to all sectors. Make it interesting not threatening. You have the money, use it. Then hire a statistician to review the stats and go from there.



Human Animal Instinct At Risk Of Becoming Extinct

Human Animal Instinct At Risk Of Becoming Extinct

I WONDER if viruses are trying to wipe out human instinct.

Billions of animals around the planet die purposely by the hands of the human animal.

The human animal could be subconsciously signaling that they feel threatened by non-threatening animals in a world with abundant plants to eat.

Due to this anomaly, the universe adapted by killing off a swath of humans from all categories to startle or trigger the organism to stop the inappropriate response toward all other animals.

One may say that it targeted elderly, but that would be hard to prove given that seasonal flu results in more elder than youth death.

I have heard black Africans on television and on social media state that old people had to die for change to occur. Although they were speaking of old white people, having lived in black communities, it’s the old Blacks who resist any kind of change the longest.

The flu does not target any demographic based on physical characteristics. Age is a physical characteristic. The virus would have to be specifically and particularly designed to attack organs that are weak in elders and that’s all of them.

In the beginning the media reported attacks against elders more prevalent than other demographics, which meant it was attacking compromised, vulnerable areas of bodies. Yet the media stated over and over again that the virus only attacks healthy tissue, which would mean young organs or healthy old organs.

Experts focused on healthy vs non-healthy immune systems rather than healthy or non-healthy organs. Either way would have produced the same results, except for the healthy tissue theory.

A tsunami or earthquake or hurricane doesn’t target humans according to characteristics.

Natural disasters created by existing conditions – Something causes them.

Viruses are created by natural conditions.

We can slow or change climatic conditions which cause adverse climate changes.

We can also slow or change viral conditions which cause viruses to emerge and flourish. The key is to eliminate the conditions required, not to adapt to their toxic, lethal or debilitating reality.

How does one reverse the threat and ongoing reality of INSTINCT EXTINCTION (IE)?


Stop the cannibalism of non-human animals.

Wake up.

The universe sees that the billions of animals we kill every year for unnecessary purposes pose no physical threat in that they won’t attack us. We behave in GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET US preemptive strikes when they have no plans nor desire to attack us.

That military style strategy – that war against all species who pose no threat is the culprit and must end. The only ones who can end it are humans.

Ending it peacefully is the universe’s preferred strategy. However when humans fail to act, nature steps in using the victim as a tool to stop the inappropriate behavior of attacking en masse those who are not attacking you.

When you cannibalize any animal, you ultimately kill yourself by eating yourself. That’s how the universe interprets animals eating each other en masse.

All diseases are caused by injury and most injuries are caused by environmental factors, the largest being what humans consume, then spread to others via secretions from the animals’ bodies.

The universe understands animal-free when it sees the animals free. It matches.

The Africans may think that by mass producing cockroaches and beetles and worms for consumption, their God won’t notice. They’re God already did due to the mass procreation and production that ended in sudden death – another holocaust caused by humans.

Thou shalt not kill – except in self defense or extreme suffering or in utero?

Are animal-eaters claiming self-defense by killing and consuming animals who aren’t attacking them?

It appears so. All religions consume and/or use all or part of the animals they enslave, torture and ultimately slaughter.

As it turns out, it’s the healthy animals humans target for early death and consumption, not the sick ones – not unlike the behavior of the virus as reported in the media targeting healthy tissue. It makes one wonder if the virus didn’t first occur in a human, either naturally or implanted.

That’s the human instinct gone awry, when humans seek to destroy non-threatening species.

So the virus levels the playing field.

How else would you propose the universe handle humans out of control en masse?

Massive early, sudden deaths in several species, the longest ongoing pandemics ever in the universe.

And all the experts thought the universe wouldn’t respond.

So humans have been reduced to the virus category of existence by the universe.

Humans thought their God gave them permission to forcibly procreate and slaughter all creatures, large and small, as their universal dominion rights.


Autoimmune Hysteria

If our immune systems are in a perpetual state of fighting the CORONACOVID virus and its variants that something or someone is flooding the environment with, then masses of people should be developing autoimmune responses.

The media acts as if we can run but not hide from this lethal virus and its multitudinous variants, which means it’s everywhere and if it’s everywhere, then something or someone is mass producing it and dispersing it into the environment.

One of the first signs of the autoimmune response being triggered is hysteria. I see a lot of hysteria – on the media and around town.

What to do? I don’t know. If it’s everywhere, then no one can escape it.

Wind maybe.

I wonder if the virus has hysteria as a component, designed into it, rather than simply eliciting an hysteria response to battling it. War-weary organisms. That could be the long COVID with the long term inflammation.

Pharmaceuticals know how to do that. They do it all the time. They add anxiety properties into pain medication to keep people from not wanting it.

Why can’t they factor out the long term tendonitis associated with anti-viral and antibiotic medication? They could, so why don’t they? They’re like mechanics. Take your car into the shop to be fixed and you return with another mechanical problem.

Go to the doctor for one condition, and the pharmaceutical treatment causes another condition.

Why no new drugs to combat inflammation? Where’s all the money allocated to pharmaceuticals going? What no oversight?

Why isn’t anybody taking about the autoimmune response? Why try to hide it?

Desperate to mutate seems a little odd.

Yeah, different viruses for different folks.


Another same article: https://sharononthenews.com/2021/06/29/autoimmune-hysteria/

RE: Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians

HWH ClipBoard: Now that the word Indians will be removed from the Cleveland baseball franchise name, does that mean the word Indian is offensive like the word nigger is to blacks? If so, they’re going to have to change the name of their congress in Washington D.C.: National Congress of American Indians(NCAI) to another less offensive name.

Since the evolutionist scientists claim that people native to North America aka indigenous, were not indigenous at all, having originated in and migrated from parts of China the name indigenous will have to be reexamined.

Although I agreed decades ago that the Chief Wahoo logo was insulting to Native Americans, most of them weren’t offended by the name Indian.

It did seem odd that any sports team would be named after any group of people whose members were not represented on any of those teams.

How many Native Americans on the Cleveland Indians team? How many on the Washington Redskins? The list is long of teams with Indian names.

Can you imagine if all the cities, towns and streets with Indian names had to be changed?

Do the Natives have sports teams representing their nations and do they compete against each other? That would have made for a more interesting in-depth article. Where are the thoughts of the Natives today? Did any of the sports writers visit any of the reservations for interviews on the name change? The article left them out except by reference.

Is Tom Hanks Native? The Cleveland Indians turned Cleveland Guardians had a non-native movie star step in and narrate the video on the name change. Again, were there no Natives available to do that? Anywhere?


1-  https://www.ncai.org/news/articles/2021/07/23/ncai-commends-announcement-by-major-league-baseball-s-cleveland-franchise-of-its-new-name-guardians

2-  https://www.ncai.org/news/articles/2021/07/13/statement-ncai-president-sharp-on-one-year-anniversary-of-the-retirement-of-the-washington-football-team-name-and-imagery

3-  https://www.ncai.org/news/articles/2021/06/25/ncai-on-u-s-supreme-court-decision-in-yellen-v-confederated-tribes-of-the-chehalis-reservation-et-al


Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians

Yahoo Sports Staff

Fri, July 23, 2021, 10:01 AM

The Cleveland Indians will soon be known as the Cleveland Guardians. Announcing the impending name change with a video narrated by Tom Hanks on Friday morning, the MLB team crept closer to ending the saga of altering a franchise identity that has long offended many Native Americans. The new name will take effect after the 2021 season…

READ: Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians

Streets Of Social Media Where Nobody Knows Your Name

I’m not much of a ‘get you back’ type of person for something you said or did that offended me. I don’t like the fight. For those who say they don’t either, their eyes and actions tell a different story.

“I hate it when I do that, but I keep doing it”, I often hear and read.

“Somebody always triggers me”.

“I’m not the originator, I’m the reactor”, I often hear and read.

“They deserved it”, again I’ve often hear or read.

“They started it”.

“It’s not the person, it’s what they said or did”.

“I hate it, so I hate them”.

So you react by attacking the person, because you don’t know how to respond to what they said or did?

You just want them to shut up or stop doing what they’re doing?

“No, I want to destroy them”.

Many people on social media get paid for destroying people.

“That’s my job. This is Facebook. It isn’t real”.

It’s real for the people being attacked.

When the aggressors are attacked back, they hit even harder – they love the fight. They love givin’ it to someone, anyone. It makes them feel good.

For others, they get off on shutting people down. Tally them up, rack them up, another notch on their belt.

Should the world feel sorry for the aggressors, the destroyers?

Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and a certain type of White. Contrary to what you read in the tabloid media, which is all media these days, people do attack members of their own group. However, the only group that makes news is WHITE AGAINST WHITE.

Black people using a white face or white people using a black face or non-Jews pretending to be Jews or acting on their behalf complicate THE STREET.

Who likes somebody pretending to be somebody else?

Aggressors start wars; they don’t prevent or end them.

Should the world keep rewarding the ones who thrive on war for the sake of war?

Do we pity them, then turn that eye that claims not to see?

We blame the victim, the non-aggressor so we can say we responded in kind, but toward whom?

Humiliation is the calling card of the British. “Let us humiliate you, then we’ll help you”.

Why so big on humiliation? Because it feels good and it helps you to help those you hate? Rub their noses in it, then throw them a crumb followed by demands of submission?

It looks, sounds, feels like the STREETS OF SOCIAL MEDIA are controlled by governmental intelligence, surveillance and neutralizing agencies.

They instigate fights, then report you for responding to the insults. They can insult you, but you can’t insult them back. That’s called SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Their goal is to control everybody by pummeling them, then to make you feel better they put out the message that Facebook isn’t real.

These terror agencies aren’t good at policing the STREETS OF SOCIAL MEDIA or anywhere else – otherwise they wouldn’t pretend to be somebody else.

Such terror agencies want to control everybody; that’s why they take turns with groups, pitting one against the other. They want all groups thus individuals to think the same with a few minor differences that don’t muck up their domination plan. Of course they don’t call it domination.

They want everybody to think they’re in control as long as they’re doing the controlling. ‘Isn’t this so much better’ they make everybody believe ‘when everybody gets a long?’, while they keep most of the world at or below subsistence level wages and keep creating wars.

They are the sick ones, not the ones they control through fear and humiliation.

Why do you think there’s no Department of Peace in the federal government? It’s all about controlling THE STREET by turning one group against the other.

They control countries the same way.

“If you don’t like it, leave it” agencies.

Remember this:

Fifty percent of the people you meet won’t like you no matter where you meet them.

What that means is that fifty percent of the people they meet won’t like them either.

It also means that you won’t like fifty percent of the people whom you meet.

My educated guess is the number is actually higher than that. Assuming that those you meet, you haven’t met before, and assuming that most people at first meet or first glance are naturally suspicious, because to them you’re an outlier, I suspect the number is more like ninety percent or higher.

On social media you never really know with whom you interact, which means you’re always a stranger, no matter how many times you engage with the same person.

I’m not talking about family or close friends, but even then an account can be hacked or a friend of a friend can respond for somebody else unbeknownst to you.

The paradigm works against the terror agencies too, since most people don’t think Facebook is real, so spout off. I wonder how many blind alleyways these agencies pursued on a supposedly fake platform with people using fake names?

Who wins on the SOCIAL MEDIA STREET?

The oppressors.

Until one day…

Gifting God With Corpses Not A Good Idea



Who would want such a gift? An all powerful God who could easily get it’s own corpses with not nearly the effort of the mere mortal?

You mean the corpse of one or more of the animals God created and mysteriously is known by humans to hate? Perhaps if you’re inclined to believe God is a hater of it’s own creations.

By offering up sacrificial corpses of little lambs and docile cows deer pigs goats horses … humans think it will convince God to show them favor? Here God, don’t take me; I’ll give you my best goat instead?

The more the better, till it reaches billions per day?

And how has God favored humans in exchange for that huge gruesome gift of corpses?

‘Thank you God for these gifts we are about to consume’, as you sit at the table and devour what you killed in God’s name? You thought you were eating the soul, when you were eating the flesh and blood, something you know not to do. That’s why you sing and dance and drink alcohol while you slaughter and eat?

You’ve been sold some rotten fish disguised by too much salt and hot chili peppers to numb the palate.

So God starts thinking, why so few humans and so many of the other animals dead before their time? On Earth?

God decides to take a closer look.

A few angels stand in the way of God’s view.

• They’re just doing what they need to survive, don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them.

God seethes and seethes and seethes as the souls of the corpses keep coming with a thank you for your service note attached to each.

• The angels say, don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them, they’re just doing what they need to survive.

God decides to make a correction. No favors will be granted, so humans don’t/won’t misconstrue a positive occurrence in their lives to be in response to the lives taken by humans for that purpose.

All so-called blessings attributed to God or asked of God are hereby revoked, until not one life is offered to God, your God or anybody else’s God in exchange for anything.


Non-human animals are not the slaves of humans.

Non-human animals are not the food, clothing, shelter, medicine…for humans.

Never mind what other animals do. It is the human who is the problem.

What’s The Percentage Of Humans Who Die Violent Deaths?

Chances are the percentage is low.

Now, what’s the percentage of cows who die violent deaths?

Follow that with chickens, pigs, lambs, deer and on and on.

Take an overview of the situation on Earth. Who said God gave humans all the other animals on Earth to exploit? To eat?

So God knew there was going to be an ice age and all the animals would die or be eaten till the plants could grow again? Nice fairy tale after the fact of the appearing of the ice.

What’s their name? The name of the person God told and then who wrote it as law of the Earth. It must be a law, because it’s the only directive that all the people on the Earth followed. Eat the animals I created for you they claim he said, till the ice thaws and the green grows.

  • Just wondering if it was all ice, then how did the animals eat? They all miraculously and simultaneously learned how to ice fish? How did they survive with no trees or plants for food and shelter?

Oh, God.

Were you there? Did you witness it? Who took a picture and tape recorded the order?

Was it notarized and scrutinized?

What or who gave this God who can’t be identified, but everybody knows it’s name, lives nowhere and everywhere, has no mother or father or brothers or sisters or family of any sort, who gave this somebody nobody ever actually saw, the authority to sentence without benefit of trial, lawyers, jury of their peers all the animals on Earth, except the human animal, to a violent death for the pleasure of human animals?

Slit the throats and drain the blood because you don’t like broccoli or carrots? And this same God told you directly that you couldn’t eat the apple?

Sounds like you’ve been talking to the devil disguised to look like God. What does the devil look like anyway? If you know that, then we’ll know what God looks like if the devil is being disguised as God.

But you said you don’t know what God looks like. What’s the sound of God’s voice?

Oh, God told somebody else and then somebody else wrote it down?

Money back guarantee?

It’s alarming how easy humans believe something without a shred of proof.

It’s our nature to know something is out there. Every animal senses it. It’s their nature too.

So God didn’t save the animals. None of them. Not the human animals either. Prolonged their lives a bit – some of them. Why if they’re all going to die eventually?

Just something to do while everybody waits.

It goes against the grain, against the design, defeats the purpose to die before your time.

Multitude upon multitude dying violent premature deaths all over Earth.

If God can’t stop it and none of the other Gods have the will, then humans will have to do it. God said take care of the animals. I doubt if God would have used the word ‘dominion’. God would have communicated so everybody understood, not just a few who had dictionaries.

  • So the bible was written after the world had access to books, namely dictionaries and after humans sophisticated their language skills and transferred them to the written version. That’s not that long ago.

It’s Consequence Time

I don’t cut anybody any slack to commit a holocaust against any group of people or other animals, because a holocaust was committed against some of them.

Not one inch, not one thought.

If you think you’re going to commit the same assaults against somebody else that were inflicted upon some of your ancestors, you will be blocked. There will be consequences as well there should.

You can’t put the whole world in a prison because you tortured all the people you love to hate and setting them free will prompt reprisals. You did it, you live with the consequences.

That’s the only real deal you’re being given.

Consequences. Yes, you’re at that stage.

Occupation is the same as Hitler’s forced labor camps.

The world is beginning to think you were in cahoots with HITLER’S GRAND PLAN to weed out the weak and raise the strong.

You pushed the world too far with your schemes to dominate and own people and their land.

The hammer is close. Pay attention. There is no room to err.

Disturbing Trends In Slavery


BLACK LIVES TERRORISTS got the whole world fighting. One might have thought with all that preplanning, that they would have strategized violence and the threat of violence out of their plan to matter. They left devastation in their wake to make sure that those upon whom they afflicted pain would not soon forget it or them.

Black Lives Terrorists continued their ritualistic cycle of rage and violence imposed upon the white race, guaranteeing the continuation of that cycle. It was a strategy.

They held law enforcement at bay, while they publicly punished everybody with white skin for grievances long ago remedied by the change of laws regarding forced labor, servitude and slavery.

It’s easy for those who have resources to exploit those who don’t. All races, ethnicities, ages and genders have done and continue to do it. Black Africans led the pack on trading people for money or amenities.

It’s odd then, that Black Lives Terrorists didn’t go after the roots, instead destroying that which grew from them, however grotesque, which means they didn’t stop slavery. It still flourishes all over the planet and not a single proposal advanced to end it – not anywhere they protested/rioted/burned.

A lot of individuals got rich off of the movement to disrupt and destroy the businesses of white people for the color of their skin, even though most of these people’s families came to America well after slavery had become institutionalized and many came after it became outlawed, meaning they had nothing to do with any of it. Multitudes fled poverty. These weren’t wealthy white people.

Blacks argue that black families can’t be held responsible for what other family members do, but white families can. That’s exactly what Black Lives Terrorists did by targeting all white people in 2020/2021 on behalf of a segment of their ancestors being enslaved centuries ago.

Blacks took a shotgun approach and shot every white person alive and long dead to avenge slavery of some of their ancestors.

They didn’t go to the source, however, in Africa. 

Poverty doesn’t make parents sell their children. If that were true, then nearly everybody, the eighty-one percent of the world living in extreme poverty, would have been doing it in 1800.

• The number of people in extreme poverty. Indeed we see that a broadly comparable number of people are in extreme poverty today as in 1800. The difference is that in 1800 almost all the world’s 0.9 billion inhabitants were living in extreme poverty, whereas today this represents less than 10% of the world’s population. Feb 5, 2019

The Spanish South of the USA Border send their children into a wilderness without resources to support themselves, hoping someone will pick them up, care for them and give them a job. So nothing has changed. 

Instead of selling their children, they give them away and then benefit by the wages they send home with money that’s worth a lot more in impoverished places.

It’s still slavery – all of it. There’s culpability all around. Blaming all white people for extreme poverty that existed centuries ago is disingenuous. Black Lives Terrorists essentially said they didn’t care about slavery, even though that’s what they took the world back to during their riots to free black people from institutionalized racism, which to the public they were likening to that tortuous past when nearly the entire world was struggling in poverty.

The mission of Black Lives Terrorists failed. After exploiting a pandemic for the purpose of lifting black people into a more equitable financial reality, it appears not many wanted to work for it. Unemployment is still high and jobs are plentiful – at every level.

In addition to failing their mission to change the world, they made enemies of white people who were not enemies before the riots. They spit in the face of every white person, many of whom sacrificed to assist them at every level. It was never enough for black people, they kept screaming for more without making the contributions necessary to change their own lives for the better. They wanted white people to do it all for them.

Maybe that’s the real legacy of slavery, making the original enslavers, long dead, forever responsible for whatever happens in their lives long after the enslavement is over. That slave mentality that persists centuries later is the slave’s forever future.

Still expecting their masters to make everything right for them, they desperately turn to and cling to anybody White whom they can get to fix what’s broken in their lives, instead of doing it themselves. And when white people don’t understand that, black people riot.

When you’re a billionaire and still think like a slave wanting your master to like you, that’s a problem with the unification of an entire race of people. There’s not enough individuality, allowing for some to separate and find a more independent existence, to set the example for the others to follow.

It appears that black people don’t know how to think or to feel independent – and that reality was created by their own people, keeping them tied to them for the benefit of the group, never truly letting them go to grow.

Cut that string to white people if you want freedom. Only you can do it. It isn’t freedom you’re after, because with freedom comes responsibility, and you keep wanting white people to pave your way for you. You don’t like the uncertainty that comes with confidence. Standing alone is not comfortable.

Well, white people have a tough enough time paving their own way; they’re not going to do it for you too, just because you lack the independent mindset to navigate yourself.

There’s no fall back when you do it yourself. Every white person knows that. Independence means standing alone, making your way alone, accepting the good and the bad that goes with it.

Independence is not a comforter.

Burning somebody’s business because you’re not comfortable with independence is a childish way to get someone’s attention and terrorizing somebody into taking care of all your needs makes you a danger to the world and to yourselves – that’s how the universe sees it.

Better that you not be independent if you have to hurt people to let the world know you can’t handle it. Wanting to be a special class of people suggests that you can’t compete in life nor cope with life’s challenges.

I put forth that it’s a mental state of mind, a slave state of mind, that was passed from generation to generation by family members, not society at large, that perpetuates the cycle of psychological enslavement that your own group won’t acknowledge for fear of losing you to the independent world beyond them.

It’s lonely out there. But it’s necessary for the survival of each individual.

Science Says Breast Size Determines IQ

Back in the 1970s that was the science.

Small breasted women were smarter than large breasted women.

I don’t know if they factored in overall weight – most of us lose breast size when we diet – even men.

Men have breasts in case nobody notices (and most of us are trained not to) that increase in size with overall weight gain.

Are those fat men less smart than thin men? Maybe overall weight should have been the focus, but it wasn’t sexy enough to get people’s attention, so they went with the dumb blonde big breasted women hypothesis and somehow made it fit.

Obviously they didn’t weigh their breasts, they used a tape measure.

That was the science back in the 70s – science men testing women based on their boob size to subjugate big breasted women into the sexual, child bearing category. The small breasted women were deemed fit to pursue work outside the home. Careers.

The science proved the science men right.

Years later it was debunked, yet at the time anyone who didn’t go with the flow of scientific proof was name-called into silence.

Not much has changed.

Science is still wracked with prejudices that produce prejudicial results.

Scientists can’t do that and get away with it when they’re shooting for the moon. Everything is about equations, mathematics, engineering, chemistry. They have to get it right the first time.

The scientists in the 1970s, and unfortunately today, regard a tape measure as a valid science tool when correlating intelligence with breast size, leaving out a myriad of other variables of course.

That’s the danger in behavioral sciences – the prejudice that influences how the behavior is studied and the expected outcome that can be too easily manipulated using statistics to prove the hypothesis within a statistically significant range.

It’s all science.

Murky turns to mucky when advertisers get involved with the dissemination of the so-called facts and interpretations to the public. Even the best of scientific studies have flaws before they even reach that stage.

One thing for sure is everybody wants to get published.



No? Why not?

Jews want the Palestinians to forgive Occupation as if it never existed and give Jews total control over their lives and their land.

The audacity? Yeah, Barack Obama doesn’t own the word audacity.

He remained disturbingly silent regarding the Occupation of Palestine and the Palestinian people. I wonder why?

I recall him saying in response to Palestinian children being killed by Israeli Defense Forces for throwing rocks at military tanks: “Rocks hurt people”.

So I shouldn’t be surprised at his deafening silence now. Where’s Hillary Clinton on this? Same as always – no new approaches – just the same insanity of expecting results from words that didn’t sway in the past. Why did we all vote for you? The alternative was worse? Yet now you embrace it. Just to get the Jew vote? And then what? What’s the plan?

Just tell the truth. You don’t have a viable plan – except the Jewish plan of ownership of land and the people living on it.

Slavery suits you? That’s what you tell the Spanish? Come to America, vote for us and we will keep you indebted to us forever?

Okay then, I say to Jews worldwide: FORGIVE THE JEWISH Holocaust.

Or, end Occupation of Palestine and the Palestinian people.

They are the same.

A Modest Proposal: Let’s Change Earth’s Orbit – Scientific American

During a congressional hearing last week, Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas asked a U.S. Forest Service official if her organization or the Bureau of Land Management could change the orbit of the moon or Earth to reverse the effects of human-caused climate change. That seems like a perfectly reasonable idea, doesn’t it? Let’s do it.


Source: A Modest Proposal: Let’s Change Earth’s Orbit – Scientific American

Maybe the Aliens Really Are Here – Scientific American

SETI, as a modern astronomical endeavor, dating to 1959 (first paper) and 1960 (first observation). Modern UFO sightings date to the late 1940s. Though superficially similar, the two fields in practice have had virtually nothing to do with one another. SETI usually requires a graduate degree in astronomy, and its scientists tend to disdain UFOers for requiring nothing more than a camera that takes blurry photos and a butterfly net in case a little green man appears.

However, the two camps may be moving closer together.

In the classic SETI paradigm, stars are observed for artificial signals. But this communication strategy has severe drawbacks from ET’s point of view. In order for it to succeed, ET would have to target each of potentially millions of promising nearby stars (including ours) continuously, and do so over potentially billions of years. Additionally, it would need to maintain a dedicated receiver for each target star to be certain not to miss a return message if and when it arrives. The cost of this strategy to ET in time, energy and materials would be immeasurable. Further, by announcing its presence to so many stars, it invites disaster should any civilization prove aggressive. Added to this is the problem of communicating with a target civilization of which it would know nothing. Perhaps the transmitting civilization communicates in color oscillations like a cuttlefish, while the recipient only understands bee-like waggles.

Building on the work of others, I have hypothesized that aliens would be better served by sending robotic probes. Relatively simple flyby probes might intermittently surveil nascent solar systems, for example, at 200-million-year intervals. Star systems with biogenic planets might be surveilled more often. Highly capable probes might be placed permanently in the vicinity of planets that have achieved multicellularity as indicated by their oxygen-rich atmospheres or other biosignatures.

Once a permanently placed probe had detected artificial electromagnetic leakage, indicating that one multicellular species had become technologically intelligent, it would attempt to decode the species. Using Sesame Street, Khan Academy and YouTube, and even granted its enormous onboard AI capabilities, it would still take time for it to decode Homo sapiens’ languages, science, math and culture. After many decades of work by E.O. Wilson and others, we now know a little something about ant communication but are still far from a complete decoding. How very much more difficult would it be for ET to decode humans? Even if it has been watching episodes of I Love Lucy that have been leaking out into space since that show was first broadcast, it may still not understand them.

The local probe might need to send data back to its home base for deeper analysis and/or instructions on how to proceed. If the probe began transmitting data to its home in 1950 after its detection of early television signals, and if that home base were located at the modest distance of 150 light-years, then the earliest year in which the probe might receive instructions to make contact with Earth would be 2250.

However, when we do finally hear from a local probe, after it has decoded us, its transmissions may be in a terrestrial language. The ensuing dialogue will take place in near real time, as opposed to the painfully slow dialogue between ourselves and an alien civilization transmitting from a star at hundreds or thousands of light years distance. An alien probe need not reveal the location of its home base, obviating any danger to the progenitor civilization. A fully autonomous probe would be able to communicate with us even if its progenitor civilization is long extinct.

Provided that a probe does belong to an existing civilization or network of civilizations, there remains the problem of how it might communicate with them. To do so directly would require an enormous transmitter. The better solution would be to string communication nodes at close proximity to one another, perhaps one in orbit around every star, and perhaps located at a sufficient distance from the star to enable the use of it as a gravity lens, per Einstein’s theory of general relativity. For the sun, that focal point begins at 550 Earth-sun distances (AU) at which point the node would achieve signal gain of approximately a billion.

Large numbers of ET civilization might contribute to this nodal system, and the store of information would only grow with time regardless of whether the contributing civilizations persist or have gone extinct. We might contribute Aristotle, Shakespeare, Beethoven and Monet to this Encyclopedia Galactica. However, we will not be in a position to barter our culture; having surveilled our TV and internet for at least 70 years, ET has probably already uploaded all it wants. Nonetheless, ET may wish to recruit us into the galactic club so that we might manufacture probes and nodes, and otherwise take responsibility for the maintenance of the interstellar communication system within our immediate stellar neighborhood. That would be our bargaining chip.

SETI stellar observations presume a very faint signal that would require Earth’s most powerful telescopes to detect. However, highly sensitive telescopes have very small fields of view. Detecting a local robotic probe requires the opposite strategy. Because of a probe’s close proximity to Earth, its signal would be much brighter than an interstellar beacon, even under the conservative assumption that its transmission will be on the order of only a few watts. Consequently, SETI’s best strategy would be to sacrifice great sensitivity in favor of a wide a field of view or, better yet, all-sky-all-the-time observing. Such systems are being built now or planned.

Purported sightings by military pilots of objects that defy all known aerodynamics in their sudden and steep accelerations may be delusions, hoaxes or optical illusions. Nevertheless, many SETI scientists now agree with UFOers that the first alien detection plausibly could occur within our own solar system. Both UFOers and SETI scientists should also agree that if some UFO sightings are genuine sightings of aliens, then they must be of robotic probes rather than vessels crewed by biological beings. If nothing else, such beings would be crushed by the g-forces of their purported, very large, accelerations.

The evidence is still lacking that would fully unify UFOers and SETI scientists—and yet the space between these two groups may not be so far vast after all.

This is an opinion and analysis article; the views expressed by the author or authors are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

Source: Maybe the Aliens Really Are Here – Scientific American

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